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Wed Nov 14, 2012, 10:49 AM

Boot - Broadwell - Benghazi - Betrayus

Tuesday, November 13, 2012
Is Boot why Petraeus got the boot?

...Odd thought: Perhaps Paula Broadwell was the one who went running to the GOP head honchos. That's quite possible. Right now, however, my main suspicion runs in another direction.

Petraeus is best buds with neocon writer Max Boot. During the campaign, Boot functioned as a Romney adviser. Remember all those stories about how Romney had surrounded himself with Dubya's merry band of war-lovers? Boot was a key part of that crew.

The Boot connection strengthens both Craig Unger's story and Bob Parry's. It seems quite possible that Boot was the source who told the Rove/Romney crew to keep pushing the betrayed-in-Benghazi meme. Moreover, it seems quite possible that Boot got his information from David Petraeus.

Put yourself in Obama's shoes. If your CIA Director is good friends with the key foreign policy adviser to the guy running against you -- well, yeah, that's something to worry about...


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