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Mon Nov 12, 2012, 11:08 AM

The Petreaus Resignation: How Is Fox Covering This Story Now?.....

What will Rush say today about it? What is Drudge saying? Seems to me if this was the Repugs Oct Surprise that went bad - that Fox, Rush, Drudge and all the right wing talkers will be backing away from it a bit until they get their cover story straight.

There are too many confounding facts or smokescreens now being touted around about this story. Too many names involved and being drawn into this story - Broadwell, Kelley, Petreaus, Rove (pictured with Broadwell) FBI, unidentified FBI informant, Cantor, Senor, Woodward.

Something seems rotten in Denmark. Was this a set-up to beat Obama? Was this the October Surprise? Was this a sting operation on the part of the Obama people? Is this tied into Rove's meltdown on Fox on election night? Was Petreaus in on it or is he just some stupid victim? Is this tied to Broadwell's ambitions for her career? What did Petreaus wife know about this affair and when? Why did this all just come out 2 days after the election when this has been on-going for months now? What did Rmoney know? Why did he jump the gun on Benghazi and then pull back in and remain silent about it? Is this a got ya scandal to push for impeachment of Obama? Is that what we are going to have to deal with in these next 4 years of his administration? Is there treason involved here? By who?

Stayed tuned folks as this promises to be a very interesting ride going forward. It will be interesting to see how both sides of this - the Repugs and the Dems treat this whole mess.

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