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Wed May 17, 2023, 12:22 PM May 2023

Has CNN covered the lawsuit against Rudy at all?

I know that MSNBC has, being careful to state that these are allegations. But I have not heard even a mention on CNN. Granted, I am rarely on that channel since the rally they held free of charge for tfg, but it's kind of strange if they are completely ignoring it.

Has CNN covered the lawsuit against Rudy at all? (Original Post) senseandsensibility May 2023 OP
Anderson Cooper plans on gas lighting us about it later. FSogol May 2023 #1
Tough Call Effete Snob May 2023 #2
I don't see it anywhere on their website either. miyazaki May 2023 #3
I haven't watched them since the tfg debacle. BlackSkimmer May 2023 #4
When right-wing sociopaths are concerned: CNN means Crime's Not News. NT usonian May 2023 #5
It's crystal clear to see what CNN is all about. NotVeryImportant May 2023 #6

Effete Snob

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2. Tough Call
Wed May 17, 2023, 12:45 PM
May 2023

The allegations are interesting, particularly the list of names to whom the plaintiff had email access and the allegation that the plaintiff has recordings.

I guess CNN might look at it from "is Rudy newsworthy" and "should we publish unproven allegations"?

In all probability, if Rudy can muster up the money, he will find people to pay whatever is acceptable to the plaintiff. The Complaint is sort of written in a way to make that job easier for him.

What I mean by that is that the Complaint goes out of its way to include a lot of stuff that isn't really relevant to the claims against Giuliani.

For example, a full paragraph of "Here's a list of people whose email I was able to read" doesn't have any relevance to anything. However, coupled with "I have recordings", that list of people might wonder whether she kept copies of any electronic files, emails, and other incriminating stuff involving that list of people.

So, that's the list of folks to whom Giuliani should be passing the hat to take up a collection for a settlement in which she agrees that none of that information sees the light of day.

The Complaint is a little cynical in that way. But, ultimately, the plaintiff degraded herself to quite an extent on a promise of getting something like $2M, and it would have been much better to pay her, and still is better to pay her, than to let this thing go forward - and not just for Giuliani.


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4. I haven't watched them since the tfg debacle.
Wed May 17, 2023, 12:49 PM
May 2023

Nor will I.

The “town hall” with that cretinous crank was the final straw.

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