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Sun Nov 11, 2012, 12:34 PM

Hey GOP: Ask a Brown Person!

The GOP punditry looks at the exit polls and suddenly realize they have a brown/yellow problem.

But the approach is to theorize about all this inside their own white bubble to come up with the answer of what's in the minds of brown and yellow people. Thus you see people like Krauthammer literally saying that all they need to do is support immigration amnesty (making sure the border is fenced first as a bone to the crazies) and it's all fine, really problem solved! (My father is a TV repairman and has this ultimate set of tools, he can fix it, as Spicoli would say). Or the chorus of people like Jennifer Rubin saying that "we just need to educate these browns why our ideas are better and they'll come around".

What I don't see is any real capitulation. If you really realized that you screwed up and need to get votes beyond your own tribe, it requires a different attitude than this.

Why not go out and actually communicate with that 71% of Latinos and 73% of Asians who are not voting for you? Instead of being self righteous and telling them why your way is better, why not ask "why are you voting for them and not us?"

You'd have to risk hearing the blunt answer "having guys like Rush Limbaugh mocking us racially on his show and laughing about it makes us conclude you are racist assholes, makes us hate you and prevents us from hearing any part of your 'message' beyond that."

From the protection of their bubble, conservatives always have a ready talking point to spin away discussions like this, "no, YOU sir are the real racist blah blah blah" which may be great for "winning" an argument talking over someone on Fox and Friends, but doesn't help if you sincerely want real answers on how to improve on what you're doing.

Getting to savor the sassy political incorrectness of Rush Limbaugh and enjoy how much he pisses everyone off, is in everyone's face and telling the truth about those brown takers from Not Your Dad's Traditional America is a luxury you can afford when you are winning and control all the strings, but not when you are trying to sell your product to new markets to get more votes.

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