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Sun Nov 11, 2012, 07:48 AM

What did Guatemala do that is so bad?

More and more in the conservative blogosphere and religious based sites one sees things about God's punishments on the US for it's 'liberal' ways.

Hurricanes. Earthquakes. Financial issues. Etc and so on.

Places like the Netherlands are far more liberal and I don't see them being 'punished' with such things (they have had gay marriage since 2001 and 'evil socialized medicine'...maybe God is just slow or does not know they exist).

Countries that are downright terrible (dictators, torture, etc) seem to avoid the wrath of God on a regular basis.

Guatemala is a fairly religious democracy where gay rights are surpressed and birth-control/family planning is frowned up (many are roman-catholics) yet time after time they get hit with disasters. Is God punishing them?

So if God is behind all this, and he is telling the US to change it's ways (or else!), why is there not a consistent application of his wrath across the globe? Why do mostly religious countries have such things happen while those that seem less religious and liberal have less of it happening? Why is the US 'special' - or do you just think we are because you live here?

Did God 'punish' us by letting Obama get elected because we didn't do something conservative enough? Did he kill 40+ people in Guatemala because someone there was gay?

When you want to make laws and policy based on fear that if you don't God is gonna send a hurricane/etc, you are, in my book, crazier than fuck and should not be anywhere near our congress or presidency.

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