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Sun Apr 16, 2023, 12:38 PM Apr 2023

You know how it's hard to look away from a car wreck?

I accidentally flipped to CNN's State of the Union when Jake "Safe Harbor for Republicans" Tapper was interviewing Brian Kemp. In his unseemly and gringy effort to attract more R's to his show, (because god knows that's what the viewers want, right?), he has been lobbing softballs to them, going so far as to wipe the trademark sneer from his face, and even eliminating his constant interrupting.

So as he politely asked Kemp several questions and waited while Kemp ran out the clock, I knew he would not challenge him in any way. What I didn't expect was when Kemp came to the end of his word salad on gun control, Tapper helpfully finished the argument for him. saying that most murders are not committed by rifles but handguns. He did not challenge one thing Kemp said. Not one.

I only continued to watch to see if he would push back even a little. Now I know the answer.

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