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Sat Nov 10, 2012, 05:15 AM

They just don't get it, do they?

Via email

The myth of losing. by Judson Phillips at Tea Party Nation

Conservatives lost this election. That is what we are being told. We are being told that the GOP is now in permanent decline because it is “too old and too white.”

It is amazing that narrative is coming from the Establishment Republicans. Why is it so amazing? Because it is so untrue.

This was the establishment election. Romney was the establishment choice. No conservatives supported Romney in the primaries. His support came entirely from the establishment. Romney made it a point of winning without the Tea Party and without conservatives.

He lost without us too. Romney was relying on a technological marvel called ORCA. This was supposed to get the vote out and get Romney elected. Romney ended up with fewer votes than McCain.


Because he believed his consultants who gave him ORCA, which as one commentator described it, was a total “fail whale.” Romney’s real problem was a far different one.

The Democrats have a tech advantage. But it does not matter how good your tech is, if you do not have a compelling message, it doesn’t work. Romney had no compelling message.

Romney’s message was, “I can do better.” That was John Kerry’s message too. That worked about as well for Romney as it did for Kerry.

The conservatives had a compelling message. That message could inspire people. Newt Gingrich had the ability to make every Republican in a partisan debate auditorium stand and applaud him, no matter what other candidate they were supporting.

Mitt Romney couldn’t even tell a decent joke.

The establishment got their perfect establishment candidate. He was liberal. He was from the Northeast. He totally eschewed the Tea Party and conservative movement. He made it a point of winning without us. In the general election there was only the slightest of outreaches from him. At the convention, the Tea Party, which had brought the GOP back from the edge of extinction, was not even mentioned.

During the campaign, Romney never mentioned the Tea Party and despite outreach from a number of Tea Party groups.

Romney never offered a compelling vision to America. He was not a conservative. He said he would keep a progressive income tax. He offered no tax cuts.

He said he would create jobs but really offered no specifics as to how he would do this.

Now the GOP establishment that brought this disaster upon us wants to blame conservatives. Their solution for the next election is… Wait this will be good. The GOP establishment is already talking about Jeb Bush.

Many conservative Republicans are ready to leave the Party. On conservative websites, this is openly discussed.

The first step in correcting a problem is to acknowledge the problem. The GOP establishment keeps force-feeding us RINOs and guess what? The Republican Party keeps losing.

So keep telling conservatives it was our fault that your liberal candidate did not win. Keep parroting the meme that the Obama campaign and the Obama media wants to push.

Keep it up and the party will be nothing more than some Northeastern liberal Republicans who probably could not fill a country club.

Conservatives will move on to a new party and get about the business of saving the nation.

Here are a sampling of the replies:

Reply by XXX 8 hours ago

Project ORCA was a tool used for nothing other than election day. How do I know this? I was a Romney poll watcher in Indian River County, Florida. I was trained on it and used it nearly all day Tuesday. We never had access to it prior to Election Day.

Project ORCA was a smartphone/tablet based application that allowed poll watchers across the nation to send real time updates to campaign headquarters. If we witnessed questionable actions at the polls, we could alert the legal team. Additionally, we had access to voter lists from our polling place and was tasked with marking people as voting when they checked in. In my opinion, the article is essentially right. We lost because we were not the young party with the young candidate. They did not win because their ideas were better but because Barack Obama was the young black man in the atmosphere of old white men.

We have a President who can do NO wrong as far as his supporters are concerned. It wouldn't matter if he committed mass murder in front of the entire nation, he would be praised. We should have won but we didn't and no amount of hand wringing or excuses will change that.

Harry Reid stuck his foot in it when he pledged to block anything from the Republicans were Romney elected. We need to take his advice and do the same to Barack Obama.

Permalink Reply by XXX 8 hours ago

I believe Gingrich could have mopped the floor with Obama, but I think Mitt and Ryan together could have gotten us out of this mess. I agreed with a lot of what Newt stood for, but not all. I fault Mitt for not coming to the Tea Party and Sarah Palin and asking for our help. I voted, there was NO WAY I was not going to vote, but I was REALLY put out that Mitt did not ask for our help.


Reply by XXX 8 hours ago

I would consider a new party however I want to see some strong national political people involved. Herman Cain has suggested a new party. I would like to see Newt involved and several other known conservatives. A handful of unknown Tea Party people will have a much tougher time than people with name recognition. How about Glen Beck? I am concerned that we could end up with several "Third" parties if we don't make this an instant national effort.

Reply by XXX 6 hours ago


Permalink Reply by XXX 6 hours ago

How about:
Alan Keyes
Allen West
Sarah Palin
Michelle Bachmann
Steve King
Sean Hannity
Rush Limbaugh
Joe Pags
They are out there, many of them

Permalink Reply by XXX Oliver 6 hours ago

And, XXX, don't forget NEWT GINGRICH !


Permalink Reply by XXX 31 minutes ago

The GOP is not too old and it is not too white. It is TOO STUPID.

The answer is simple, but these dummies will NOT listen. Here it is again:

1. Dump ALL of the social issues from the platform. Forget PERMANENTLY about abortion and gay marriage.

2. Focus on Socialism (democrats) vs. Free Markets (republicans).

3. Propose some kind of immigration reform that relies on FIRST completely closing the border.

4. Talk about Peace and getting along with the rest of the world.

IF we do this, WE WILL WIN. Then we can lower taxes, lower spending, close the borders, and provide a strong defense. THAT is the job of the federal government. Other than that, the feds can just leave us ALL the hell alone.

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Response to Emit (Original post)

Sat Nov 10, 2012, 05:32 AM

1. Whoever wrote this..

... is full of crap. Romney went hard right during the primary and he also selected the most Tea Party VP possible.

He caught a modest bounce after the first debate, in which he swung back to moderate.

These people are so caught up in their echo-chamber they have no idea what most Americans think.

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Response to sendero (Reply #1)

Sat Nov 10, 2012, 02:23 PM

5. The author is Judson Phillips who runs the Tea Party Nation

and he is full of crap

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Response to Emit (Original post)

Sat Nov 10, 2012, 06:46 AM

2. Romney promised 20% cuts to tax rates across the board

so the commenter who says he didn't offer tax cuts is mistaken.

However, they are correct that Romney offered no specifics about his economic plans. IMO that was to give himself a free hand if/when he came to power. That way he couldn't be criticized for going back on his plans...because no one knew what his real plans were!

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Response to Emit (Original post)

Sat Nov 10, 2012, 06:56 AM

3. The final comment is the right answer

If the Repugs want to survive they have to drop the social issues, welcome immigration reform and stop the hawkishness on foreign policy. Then more people would listen to their misguided free-market and trickle down crap. Sad but very true.
Read a comment elsewhere that the Dems essentially gave up on gun control, that most Americans want their guns and it's just not worth the fight anymore; the Repugs, using the same reasoning, would be wise to give up their crusade against reproductive rights. Hopefully this is far too logical for the party to consider.

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Response to Freddie (Reply #3)

Sat Nov 10, 2012, 03:09 PM

6. If they drop the social wedge issue scare tactics, they'll lose blue collar whites

The Republicans lack for a unified organizing philosophy (though they have a lot of catchy slogans!). If they drop the abortion and immigration screeds, they'll start bleeding out in the rust belt. If they focus only on tax cuts, they'll lose the sizeable minority share of young professionals who eat up that "welfare queen" rhetoric. If they don't scare people about gun confiscation, Ted Nugent will quit masturbating for them.

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Response to Emit (Original post)

Sat Nov 10, 2012, 07:31 AM

4. The weary defense of

the NYS Republican Chairman Cox was utterly devoid of anything but the usual fudging of the numbers to make it look not so bad. If that is all they can do then relying on hack nostrums about the past guarantees their demise. Don't wake them up until they are dead and gone.

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Response to Emit (Original post)

Sat Nov 10, 2012, 03:11 PM


Yes, Princess, that's exactly how the Founding Fathers envisioned it working.

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