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Beclowning (Original Post) senseandsensibility Apr 2023 OP
They are all floundering. pwb Apr 2023 #1
Especially since senseandsensibility Apr 2023 #2
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Apr 2023 #9
How did this episode end? world wide wally Apr 2023 #3
HE'S AT TRUMP TOWER! OMG! senseandsensibility Apr 2023 #4
What inthewind21 Apr 2023 #5
"Beclowning" BumRushDaShow Apr 2023 #6
Thanks. senseandsensibility Apr 2023 #7
It is perfect BumRushDaShow Apr 2023 #8


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1. They are all floundering.
Mon Apr 3, 2023, 03:18 PM
Apr 2023

That they think of trump so much is telling. Between trumps picture and ask your doctor commercials all day? I am gone. The little opinion talk is not worth the wait.


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2. Especially since
Mon Apr 3, 2023, 03:20 PM
Apr 2023

almost all of the talk is of the "trump whisperer" variety with special insights (barf) about what he is thinking/feeling. WHO CARES?

Response to senseandsensibility (Reply #2)

world wide wally

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3. How did this episode end?
Mon Apr 3, 2023, 03:35 PM
Apr 2023

I had to do somethng more important (check the weather for the next 3 months) and I missed the conclusion.



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5. What
Mon Apr 3, 2023, 04:05 PM
Apr 2023

were you expecting? We already knew there would be no handcuffs. We already knew NY would allow any shenanigans. We already knew there would be no detailed presser with Bragg. The networks all thank you for tuning in.


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7. Thanks.
Mon Apr 3, 2023, 04:44 PM
Apr 2023

I can't take credit as much as I'd like to. I think I may have heard it years ago from Laurence on MSNBC or somewhere from someone more clever than me. However, it's perfect for today isn't it?

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