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Fri Nov 9, 2012, 12:32 PM

The Rev, Big Ed, Rachel and especially Lawrence were right.

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Each one played an important part in shaping the scenario before Election Day and predicting the correct outcome.

The Rev and Big Ed took the pulse of the electorate; women, blacks, Latinos, labor, young people and everyone else who both embraced the President's message and were put off by the Romney camp's.

The narrative on those two shows was about reaction and a sense of purpose. People were chomping at the bit to support Barack Obama. After four years of listening to GOP bullshit, it was personal.

Rachel was responsible for cold, hard analysis and historical perspective. Calmly laying out how everything relates to the bigger picture, explaining the trends and their meaning.

She did it all in her calm and methodical way. She was the anti-bubble.

And my favorite host is Lawrence. Simply because he and I share a vision on the sheer meaning of what things mean. The only way that I can understand what he talks about is because I spent almost eight years in Washington DC, paying close attention to the sausage making process. He was in Congress and I was in The Pentagon.

Being in such close proximity to the Federal Government and its workings, you can't but help to see how things actually works there.

I basically watch his show so that he can tell me things that I learned more than 25 years ago. His nightly Nate Silver updates were perhaps the most important indicator of what was yet to come.

If you had to pick just one thing to watch on Lawrence's show, it should have been the 538 Blog updates.

And I did some research and observing on my own which complimented those four shows. You can say that I stepped outside of what could have very well been a left wing bubble.

I also spent quite a bit of time doing op research. Checking out GOP sites and blogs, combing over the tenor and content of Republican voter types. And it was quite clear that they had absolutely no concept of what was going on around them.

All they did was live in an echo chamber. Every once in a while, their meanderings would leak out into the real world, but none of them could gain any traction outside of their own circles. The Rev, Big Ed, Rachel and Lawrence, night after night, destroyed every single right wing argument.

What bothered me most about the other side was their complete absence of sanity and reality. They had created a Barack Obama that didn't exist and did everything that they could to oppose that creation. They had no idea what Romney was all about, which left him open to be seen in a way that whomever was looking at him would see him.

Because the Right's primary motivation was to get rid of President Obama and not elect Romney, Romney was shifted into the classification of nothing more than a ham sandwich. While the President's support was more for him than against Romney. It was a triumph of positive support for the Prez over negative support by the other side.

All in all, math, science, history and civics were ultimate winners during this election. Anyone paying close attention to that stuff had no business being surprised at all over the eventual outcome.

The entire picture was laid out for anyone who took the time to see it, both our side and theirs.

Our side succesfully predicted the outcome and their side was set up to fail miserably

The Reality Based Universe is really cool to live in.

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Reply The Rev, Big Ed, Rachel and especially Lawrence were right. (Original post)
MrScorpio Nov 2012 OP
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Response to MrScorpio (Original post)

Fri Nov 9, 2012, 12:48 PM

1. I will never understand how or why Romney and the GOP

failed to see what was coming at them. It now appears that they really, really believed they would win. Not just that they had a good chance to win, or that they would probably win, but that they would win for sure, and by an enormous, historic landslide. They were so convinced of this that Romney didn't even write a just-in-case concession speech; his transition web site actually got published; and he had a big-ass fireworks display all set to go to celebrate the awesome gloriousness of Mitt Romney.

Then the bubble popped, and they - especially Karl Rove, bless his heart - were caught on national TV with their pants around their ankles and poleaxed "WTF just happened?" expressions on their faces. And then they cancelled all their credit cards before the campaign workers could even use them for cab fare home.

Why the hell would any party or candidate behave this way? Why would they not want to track every single poll, not just the ones that favored them? Why would they not want to analyze objectively the demographics and characteristics of every single square inch of the country? Why would they not want to watch and analyze what the opposition was up to? Were they so swallowed up by the ideological bubble they created with the eager help of Fox and Limbaugh that they had become incapable of considering the possibility that there were some morsels of truth that didn't square with what they wanted to believe? Even if they knew Rove had arranged for some kind of vote-flipping scheme in OH (which might explain his weird behavior when OH was called for Obama), how can they have been so completely and stupidly certain Romney would win?

I think this election really is one for the history books. I eagerly await the release more "Game Change" - type tell-all publications. It sure would be interesting to find out what those idiots were thinking.

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Response to MrScorpio (Original post)

Fri Nov 9, 2012, 12:58 PM

2. Your post ...

pretty much sums it up. For a while it felt like a parallel universe, a twilight zone, or x-file episode actually more like invasion of the body snatchers or that movie I think was called "the stuff". I'd check the news places see the polls the stories etc and be shocked at the other side's (for lack of a better term) take on the same thing I either just saw or read. My biggest shock came from cnn. I had to make sure I was on the correct channel as during the election cycles they resembled faux noise then anything else.

Over this past weekend I kept wondering if they were really believing all the BS. I thought for sure they have to be worried the polls even the very right leaning ones showed their guy losing ground. Part of me was hoping they didn't see this coming.

So election night when everything happened the way I thought (along with 52% of the rest of country) it would, I kinda felt vindication. Because as like you I look for news in every place expect for Faux Noise - its not news its not even entertaining its propaganda. Honestly in that chart of viewers for election night and the drop off that fake network saw would have been worse if the people outside their bubble didn't switch channels to faux for the melt down. I know I did I wanted to see their faces - the rove meltdown was priceless. Seriously I have not ever purposely ever put faux noise on other then twice. The first time was Obama's first victory and the second time he won.

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