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Sat Mar 18, 2023, 05:58 PM

Never guess what the "Equality State" did the same state that let woman cast the first vote this

state was even quoted.....to have ten yes mind you ten things that made it the best....and to think I use to live in that state ....


Nearly 150 years ago, Buffalo Bill, founder of Cody, Wyo., said these words: "If a woman can do the same work that a man can do and do it just as well, she should have the same pay." That same year, Wyoming granted women the right to vote and hold office, long before the 19th Amendment in 1920.

This frontier territory led the charge for women’s rights and it was the first in the country to not only grant women the right to vote, but also allow women to serve on a jury, have a suffragist elected to the legislature, and elect the country’s first female governor.

Nicknamed the "Equality State," Wyoming has a long history of pioneering ladies. Some are well-known, like Annie Oakley, and others are unsung heroes, who fought for equal rights, championed for causes they believed in and made their mark in their own way. Here, learn about these women who blazed a path for others to proudly follow.

and just guess what the "Equality State" did this last Friday ......they were and are the first libertarian right wing fucked up state to ban the woman the right to have privacy when it comes to taking a "pill"


Republican Governor Mark Gordon signed the law late Friday, as the anti-abortion movement seeks a nationwide prohibition.

Now again tell me why people would want to go to Jackson Hole, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, trout fishing, hiking, where the Antelope out numbers people and have more common sense seriously .............
When a state thinks that it is just fine and dandy to inject themselves into the right of privacy between a doctor and woman and her health care needs....anyone from the "Equality State "want to to speak up and explain to everyone .....why, were all waiting.... does this include the reservations also since they are by the Constitution a legalize form of government or does this state think they can override that also .... maybe its time to change the name from "Equality State"...to lets say "Handmaiden State".....

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