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Wed Oct 26, 2022, 06:16 PM Oct 2022

Update on previous post, MAGA scum attempted to steal ballots from local drop box.

After township Supervisor claimed they were just stealing it for the metal. I began to think they were trying to minimize or cover up the crimes. I called local Sheriff office and was told an investigator would get back to me. Yeah you guessed it that didn't happen. Only one report on local radio that quoted Supervisor saying someone trying to steal it for metal. That same report was repeated many time on radio. I reached out to SOS, today got an e mail saying they were aware and are tasking state investigators to investigate and prosecute. Seems they don't think the scum were just looking for metal.


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3. Warning - Fake Democrats at Your Door
Wed Oct 26, 2022, 06:46 PM
Oct 2022

I just got this email from my local district Democrats:

“We have been informed there are people claiming to be Democrats going door to door in our district, offering to take people's ballots and turn them in. Please be aware that THIS IS A SCAM. There are NO Democrats from the ADP, MCDP, or LD12 Democrats knocking on doors to collect ballots. Don't fall for this illegal deception. The authorities are being informed.

Return your early ballot by mailing it back, dropping it in a ballot collection box, or going to a voting center. Everything you need to know about voting and returning your ballot can be found at https://elections.maricopa.gov/.

Pro tip for AZ Dem voters: the armed people are hovering over ballot drop off boxes. They can’t harass people at every single mailbox. You can set up text notifications that your ballot has been received, signature checked, and counted. Don’t let assholes steal your vote.

Eliot Rosewater

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12. I hate that word in relation to fascists destroying democracy worldwide. They are not shenanigans.
Wed Oct 26, 2022, 08:13 PM
Oct 2022

I know you mean well, I am not picking on you.

What will happen on election day wont be shenanigans, it will be the end of democracy if they get their way.


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9. Well aren't they special
Wed Oct 26, 2022, 07:50 PM
Oct 2022

Conservatives steal, lie, trash, attempt to intimidate, shit on the floor of the U S Capitol, avoid subpoenas, steal classified documents, cheat their poor, uneducated supporters out of their money, support a TV Network that non stop lies, lie during their confirmation hearings, state they will not accept the results of free and fair elections if they lose, pay for abortions then try to ban abortions and when challenged for anything result to what aboutisms? Whew, I could go on but that wore me out.

Yeah, well what about this.

While boring liberals want to uphold liberty and Justice for all, feed the poor. Oh you know what you do.

Gosh is there a difference between the two approaches? Am I missing something?


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15. Seems like the thieves' excuse
Wed Oct 26, 2022, 08:34 PM
Oct 2022

shouldn't matter. They still illegally impeded the voting process, regardless of the motive. Right?

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