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Thu Aug 25, 2022, 05:00 PM

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #13-5: Wheel Of Corruption: The Origin Of Batman's Butler Edition

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #13-5: Wheel Of Corruption: The Origin Of Batman’s Butler Edition

Welcome back to the Top 10 Conservative Idiots! Yoooooooooo! What’s up, Austin? How you guys doing? You doing fucking good? Great! As you can see we have our old friend the famous Wheel Of Corruption sitting behind us well oiled and ready to go! We’re ready to have some fun in face of all the dark shit happening in the news right now. By the way in case you're wondering, the origin of our episode title this week comes from the absolutely ridiculous title for the 3rd season of the DC series called "Pennyworth", which is about, well obviously Bruce Wayne's butler / caretaker Alfred Pennyworth. And we may use titles from the Batman animated movie world for future Wheel editions. Oh my director is telling me we have to make the big announcement here – save the date! December 1st we’re doing our first ever show south of the border in Cabo San Lucas at Cabo Wabo! Yes, this has been two years in the making and we will be bringing the wheel with us when we land in Mexico! Do we have time for the thing? Of course we do. Look, look. I have mixed feelings and opinions about movie sequels and remakes. In fact our “I Need A Drink” segment this week is going to get into that sort of thing. But when I know Hollywood is wrong about something, they’re wrong. Because there’s some classics that you just don’t fuck with. Case firmly in point: there’s a remake of the movie Roadhouse. Come on, you know Roadhouse – the movie where hot beefcake Patrick Swayze takes a job as a bar bouncer and spends the rest of the movie kicking the ass of the rowdy crowd that populates it? Yeah seriously there’s a remake of that. Come on Hollywood, stop it already! I mean seriously enough with the sequels and remakes and crappy franchise movies already. Isn’t there anything original out there? OK enough of the intro we have a lot of idiocy to get to but first John Oliver is back and he talks about global warming through carbon offsets:

So where do we begin this week? This week the number one spot goes to Liz Cheney (1). So unfortunately the one sane voice standing up to the MAGA cult lost her primary because of that, but wait until you meet her replacement Harriet Hageman – if you guessed she’s a deranged Trump cultist ass kisser, you are right! In the second slot this week is that guy who we somehow inexplicably called “president” (2). So his fight against the FBI is getting weirder and weirder and he’s attempting to release security footage from Mar-A-Shithole because reasons! Meanwhile in Florida, Florida Man Ron DeSantis (3) takes the third spot this week because of his insane piece of legislation that was very heavily Fox News inspired called the “Stop Woke Act”. Well, the cruelty is the point, and now Florida students are beginning to question this cruel piece of legislation, so it won’t be long before Fox News sounds the independent thought alarm! Speaking of independent thought alarms, the #4 spot this week goes to the state of Texas (4). When your brains are so rotted by Fox News propaganda that you can’t think for yourself, things get weird. And some Texas districts went on an insane book banning spree and accidentally banned the Bible. Can’t say that we’re shocked at all by this. In the number 5 slot this week, we have yet another “We’re All Gonna Die!” (5). And this week there’s an alarming report out that says that California is going to be under water in about 50 years. Holy shit, that means that Bill Hicks was right! When does Arizona Bay happen? In the number 6 slot this week is of course our weekly visit to the Holy Church Of The Top 10 in “Holy Shit” (6). This week right wing Christians are screaming about how best to enact “revenge” on those who did them wrong, so we’re naming this piece after the classic Judas Priest album “Screaming For Vengeance”! In the number 7 slot this week is a new edition of our segment that explores excessive corporate greed, Late Stage Capitalism (7). So Mark Zuckerberg is greatly expanding the Metaverse, and after spending $10 billion (yes, Billion) all he got was a ridiculously dated and stupid looking avatar. Should we all be concerned about how we’re going to look on a 3-D headset? Yeah probably! In the number 8 slot this week is a new edition of Conspiracy Corner (8) – and once again Mike Lindell’s Lindell TV channel is a haven for batshit insanity and last weekend he held a 3 day symposium that promised to be “life changing” but really it was about 2 hours of election denying conspiracy theories and 16 hours about how to be a My Pillow influencer. In the number 9 (NEIN!!!) slot this week, we have a new I Need A Drink and this week, we’re going to talk about Hollywood “Q” scores. Would you believe that Will Smith’s favorability rating since the infamous Chris Rock pimp slap heard around the world caused his favorability rating to decline? We’re shocked, shocked! Well not that shocked. Finally this week it’s time for the World Tour 2022 Destination #4 and this week we’re heading to the land of Buckingham Palace, fish & chips, and the British Premiere League – the United Kingdom! And closing out this edition we have some live music from the great Dance Gavin Dance joining us! Really buy their new album Jackpot Juicier or you’re no friend of this program! Enjoy! And as always don’t forget the key!

[div style="padding: 20px; background-color: #ffffff; border-radius: 10px; box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 1px #aaa;"][div style="font-family: arial, helvetica; font-weight: bold; border-bottom: 1px dotted #999; padding-bottom: 8px;"]
[font size="8"]Harriet Hageman
[br] [/font]

Hey kids, it’s time for the: WHEEL. OF. CORRUPTION!!! YAY!!!!

Of course you know the rules by now – I spin the wheel and we have to talk about whatever the subject it lands on. Of course if it lands on the guacamole option, you know that it costs $1.50 extra. And the wheel is all new with lots of items on it! Here’s what is on the wheel this week:

- Guns
- Crime
- Abortion
- Poverty
- The 2020 Election
- The Insurrection
- Treason
- Buy A Vowel
- Donald Trump
- Midterm Elections
- Clip Without Context
- 5,000
- Nazi Germany
- Fox News
- ‘Merica
- My Pillow
- Bankrupt
- Chance
- Fox News
- Something Random In The News
- Whammy
- Community Chest
- Death
- Homosexuality
- The US Constitution
- Greed
- Clip Without Context
- Top 10 Investigates
- Beating A Dead Horse
- This Fucking Guy
- Intermission
- Holy Shit
- A Random Tweet
- World Tour 2022
- Double Whammy
- Buy A Vowel
- Conspiracy Corner
- Random Movie Reference
- Guacamole
- 10,000
- People Are Dumb
- I Need A Drink
- Infowars
- Go Directly To Jail
- Random TV Reference
- T-Shirt Cannon
- Infowars
- People Who Somehow Got Elected
- COVID-19
- Lightning Round
- Bonus Spin

Let’s get the wheel going! Spin that shit! Come on, no whammy no whammy no whammy no whammy…. Stop! And it lands on: Clip Without Context!

OK Zirconia and Polycotton – if Trump is God’s man, then who’s Satan’s? I’ll wait. Spin it again! And it lands on… the Midterm Elections. You know what folks? I don’t have to tell you that we unfortunately last week lost one of the few sane members left of the republican party – Liz Cheney. She was unfortunately replaced by a deranged MAGA cultist whose only qualification for holding office as far as I can tell is her loyalty to the orange pile of goo that somehow managed to call itself our 45th president and that’s about it. But yeah the GOP tends to reach new lows on a completely daily basis and if this is who their best people are, then we’re going to be in for a ridiculously bumpy midterm election season this year. But before we get into the heart of it, we got to talk about Liz Cheney losing and this one really stings especially since she is part of the committee that is really nailing the January 6th insurrectionists, and let’s face it – they want lawlessness. They want to be in total control and to be able to literally get away with murder. Here’s more.

Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., a onetime House GOP leader and a daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, was ousted in a Republican primary Tuesday night, NBC News projects.

Former President Donald Trump’s name wasn’t on the ballot, but his shadow eclipsed the contest as he sought revenge for Cheney's vote last year to impeach him and her work on the committee investigating his behavior leading up to the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. His hand-picked challenger, Harriet Hageman, defeated Cheney in a multi-candidate race.

With 80% of the vote counted before midnight, Hageman was leading Cheney by more than 32 points. But the result didn’t put an end to hostilities between Trump and Cheney. Instead, she vowed to escalate them.

“This primary election is over,” Cheney told her supporters, drawing a clear contrast between her acceptance of the outcome and Trump’s ongoing refusal to admit he lost the 2020 election. “But now the real work begins."

Yeah so normally I’d be celebrating this but you know how it is when your insane representative is replaced with an even crazier one. Trust me, I wanted to do Harriet Hageman for a “People Who Somehow Got Elected” but we may have to wait for the election to actually be called for that one, but trust me. We may be doing one a week depending on what the outcome of the elections are and in some of the key races like Pennsylvania and Georgia. Whew, the MAGA crowd sure can pick ‘em, can’t they? Well meet Harriet Hageman, then decide for yourself.

Trump endorsed Hageman also on Sept. 9.

"Harriet is all in for America First," Trump said in a statement, while denouncing Cheney as a "RINO" – "Republican in Name Only" – and "the Democrats' number one provider of sound bites."

10 Republicans voted to impeach Trump:Will any be left in Congress after November?

Trump applauded Hageman's stand on border enforcement, crime, gun rights and what he called "Election Integrity."

Trump said he screened several Wyoming Republicans who wanted to run against Cheney and urged candidates to unite behind one challenger who could have a one-on-one race against Cheney, his GOP nemesis.

Yeah BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Holy crap he certainly can pick ‘em. I mean come on, when Tom Cruise has a loyalty test at his house to see who gets to be his costar in Top Gun: Maverick, he’s not deciding the fate of the nation. He’s just deciding the fate of a billion dollar blockbuster movie. But Liz Cheney is not done in her quest to defeat Trump. The 2024 presidential primary is but a mere two years away that could decide the fate of the country. And Liz has plans to derail Trump and Ron DeSantis.

Republican Rep. Liz Cheney has amassed a group of political consultants with ties to former President Donald Trump and the expansive Koch network as she mulls a run for the White House after losing in the GOP primary for her Wyoming House seat.

Cheney’s role as vice chair of the committee investigating Trump’s actions in the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol has cost the third-highest ranking Republican in the U.S. House her standing in the GOP and her seat in Congress. She lost the Republican nomination in a landslide race last week to one of Trump’s picks, Wyoming lawyer Harriet Hageman.

Cheney’s now considering running against Trump for president in 2024, she told NBC News, and has quietly put together a team of top GOP advisors to help her ensure he doesn’t ever get back in the White House.

“I believe that Donald Trump continues to pose a very grave threat and risk to our republic. And I think that defeating him is going to require a broad and united front of Republicans, Democrats and independents, and that’s what I intend to be a part of,” she said in an exclusive interview with Savannah Guthrie on NBC’s “TODAY” show last week.

Pretty sure that’s live footage of Charles Koch watching the news lately. But the thing is you know, we’ve said that the GOP doesn’t have any solutions. They just have chaos. Needless to say the MAGA world is gaining in some areas and losing hard in others. They want their revenge for January 6th and they’re going to get it if we let them. However, if we stop them in the 2022 midterms and in the 2024 election, we can hopefully stop them for good. But until that happens, we need to be prepared for when they run crazy candidates like the Hagemans, Greenes and Boeberts of the world.

Former President Donald Trump's tour of political vengeance made a stop in Wyoming Tuesday, unseating one of his biggest critics in the Republican Party by a double-digit margin.

Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., lost to a Trump-backed challenger. Cheney is the vice chair of the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and Trump's role in fueling it.

While some Republicans have stood up to Trump – 10 in the House voted for his second impeachment – none has taken him on as strongly as Cheney, who has said Republicans cannot have both loyalty to Trump and to the U.S. Constitution.

Cheney's race was the main event on Tuesday, which also featured a special election in Alaska to replace the late GOP Rep. Don Young, who died earlier this year. Alaska voters will use ranked-choice voting to select a member of Congress from a field of three.

And Alaska GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski made it through her a primary in a bid to to keep her seat.

[div style="padding: 20px; background-color: #ffffff; border-radius: 10px; box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 1px #aaa;"][div style="font-family: arial, helvetica; font-weight: bold; border-bottom: 1px dotted #999; padding-bottom: 8px;"]
[font size="8"]Trump Vs The FBI
[br] [/font]

Let’s give the wheel a good strong spin, shall we? And it lands on… wait for it… A Random Tweet!

That ain’t Google, Mikey. You being hacked. Taking all bets – China or Russia? Who’s in? Spin it again! And it lands on… wait for it… Donald Trump!

You know the classic saying “play stupid games, win stupid prizes”. Well, no one plays stupider games than our 45th president does and no one is winning stupider prizes than he is. Remember back in 2016 when he said “The United States will be winning so much that you’ll be sick of winning”? Yeah well he’s winning all right – very stupidly! And he’s winning the stupidest prizes one could possibly imagine. Look, right wing - there’s no justification for this no matter how hard you try. Trump stole classified information relating to America’s nuclear arsenal. And he had Saudi nationals at that LIV golf tournament, which was really just a campaign rally for him. Who knows what kind of shady shit went down at that tournament? But one thing’s for certain – this story is getting weirder and weirder, and we may not have even seen the shit hit the fan yet!

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins reported Wednesday it is only a matter of time before former President Donald Trump decides to release video of FBI agents searching his Florida estate.

The video, as speculated by host Anderson Cooper, would presumably show the faces of agents after the names of two of them were already leaked.

Collins noted the agents who raided Mar-a-Lago were at the property for roughly nine hours on Aug. 8. She added the agents asked Trump’s team to turn off the surveillance cameras, and the request was declined:

But [the agents] made that request, and that is not something that was granted by the officials on the ground at Mar-a-Lago, and so now it is in the hands of the former president and his attorneys, this surveillance footage of what happened at Mar-a-Lago that day.

And what we are hearing from sources is that there is basically this internal debate happening over whether or not they should release it, with some people saying that it is not a case of if they release that surveillance footage, but when they release it.


Well that is a good question, sir! This kind of shit is that he’s trying to get people killed, which is the exact reason why he’s not allowed on any social media platforms other than the one he owns, and very poorly manages. And by the way in case you’re wondering – why yes, the FBI raid on Mar-A-Shithole absolutely caused an increase in right wing threats against the FBI. I’m not even going to count that tnoe nutjob we saw last week. This is so insane. One minute the GOP is the party that supports the police and they’re the most law and order party that ever law and ordered. And then the next minute they threaten to blow up the FBI headquarters and defund the FBI and IRS. It really makes you think. Oh wait, no it doesn’t.

The internal intelligence memo was shared with state, local, tribal and territorial law enforcement officials nationwide late Friday night.

According to the bulletin, "the FBI and DHS have observed an increase in violent threats posted on social media against federal officials and facilities, including a threat to place a so-called dirty bomb in front of FBI Headquarters and issuing general calls for 'civil war' and 'armed rebellion.'"

That includes threats that are "specific in identifying proposed targets, tactics, or weaponry," the bulletin noted.

"Since 8 August 2022, the FBI and DHS have identified multiple articulated threats and calls for the targeted killing of judicial, law enforcement, and government officials associated with the Palm Beach search, including the federal judge who approved the Palm Beach search warrant," the bulletin continued. "The FBI and DHS have also observed the personal identifying information of possible targets of violence, such as home addresses and identification of family members, disseminated online as additional targets."

Yeah it’s getting intense and weird, ladies and gentlemen. In fact Liz Cheney, who unfortunately lost her primary to one of these MAGA cretins, isn’t afraid to call them out on their bullshit. Like I said, the MAGA party is so angry that they don’t know what they want or even what they are angry at. They’re just mad that they lost Dear Leader and all they care about is getting absolute power. But who knows what they would do after that? Well, thankfully we do have a few cooler heads, like Liz Cheney, but those are probably soon to be replaced some hot heads that will most likely explode if given too much power.

Representative Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., told ABC News that there was no political motivation in carrying out an FBI search of former President Donald Trump’s resort home in Palm Beach, Florida.

“I’ve seen no evidence that there was any political motivation,” Cheney told ABC News when asked about the Mar-a-Lago raid carried out by FBI agents.

“I was ashamed to hear Republicans immediately and reflexively attack the FBI agents who executed the search warrant. I was disgusted when I learned that President Trump had released the names of the agents when he released the unredacted search warrant, and that has now caused violence,” Cheney said in the interview, which aired on Sunday.

“This is a really dangerous moment,” she added.

Well fucking duh, Liz! Of course it’s a dangerous moment! We’re dealing with people who attempted to murder half the government to stop an election from being certified here, remember? These people are equal parts ruthless and merciless. And right now they’re on a warpath to replace the few independent voices in the party with deranged cultists. You’re one of them, Liz! But this might be my favorite part of this whole thing. You know the party that claims to hate trial lawyers really loves them some trial lawyers, and Trump actually suggested that the FBI raid is causing Americans “stress”. No, it’s not Americans, Donny. It’s just your deranged cultists.

A lawsuit filed by former President Donald Trump suggested the "shockingly aggressive" FBI Mar-a-Lago raid caused distress for "most Americans."

On August 8, Trump's Florida estate was searched by FBI agents who recovered classified documents. Federal investigators found sensitive, official White House records in the basement of Mar-a-Lago and in an office closet, according to The New York Times.

Trump's legal team filed a lawsuit asking a judge to stop the Department of Justice from going through the materials that were seized.

The lawsuit detailed the raid and stated that what happened on August 8 was a "shockingly aggressive move" and that there was "no understanding of the distress that it would cause most Americans."

[div style="padding: 20px; background-color: #ffffff; border-radius: 10px; box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 1px #aaa;"][div style="font-family: arial, helvetica; font-weight: bold; border-bottom: 1px dotted #999; padding-bottom: 8px;"]
[font size="8"]Florida’s Stop Woke Act
[br] [/font]

Come on people, let’s spin the wheel and wherever it lands on… come on no whammy no whammy no whammy… stop! No, a double whammy!

OK spin it again and it lands on… Florida!

Fox News’ motto is “We report, you decide” but it should really be: “You will think what we tell you to think and screw anyone who has even the slightest bit of an independent thought”. Folks, I don’t need to tell you that Fox News is inherently becoming a clear and present danger to the United States of America. And part of the reason is that they are declaring an actual war on culture that no one else wants to fight. The latest round of insane legislation that was clearly the end result of Fox News talking points – Florida’s “Stop Woke Act”. But here’s the thing – Florida isn’t so much letting the concept of “wokeness” scramble their brains. No, their brains are being scrambled by the mental conditioning coming from having Fox News on every single TV in the house. When that happens then you know that you have a problem. And you can’t deny even if you live in Florida or you don’t, that Fox News is definitely having an effect on the reigning king of Florida Men, Ron DeSantis (Q – Batshit). Like you ever notice that anytime Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson endlessly drone on about a topic that the next day Florida legislators act on it? It’s truly insane isn’t it? Well, here’s what happened for those of you who are following the news.

A federal judge in Florida on Thursday ruled that a law pushed by Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis restricting conversations around race in schools and the workplace is unconstitutional.

In a 44-page ruling blocking enforcement of parts of the law, US District Judge Mark Walker said that Florida's Individual Freedom Act (IFA), better known as the "Stop WOKE Act," "discriminates on the basis of viewpoint in violation of the First Amendment and is impermissibly vague in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment."

The law, which took effect on July 1, is a key component of DeSantis' war on "woke ideology," and was intended to prevent teachings or mandatory workplace activities that suggest a person is privileged or oppressed based necessarily on their race, color, sex or national origin.

Two Florida-based employers who want to require their staff attend diversity and inclusion trainings, and a consultant who provides such instruction, requested the injunction on the portions of the law dealing with corporate trainings.

By the way, is it me or should any government official that speaks at a TP USA event be automatically flagged as a national security risk? I’m asking for the 81 million voters who aren’t members of the GOP cult. But really it’s a good thing that this ridiculous law is being declared unconstitutional. It should be painfully obvious by now that Rupert Murdoch is pulling Ron DeSantis’ strings on this, and this is merely a test run. Imagine this kind of damage being done on a national level. Yeah that’s what you’ll get under a second term of Trump or a first term of DeSantis. Think what we experienced under Trump was really scary? You ain’t seen nothing yet!

A Florida law dubbed by Gov. Ron DeSantis as the "Stop WOKE Act" was hit with a double whammy on Thursday.

Driving the news: A federal judge suspended enforcement of the law's employer provisions as part of a lawsuit filed by Florida honeymoon registry company Honeyfund and workplace diversity consultancy Collective Concepts in June.

Catch up quick: The law bans classroom discussion and corporate training that make students or employees feel discomfort over their race.

What they're saying: "Florida's legislators may well find plaintiffs' speech repugnant. But under our constitutional scheme, the remedy for repugnant speech is more speech, not enforced silence," wrote Mark Walker, chief judge of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida, in his ruling.

Meanwhile: The ACLU, ACLU of Florida, Legal Defense Fund and law firm Ballard Spahr filed a lawsuit Thursday on behalf of a group of Florida professors, arguing that "Stop WOKE" violates the Constitution's First Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment.

Here’s the thing that kills me about this – the Fox bots claim that we’re in a post racial society, but don’t let them steer you! I mean, have you been living in the same last 5 years that we have? Racism isn’t just alive and well – it’s thriving and it’s getting worse. Shit, racism is worse than it was before the Civil War, and that’s saying something. Imagine if we had the internet back in 1865. Yeah it would exactly be something like that. But again, the Florida government and Fox News are attempting to impose legislation that nobody asked for – or wanted.

The ACLU filed a lawsuit Thursday on behalf of “instructors and students at Florida colleges and universities” who say that the “Stop WOKE Act” signed into law in April by Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) amounts to unconstitutional “racially motivated censorship.”

The Stop the Wrongs Against Our Kids and Employees Act, plaintiffs allege, was supported by the Republican-controlled legislature to “stifle widespread demands to discuss, study, and address systemic inequalities, following the nationwide protests that provoked discussions about race and racism in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd.”

The suit was filed against the Florida Board of Governors of the State University System, its various members, and several university boards of trustees.

Plaintiffs — identified in the suit as FAMU law professor LeRoy Pernell, USF Professor Dana Thompson Dorsey, University of Florida Professor Sharon Austin, Professor Emeritus at FIU Marvin Dunn, UCF Philosophy and Cultural Studies Professor Shelley Park, Associate Professor at UCF Jennifer Sandoval, FSU Associate Professor Russell Almond, and FSU senior Johana Dauphin — said that the law “casts a pall over higher education in Florida” by creating a climate of fear that teaching their courses will lead to punishment.

Oh come on, we kid. We kid. We love Florida. But we hate the people that run that state, can we all be cool with that? I wish they would stop referring to this being enacted because of the whole George Floyd thing. Fox News has staged war on “woke” culture for years. Remember back during the Bush years when they railed on which department stores didn’t greet you with “Merry Christmas” when you walked in the door? This is just the latest round in these bullshit culture wars that they started that no one else asked to fight. And really the blame should be entirely placed on Rupert Murdoch for this.

A federal judge will hear arguments on a request for a preliminary injunction by businesses that are against a new law signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis and dubbed the "Stop WOKE Act."

The governor signed House Bill 7 – or the "Stop Wrongs Against Our Kids and Employees Act" back in April. Then, in June, businesses filed a lawsuit stating the law is unconstitutional because it violates their ability to discuss issues like racism and implicit bias with employees. But attorneys for the state disputed those arguments, saying the law does not violate the First Amendment because it only prevents businesses from requiring employees to take part in training programs that use targeted concepts.

The new law prevents workplace training or subjects in schools that teach that individuals are, "inherently racist, sexist or oppressive, whether consciously or unconsciously." The law also allows parents to sue school districts that don't follow state standards.

[div style="padding: 20px; background-color: #ffffff; border-radius: 10px; box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 1px #aaa;"][div style="font-family: arial, helvetica; font-weight: bold; border-bottom: 1px dotted #999; padding-bottom: 8px;"]
[font size="8"]The State Of Texas
[br] [/font]

Now entering the spin cycle! Come on… no whammy no whammy no whammy… stop! Oh hey it’s one of our patented Clips Without Context!

Seriously, guys… READ THE FUCKING ROOM!!! God, just when I think they can’t get any stupider they stoop to new lows. And correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t we just fight an entire war against people who thought it was OK to arm children as recent as 15 years ago? I can’t even. I need a drink. Spin it again! And it lands on… Fox News!

Last week, we pointed out the problems with living in an echo chamber. The biggest problem is that it really fucks with your head and clouds your judgement. And you know what? History has been here before. The country that starts banning books is about to commit some unspeakable atrocities and human rights crimes. And most of that blame lies squarely at the feet of Fox News. Their war against “woke culture” (read: anyone who doesn’t watch Fox at this point) has reached unprecedented new levels of insanity. And it may happen in Texas, but trust me, it’s coming to a school district near you, and it's going to get really insane and even worse before it gets better. But make no mistake that Fox is really upping the hysteria and it’s causing people to flat out lose their minds. Case in point – this one particular district in Texas banned the Diary Of Anne Frank. Yes, that’s correct. They banned perhaps the most famous and detailed account of what happened when one young girls’ family hid from the Nazis in World War II. So how long before the Republican Party goes full Nazi because Fox News is planting ideas in their heads? Well just watch a few episodes of Tucker Carlson to be sure.

One day before students returned to classrooms in North Texas, a school district ordered principals and librarians to remove books including the Bible and a graphic novel adaptation of Anne Frank’s “The Diary of a Young Girl” from libraries and classrooms.

The Keller Independent School District reviewed the 41 challenged books during the previous school year, but a policy approved by the school district’s board of trustees last week requires staff to pull the books from shelves so that they can be reviewed again.

The last-minute book sweep is one of several changes in schools across the country that will restrict students’ access to books in the new school year. Parents, school board officials and lawmakers have recently challenged books at a pace not seen in years, with some of the most scrutinized books dealing with sexual and racial identity.

The Keller school district serves more than 35,000 students in a portion of Fort Worth and in other North Texas cities. The district’s first day of school was on Wednesday. On Tuesday, a school administrator sent an email, which was shared with The New York Times, to principals and librarians to tell them to remove certain books that had been challenged by the end of the day. The list included Toni Morrison’s “The Bluest Eye.”

Here’s the thing – if Fox News has you questioning whether or not you should ban books that you think would implant things into kids’ heads like critical thought? Turn that damn channel off and throw away your remote so you don’t accidentally turn it on again! Fox News is rotting people’s brains and it’s no secret that Rupert Murdoch has declared war on public education. Because people who think for themselves are bad for Fox News’ ratings. And again – case in point – people sitting on school boards in Texas have had their minds so fucked up by Fox that they banned the Bible. Yes, that’s right – they banned the Bible. You cannot make this shit up.

Students at the Keller Independent School District outside Fort Worth, Texas, went back to school Wednesday. But instead of the focus being on their return, much of the attention has been heaped on an email that was sent out the day before, instructing school staff to pull all copies of a list of more than 40 books from classrooms and school libraries.

The books that were pulled include the graphic novel adaptation of Anne Frank's diary, all versions of the Bible and numerous books with LGBTQ+ themes or characters. The School Board did not say why the Bible and the Anne Frank book were removed, but parents had objected to them, according to the list.

The books on the list have been challenged at the district in the past and while some have been reviewed and put back on shelves, they must all undergo another review under new criteria set by the school board, the school district said in a statement to NPR.

"Right now, Keller ISD's administration is asking our campus staff and librarians to review books that were challenged last year to determine if they meet the requirements of the new policy," it said.

Yes, god forbid that someone have an independent thought and be able to think for themselves critically, holy shit Texas seems on taking this country backwards into oblivion. But of course you know when they say “amid review”, you know that means that they ain’t doing shit about them. It’s truly disturbing that the US has got to this point. And here’s the thing – this is why I say that every election matters! At every level! It doesn’t matter if it’s a school board or a city council or comptroller or sheriff position. Because Fox News is running their people at these levels, and that’s where the real damage is done. Remember, change happens at the local level.

A Texas school district is pulling all books from library shelves and classrooms that were challenged by parents, lawmakers and other community members in the last year — including the Bible.

The day before students started back at the Keller Independent School District, which serves students in the Fort Worth suburbs, Jennifer Price, the executive director of curriculum and instruction, told principals and librarians to remove 41 books while they undergo a review, according to an email obtained by the Texas Tribune.

Some of the books included in the list are all editions of the Bible, a graphic novel adaptation of Anne Frank's diary, “The Bluest Eye” by Toni Morrison and “Gender Queer: A Memoir,” by Maia Kobabe, the Tribune reported. Kobabe's book tops the American Library Association's list for most banned books in 2021.

“Attached is a list of all books that were challenged last year. By the end of today, I need all books pulled from the library and classrooms. Please collect these books and store them in a location. (book room, office, etc.),” Price wrote in the email on Tuesday.

That’s about how I feel right now. it’s truly insane watching what right wing propaganda is doing to people – it’s literally getting people killed and making people stupid at a ridiculously alarming rate. I just wonder what it’s going to take to unscramble people’s brains from this shit? Just remember – the holocaust didn’t start with the gas chambers. That was the last step. It started with book bannings and the policing of speech. So think about that the next time one of your Fox loving friends drones on about how kids aren’t learning in the classroom. But really if there’s anyone to blame for this, don’t blame the books. Instead blame the idiot loud mouth blabber mouths on TV like Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham – they’re the ones who are actively fueling this fire, and it needs to be extinguished. And I’m also not at all surprised that some uber-religious group is behind it. Really, fuck Moms For Liberty, too.

Belying its supposed grassroots character, PCG’s campaign treasurer is James “Jim” Herblin, an accountant and Republican candidate for Texas House District 61. Herblin’s campaign site embraces the 2022 Texas Republican Party platform, which declared the Biden government illegitimate, affirming Trump’s big lie used to justify the January 6 coup.

Moms for Liberty is another far-right organization taking aim at public education. The organization with over 100,000 members across the US is one of the most outspoken conservative groups opposed to mask mandates, in addition to its right-wing censorship campaign to ban books used in classrooms or held in libraries, most recently in Florida.

Moms for Liberty also has ties with high-ranking Republican officials. Notably, the wife of Christian Ziegler, the Vice Chairman of the Florida Republican Party, is the co-director of the organization according to Media Matters. Ziegler, unsurprisingly, is an acolyte of fascistic Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, viewed as a potential Republican presidential candidate for 2024 and seeking to appeal to Trump’s fascist base.

Such right-wing groups have been given credibility by the Republicans and increasingly by Democrats and the trade unions. Notoriously, in September 2021, American Federation of Teachers (AFT) President Randi Weingarten partnered with the far-right parents group Open Schools USA as part of her AFT town hall of death, which called for the removal of mitigation measures in schools as part of a program of reopening schools no matter the cost in lives.

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[font size="8"]We’re All Gonna Die: The California Megaflood!
[br] [/font]

Let’s spin the wheel! Wheel goes round, wheel goes round… where it stops, nobody knows! And it lands on… DEATH!

Oh god! Spin it again… and it lands on… death again? Oh that’s right, we’re all gonna die!

Hey everyone guess what? We’re all gonna die! Wooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Wooooooooo! Woooo! Wooo. Woo. So what’s going to kill us this week? Is it some scary new disease we haven’t discovered yet lurking in the shadows? Or is it some killer new species of animals? Or is it extreme climate change that will do us all in? If you answered the last one, you’re…. probably correct. Here’s the thing – for those of you who don’t live in California, we’re famous for one type of natural disaster that’s pretty unique to living in this state – the earthquake. And that’s the result of living on a giant fault line that runs nearly the entirety of the state called “San Andreas” (yes, that’s where the name of the GTA game comes from). Living in California, all my life, I’ve heard about the potential of “The Big One” (read: giant killer mega earthquake) since I was a kid. But had no idea there was also the possibility of floods either. Last week, climate change scientists around the world sounded the alarm that extreme climate change could lead to my home state, the state of California, being under water in the next 50 years. Hey wait a minute, that my home state, damn it! But you know what else? This means that Bill Hicks was right all along! When does Arizona Bay happen? Maybe that means I’ll finally get to own that beachfront property that I’ve been wanting my entire life. But then again natural disasters don’t discriminate. In fact this could be the worst disaster ever! DUN DUN DUN!!!!

Megadrought may be the main weather concern across the West right now amid the constant threat of wildfires and earthquakes. But a new study warns another crisis is looming in California: "Megafloods."

Climate change is increasing the risk of floods that could submerge cities and displace millions of people across the state, according to a study released Friday.

It says that an extreme monthlong storm could bring feet of rain – in some places, more than 100 inches – to hundreds of miles of California. Similarly unrelenting storms have happened in the past, before the region became home to tens of millions of people.

Now, each degree of global warming is dramatically increasing the odds and size of the next megaflood, the study says.

When floods hit in a warmer planet, “the storm sequence is bigger in almost every respect,” said Daniel Swain, UCLA climate scientist and co-author of the study, in a news release. “There’s more rain overall, more intense rainfall on an hourly basis and stronger wind.”

No people! We’re not all gonna die yet! Some of us may be under water and could potentially grow gills like in that movie Waterworld, but that’s millions of years off. But yeah think about it – extreme drought could bring on a killer storm that would cause untold devastation. And really, people brought this on themselves. And what’s funny is if you drive through Central California – yes the home of former Congressman and current social media troll Devin Nunes – you see plenty of “pray for rain” signs, and well, you might want to hold back on actually praying for rain because it could bring this.

Daniel Swain, a climate scientist with UCLA and a researcher involved in the study, describes a megaflood as, "a very severe flood event across a broad region that has the potential to bring catastrophic impacts to society in the areas affected." He said a megaflood is similar to the 1,000-year flash flood events seen this summer in the St. Louis area and Kentucky, but across a much wider area, such as the entire state of California.

These massive floods, which experts say would turn California's lowlands into a "vast inland sea," might have previously happened once in a lifetime in the state. But experts say climate change is increasing the likelihood of these catastrophic disasters, causing them to occur more like every 25 to 50 years.

Climate change supercharges heavy rain events, making flash floods occur more regularly, as has been noted several times this summer in Eastern Kentucky, St. Louis, and even in California's Death Valley National Park.

California is prone to these floods from atmospheric rivers naturally, and major floods from them have happened before -- but climate change is upping the ante, and millions of people could be impacted.

The study said atmospheric rivers could become consecutive for weeks on end, like seen in this animation. Xingying Huang, one of the authors of the study, made this loop, which illustrates the water vapor transportation and potential precipitation accumulation at selected time slices during the 30-day scenario.

Yeah so who had “California will be 100 inches underwater” on their apocalypse bingo card? I know that I didn’t, and I live here! Oh and it gets worse! So much worse! Think about entire cities like San Francisco, LA, and Fresno just getting wiped off the map if this were to actually happen. But this wouldn’t be the first time in history that a California mega flood has happened. But this is the first time in modern history. Keep watching the loud mouth blabber mouths on Fox News and voting against climate change. You’ll be underwater soon enough.

Imagine that you live in the state of California. It’s a popular option in 2022, with approximately 40 million Americans choosing California as their home.

For people living in California, there are already two doomsday scenarios to be thinking about on a regular basis. The first is the earthquake problem. California unfortunately sits on top of several major earthquake fault lines that have a history of doling out catastrophe. For example, San Francisco was destroyed in the 1906 earthquake and then hit again by a major quake in 1989.

And then there is the water situation, which seems is getting more critical by the day. The drought’s effects include problems with crop failures, wildfires and, eventually, drinking water scarcity.

The water scarcity problem has become so significant that California’s governor has announced the state’s plan for spending $8 billion to address it.

But then last week a new doomsday scenario for Californians appeared on the radar seemingly out of nowhere – the California Megaflood. This is the opposite of water scarcity. And if we believe the predictions, a megaflood could be the worst possible disaster that California could face.

Yeah so this is one event that could actually kill us all! And of course it happens in the state that I live in, so naturally I’m invested in this. And once again this can pretty much all be traced back to Rupert Murdoch and 20+ years of climate change denial. Remember when Al Gore got heckled off stage at the Oscars for the mere suggestion that this could happen? Well he’s right, and the idiots on Fox are totally wrong about this. But the UCLA climateologists aren’t just suggesting one flood – it could be multiple mega floods that will drown the state. Hope y’all have good umbrellas!

The UCLA researchers say global warming is increasing the size and severity of these storms. They say the precipitation they bring will fall as rain instead of snow. While snow gradually melts, the climate-driven rains will come sloshing into California’s rivers in a rush, making floodwaters harder to control.

The study warns that just one of these mega-storm events — dubbed Biblical “ArkStorms” — could kill untold numbers of Californians, displace millions of others, close major highways for weeks and lead to $1 trillion in economic losses.

They could dwarf the historic flood of 1862 — when, after a month of nonstop rain — newly-elected Gov. Leland Stanford had to take a rowboat to his inauguration in Sacramento. The Central Valley became a massive inland sea. Since then, of course, California has built billions of dollars worth of levees and dams, weirs and river bypasses, to safeguard its cities and divert flood waters away from population centers.

Read more at: https://www.sacbee.com/news/local/article264571831.html#storylink=cpy

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[font size="8"]Holy Shit: Screaming For Vengeance
[br] [/font]

Whew, got the set fixed. Let’s get the wheel going, shall we? And it lands on… come on no whammy no whammy no whammy… stop! Ah, it’s another Clip Without Context!

No, that’s when I call him an idiot and leave. Spin it again! Oh hey, it’s time for Holy Shit!

Gather around my fair brothers and sisters! It’s time to take a seat in the pew and pass the collection plate, for the Holy Church Of The Top 10 has convened and it’s time to remind you that the holiest among us are the most full of:

My fair congregation! Please be seated! You know the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about how dangerous the rhetoric coming from our brothers and sisters on the right is getting, and how increasingly hostile they are becoming. It’s getting intense, ladies and gentlemen. In fact I’ve seen what the churches are spreading, and they’re spreading some ridiculous stuff. I am particularly frightened by their full on embrace of the Dark One’s conspiracy theories. But if you’re wondering why your fundamentalist friends and neighbors are suddenly turning on you, you might want to consider the sources that they’re peddling. Because as I pointed out a couple of weeks ago, the fact that a Dark One supporter like Doug Mastriano has a chance, is scary. These people don’t worship GAWD or the good LAWRD JAYSUS, they worship the unholy, ungodly Dark One! I of course speak of a man so foul, vile and disgusting that his name dare not be mentioned in my church! But the propaganda is getting intense and the calls for violence are growing every day. It’s scary out there, folks!

An evangelical church in Pennsylvania is in hot water after it premiered a right-wing propaganda film promoting Republican political candidates, including gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano, earlier this month.

Community members have since filed complaints with the Internal Revenue Service, arguing that the church, located in Lower Allen Township (about seven miles from Harrisburg), violated federal 501(c)(3) rules banning the promotion of political candidates and should therefore have its tax-exempt status revoked.

At first glance, the controversy surrounding the Christ Community Church might just seem like hyper-local drama. However, its apparent embrace of Mastriano’s campaign puts it squarely in a simmering national concern about surging Christian nationalist ideology politicizing American churches around the country. That concern has reignited the decades-old debate around churches, specifically accusations that some are just political organizations masquerading as religious entities in order to maintain tax-exempt status.

Mastriano, currently a state senator, attended and spoke at the premiere of The Return of the American Patriot: The Rise of Pennsylvania, along with its producer, Steve Turley, a self-described “populist nationalist” who devotes much of his YouTube channel to hyping the possibility of red-state secession.

And yes he does, my fair congregation! The devil takes many forms and they all claim to be on the side of JAYSUS, but many of them worship the unholy, ungodly Dark One! But you know this whole experiment falls under the classic saying “play stupid games, win stupid prizes”. But they’re not the only ones threatening freedom and democracy. There’s plenty of events out there that look like they are religious, but they really are indoctrination centers for batshit crazy extremely far right conspiracy theories. If one of these events comes to your city, you’d better be aware of it, and run as far away in the other direction as possible! These people worship SAYTAN!

Three men, eyes closed and heads bowed, pray before a rough-hewn wooden cross. Another man wraps his arms around a massive Bible pressed against his chest like a shield. All throughout the crowd, people wave "Jesus Saves" banners and pump their fists toward the sky.

At first glance, these snapshots look like scenes from an outdoor church rally. But this event wasn't a revival; it was what some call a Christian revolt. These were photos of people who stormed the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, during an attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

The insurrection marked the first time many Americans realized the US is facing a burgeoning White Christian nationalist movement. This movement uses Christian language to cloak sexism and hostility to Black people and non-White immigrants in its quest to create a White Christian America.

A report from a team of clergy, scholars and advocates — sponsored by two groups that advocate for the separation of church and state — concluded that this ideology was used to "bolster, justify and intensify" the attack on the US Capitol.

These people don’t! When you worship the foul Dark One, you get all the hatred and insanity that comes with his massive pile of bullshit. But don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about this guy – and we may have to do a deep dive in a future episode. This came across my desk the other day and I am greatly disturbed by the antics of this gentlemen. This guy Dalton Clodfelter – and he is about as extreme as one can possibly get. Do they not realize that this rhetoric is getting akin to Nazism? Oh who am I kidding? Of course they don’t!

Earlier this year, far-right conspiracy theorist Stew Peters gave white nationalist, Christian fascist Dalton Clodfelter a nightly program on his Stew Peters Network called “The Right Dissident.”

Peters is a white nationalist-promoting broadcaster who, despite using his nightly program to spread wild conspiracy theories and calls for violence, has managed to build close ties to various far-right political candidates and to interview several elected officials, GOP candidates, and former members of the Trump administration. Peters clearly saw something he liked in Clodfelter’s brand of radical right-wing bigotry, Christian nationalism, and antisemitic fascism, all of which Clodfelter has openly promoted five nights a week on Peters’ platform.

Last Thursday, Clodfelter used his show to call for the establishment of a “far-right authoritarian government” in this nation that will imprison its political enemies, establish Christianity as the national religion, and outlaw all secular education.

“Once we take our country back, we will have federal agents kicking down the doors of every treasonous Democrat, every treasonous globalist, every homosexual couple that has molested a child, and they will be arrested, and they will be sentenced to prison,” Clodfelter declared. “I believe in a far right-authoritarian government. No, I am not a fascist. No, I am not a white supremacist. No, I am not a Nazi. But I do believe that hierarchy, structure, and authority are very important. I do believe that our society needs these things in order to progress and maintain its cultural framework.”

OK yeah you say you’re not a Nazi or you’re not a Christian nationalist in one breath but then in the next you literally say things that would make even the Nazis cringe. Now you might ask yourself “Where does the GOP find these clowns? They don’t just grow on trees, do they?”. Well, I answer you, sir or madam, they absolutely do! Because we talked about this last year – there’s a tour out there going around to megachurches called the “ReAwaken America Tour”. And its’ where the most loud mouth conspiracy theorists become even louder. So add toxic nationalism to toxic racism to toxic politics and you have a melting pot for today’s insane fire brand of Christian conservatism!

The ReAwaken American Tour that recently visited a Batavia church features Christian nationalist ideology in several ways: the proclamation that America is a Christian nation, the idea that Donald Trump’s presidency was God’s will, and even anti-LGBTQ rhetoric.

But perhaps the most glaring example was when tour organizer and Trump’s first national security advisor Michael Flynn spoke at a San Antonio, Texas church last November.

“So if we are going to have one nation under God, which we must, we have to have one religion,” Flynn told the ReAwaken America crowd. “One nation under God and one religion under God.”

Scholars generally define Christian nationalism as believing the U.S. was founded by and for Christians, and that the government should take steps to keep America Christian. Taken to the extreme, scholars say, it can discriminate against religious minorities, the non-religious and LGBTQ people, and be used to justify violence.

Well it might not be over, but the right wing is getting nuttier, crazier, and way more toxic than you could ever imagine. They may be screaming for vengeance about the 2020 election, but their screams are just that – screams. Mass has ended, may you go in peace! That’s it this week for:

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[font size="8"]Late Stage Capitalism
[br] [/font]

Spin that shit! Wheel goes round, wheel goes round, wheel goes round… where it stops nobody knows, and it lands on… Intermission! Yeah we could use a break. Go on, do something. Play Angry Birds on your phone or watch some stupid crap on Youtube. I’ll wait.

Spin it again! And it lands on… Greed! Oh hey it’s time for Late Stage Capitalism!

Welcome back to our segment that explores excessive corporate greed on a truly massive scale – Late Stage Capitalism! Like it or not, the world is going virtual. There’s virtual currency, there’s virtual art, there’s virtual concerts, there’s virtual sitcoms, and pretty soon there will be a virtual you. We got a taste of what living in a virtual world was like during the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. But now, Mark Zuckerberg and the Metaverse plan to take the concept of virtual capitalism to unprecedented new heights. Soon, your virtual self will live in a better house and have a better social life than your actual person. But before we get to where virtual capitalism replaces real capitalism, we should probably be concerned about how we’re going to look in the Metaverse. And if Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta persona is any indication, the Metaverse has a long way to go before it catches up to reality. And not only that, Mr. Zuckerberg revealed exactly what having billions of dollars can’t buy – a personality.

Earlier this week was supposed to be a celebratory time for the folks at Meta, as its reality-devouring project Horizon Worlds was now available in more countries. The occasion was marked by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself posting a “selfie” of his in-game avatar in front of a digital Eiffel tower. Sounds cute, right? Problem was, the graphics were comparable to what you’d expect from a children’s game like Roblox, not from a multi-billion dollar company’s efforts to shape our collective virtual future. The internet immediately roasted Mark Zuckerberg’s selfie to hell and back. And now, Zuck is here to do some damage control.

Posting over on Instagram, for those of you who scrolled through enough recommended posts to see it, is an entirely new virtual rendition of Zuckerberg. This one, I’m happy to report, does appear to contain more life essence than the last one, though it’s unclear how many souls had to be sacrificed in order to give Mark a small glint in his eye. For those keeping count, this is the fourth or fifth VR version of Zucc we’ve gotten so far. However, the shitty one we just saw came after he showed us a really nice one a few years back. Which is to say, don’t assume what you’re seeing above will be permanent. He suggests as much in the post accompanying the new “selfie” when he says that the VR service is always evolving.

Major updates to Horizon and avatar graphics coming soon. I’ll share more at Connect. Also, I know the photo I posted earlier this week was pretty basic — it was taken very quickly to celebrate a launch. The graphics in Horizon are capable of much more — even on headsets — and Horizon is improving very quickly.

That’s a good question! I mean seriously we live in the HD era! We have 8k monitors and graphics cards that cost as much as a small car, and that’s the best you could come up with? I mean shit, I suck at art and I rendered a better looking human back in 2005. Why does the richest guy in the world have a virtual avatar that looks like it came from a bad Illumination film from 2009? But that’s going back to what we were saying earlier – billions of dollars can’t exactly buy you a personality. Even the update to the previous version still manages to look super creepy. Though… maybe slightly less creepy?

It’s been a busy week for Meta. On Monday, Mark Zuckerberg announced via Facebook that Meta would be launching Horizon Worlds, the company’s social metaverse platform, in France and Spain. The Facebook post was accompanied by an image of Zuckerberg’s avatar, with the pale, vacuous look of a Victorian ghost, taking a selfie in front of basic renderings of the Eiffel Tower and the Basílica de la Sagrada Família. Commenters and internet denizens subsequently dunked on the image throughout the week, calling out the cartoonish graphics. Probably not the desired reaction to a project that’s meant to usher in the digital future.

On Friday, Mark Zuckerberg shared an update about Horizon Worlds, complete with a new version of his avatar and a rendering of an ancient Rome-style environment. In the post, he admitted “the photo I posted earlier this week was pretty basic — it was taken very quickly to celebrate at launch.” Zuckerberg added that Horizon Worlds is “capable of much more.”

In these images, it does look better. There’s lighting this time, and his avatar’s face has an actual expression. It still doesn’t exactly look like a place that’s appealing to spend time in, but I suppose that’s all in the eye of the beholder.

Yes it is! And by the way if the Metaverse is going to become this virtual utopia full of virtual cities and virtual people buying virtual things, how do you decide what’s ethical in the virtual universe? Well, as we have seen from NFTs, it takes a hell of a lot to convince someone that you own something virtual when you could just right click and hit “save as”. But just as with the real world, the virtual world is going to be populated with rich, entitled miscreants. Hell, it practically is already and it hasn’t even been around for very long!

The metaverse is not a new concept. The term was coined by sci-fi novelist Neal Stephenson in his 1992 book Snow Crash, which depicts a hyper-capitalist dystopia in which humanity has collectively opted into life in virtual environments. So far, the experience has been no less dystopian here in the real world. Most experiments with immersive digital environments have been marred immediately by bullying, harassment, digital sexual assault, and all the other abuses that we have come to associate with platforms that “move fast and break things.”

Owing to this work, we now know that AI is effectively “automating inequality,” as Virginia Eubanks of the University of Albany, SUNY, puts it, as well as perpetuating racial biases in law enforcement. To call attention to this problem, computer scientist Joy Buolamwini of the MIT Media Lab launched the Algorithmic Justice League in 2016. This first-wave response aimed a public spotlight at the ethical issues associated with AI. But it was soon eclipsed by a renewed push within the industry for self-regulation. AI developers introduced technical toolkits for conducting internal and third-party evaluations, hoping that this would alleviate public fears. It didn’t, because most firms pursuing AI development have business models that are in open conflict with the ethical standards that the public wants them to uphold.

To take the most common example, Twitter and Facebook will not deploy AI effectively against the full range of abuses on their platforms because doing so would undermine “engagement” (outrage) and thus profits. Similarly, these and other tech firms have leveraged value extraction and economies of scale to achieve near-monopolies in their respective markets. They will not now willingly give up the power they have gained.

Money fight! So for you crypto bros who saved your blockchain money for that new virtual crib, should be aware that the virtual real estate market is going to be way more shady than the actual real estate market is. Don’t say we’re shocked and don’t say that we didn’t warn you either. Because while actual land is finite, virtual land is infinite and it will raise and lower in value faster than you can blink. So while you’re saving all your virtual coins for this strange new world, you might want to think about that actual house you’re living in. Virtual money may be infinite, but when it starts affecting your actual finances, you’ll soon realize that actual money is finite.

Mark Cuban says buying digital land in the metaverse is a dumb idea. So dumb that it’s not even comparable to a URL or an ENS domain.

The popular angel investor has grown fond of the web3 ideology, investing in multiple projects. However, Cuban remains a big critic of how the likes of Meta are sizing up the metaverse opportunity.

Earlier this year, he admitted to having invested in virtual reality, with patents for a medical application still pending. But he still went on to critique Facebook’s approach to the metaverse saying, people cannot spend too much time immersed in 3D worlds.

The metaverse is broadly described as a 3D virtual space of interconnected worlds that can be accessed using virtual reality or augmented reality headsets.

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[font size="8"]Conspiracy Corner
[br] [/font]

Let’s give the wheel a good strong spin, shall we? And it lands on… wait for it… ‘Murica!

Damn I love that movie. I may need to go watch it tonight. Spin it again! And it lands on… Conspiracy Corner!

Welcome back to the segment where we do a deep dive into the craziest of the crazy, Conspiracy Corner! We of course are coming to you live from our underground doomsday shelter deep in the heart of the New Mexico badlands – undisclosed location of course. Let me just adjust my tin foil hat for maximum government interference – ah, there we go! They are trying to read both yours and my thoughts, after all! This week, our old buddy Mike Lindell was back at it again this time with a “life changing 3 day event”. This summit was called the “Moment Of Truth”. Please excuse my editorial laugh for a moment… ha ha ha. But in case you’re wondering – no there absolutely wasn’t anything new being presented here. Well, it was maybe a campaign stop for Marjorie 3 Names, but that was about it. and also in case you were wondering, it’s every bit as batshit off the wall crazy as you could ever possibly imagine. I mean who attends shit like this? Well, you’ll see in a minute.

Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow and a leading election conspiracy theorist, brought out a surprise guest on Sunday morning during his weekend-long "summit" in Springfield: U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

The Georgia Republican took the stage on the second day of the event, which brought attendees from across the U.S., most of them from outside Missouri, to the Springfield Expo Center. She lambasted both Democrats, saying their policies are "ruining our country," and fellow Republicans.

"The reason why I came here is I've recently gotten really tired of being told 'Marjorie, don't talk about the election,'" Greene said.

"You have poured money and time you didn't have, of course money you didn't have," she told the crowd. "You have probably lost friends, maybe you lost a job. Maybe you've lost faith at times, but you found it again and you keep fighting."

When Lindell was on stage, he spent most of his time criticizing media coverage about him — lambasting national newspapers like the New York Times as well as local outlets, and TV stations ranging from CNN and Fox News to Newsmax and One America Now. He ticked through a series of articles written about him — the Associated Press reporting that MyPillow had been removed from stores due to his conspiracies, and a Washington Post photographer snapping a photo of him holding notes on "martial law" while visiting the White House.

Honestly it’s criminally insane and downright frightening that they actually had plans to impose martial law in the US on that day to carry out some bizarre Q fantasies. Like do these morons not know what imposing martial law would actually entitle? Ah, who am I kidding? Of course they don’t! Although the one thing I am absolutely loving about this whole endeavor is that these guys are going broke attempting to prove something that they cannot prove. Whether it’s that or Dinesh D’Souza’s incredibly insane “documentary” 2000 Mules, just keep blowing your money, guys! You know this falls under the classic saying of “play stupid games, win stupid prizes”!

The MyPillow chief executive, Mike Lindell, a fervent Donald Trump ally, says he has poured $35-40m into a wide crusade – a wave of lawsuits to get rid of voting machines that he faults for Trump’s defeat, a new movie about voting fraud, and a hefty legal stable – to promote charges that the 2020 election was riddled with fraud, despite a flood of contrary evidence.

In his frenetic quest to dispense with electronic voting equipment that he has often charged is defective, Lindell is hosting a two-day “Moment of Truth” summit on 20 and 21 August in Missouri, that he expects will draw 200 federal and state officials and staff, as well as hundreds of representatives from groups nationwide who have investigated alleged election fraud this year and in 2020.

On a related front to boost his cause, a small segment of the summit will feature 10 conservative sheriffs who have become increasingly active in fighting purported election fraud, who Lindell told the Guardian he invited so they would have “a platform to get their voices heard”.

One leading voice is slated to be the former Arizona sheriff Richard Mack, who runs the rightwing Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA). The organization hosted a July meeting in Las Vegas that Lindell attended and publicized via a TV operation he owns, and has taken the unorthodox step of making monitoring election fraud its top priority, which Mack has dubbed a “holy cause”.

People who attend things like this are the reason why we can’t have nice things. But speaking of not being able to have nice things, one of Lindell’s close associates – fellow election denier Tina Peters, who you remember from that insane Cyber Ninjas recall from last year, couldn’t travel to Missouri to be at the event. And also too, this makes us question whether Marjorie Three Names should be under an indictment from the Congressional Ethics Committee for attending this event. But nevertheless, this is where things get weird.

Tina Peters, embattled Mesa County Clerk & Recorder and former Secretary of State candidate, has been denied travel to a summit by District Attorney Dan Rubinstein.

As the defendant of an ongoing criminal trial, Peters is required by law to submit a request to travel out of state to the district court. Peters had previously ignored this bond requirement, resulting in a warrant being issued for her arrest that was later quashed.

According to documents from the DA, Peters sought permission to travel to Springfield, Missouri, to attend the Moment of Truth Summit. The documents state that Peters took part in a documentary film celebrating the 2020 election theft conspiracy theory and the actions she took during the election that ultimately resulted in Peters being in hot water with the law.

The documents state that Peters was seeking to attend the summit because it was “necessary to further her business interests,” but points out that Peters is still drawing a salary of $93,000 annually.

Additionally, the document states that, “In summary, Ms. Peters is seeking permission to leave the state so that she can be celebrated as a hero for the conduct that a grand jury has indicted her for, and claims this is necessary to further her business interests, at a time where she continues to draw a substantial salary as the elected Clerk and Recorder, while doing no work for the county who is paying her.”

But you know what? I say let ‘em blow their money. You know what PT Barnum said about a fool and his money. Or maybe take George Carlin’s advice and put two things together that nobody has ever seen before and people will be lining up to buy it. Like Trump being the most patriotic patriot who’s ever patrioted. By the way in case you were wondering – yes, it was very poorly attended. A whopping 28 people watched the live stream. Does that mean that people are finally getting bored with Trump’s schtick? We can only hope! You can only listen to the same group of idiots pretend to run a country before you get bored.

The first day of a three-day symposium on 2020 election conspiracies presented by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell began on Saturday in Springfield. Several hundred people flocked to the Springfield Expo Center to hear Lindell speak. Lindell is a supporter of former President Donald Trump who has gained notoriety across the country for his persistent claims of election fraud. These allegations were refuted by election officials all around the nation, and he was penalised for filing “frivolous” lawsuits against election system vendors. Since before the event’s specifics were made public, Lindell has proclaimed it to be his most significant to date. Earlier, he referred to it as “the most significant event of our lifetimes.” He claimed invitations were extended to “grassroots” people and organisations around the nation, and the weekend’s events are being

Speakers who joined Lindell on stage Saturday morning included Dr. Douglas Frank, an Ohio math teacher who has risen to prominence from speaking throughout the country about the 2020 election and false claims of it being stolen. He spoke earlier this year under the rotunda of the Missouri State Capitol.

Jenna Ellis, a former Trump campaign attorney, also spoke alongside Lindell. Ellis this week was ordered to travel to Georgia to testify in front of a grand jury investigating former President Donald Trump and his allies’ roles in influencing the 2020 election.

“According to the leftist media, because I have a subpoena for one day, I can’t be here,” Ellis said. “Like I’m on house arrest or something.”

[div style="padding: 20px; background-color: #ffffff; border-radius: 10px; box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 1px #aaa;"][div style="font-family: arial, helvetica; font-weight: bold; border-bottom: 1px dotted #999; padding-bottom: 8px;"]
[font size="8"]I Need A Drink: Your Hollywood Q Score
[br] [/font]

Let’s give the wheel a good strong spin shall we? And it lands on… come on no whammy no whammy no whammy no whammy… STOP! Oh hey it’s one of our patented Clips Without Context!

Wow. So much to unpack here. First off… um… why? And second, at least hell is where all the good rock bands are going! But one thing that is for certain is that Lindell TV is a hotbed of insanity! OK let’s spin it again! Hey it’s time for I Need A Drink!

Hey everyone, I don’t know about you but I could really use a drink!

Of course you know by now that the idea of this segment is that we have some drinks and we talk about literally anything in the news as long as it doesn’t relate to politics. Because there’s a lot of dark shit in the world so it’s best to just kick back with a cold one or two and chill. This week, the subject on the table is the infamous Will Smith pimp slap heard around the world. Now I’m sure you’re sick to death of hearing about this, but we’re going to talk about a totally different aspect about this known mainly only to Hollywood insiders. The Q score. Tell me, bartender, what goes well with a story about a slap and a low score? A bloody Mary? Emphasis on the word “bloody”? Eh, you know me, I’ll just stick with my usual Jack Daniels mixed with Jack Daniels. I call it the “Double Jack”. Anyways, when I heard about what a Q score is, naturally I had to know more. And the more you learn about it, the weirder it gets. So what exactly is a Q score? It’s what Hollywood uses to determine your favorability rating among casting directors.

In politics, polls help gauge a candidate’s popularity among the voters. When it comes to celebrities, Q Scores serve much the same purpose. You’ve probably heard of celebrity Q Scores before. But you may not know much how they work, how they’re calculated, and what they really mean.

Let’s dive into the 50+ year history of Q Scores. Here’s what fans need to know about their favorite A-listers and how ranking works. For some, Q Scores could lead to more lucrative opportunities. For other celebrities, Q Scores could be a sign of a major fall from public grace.

For celebrities, Q Scores are a way to gauge their likeability. Assigning a score combines a series of indicators, including how well a star is recognized by the general public. The Q stands for quotient, as Mental Floss explains, citing the mathematical equation to produce the official score.

Marketing Evaluations, Inc. is the company behind the Q Score. They maintain several databases of official scores for dead and living celebrities. The company sends out ongoing polls based on national samples of audience members to collect initial data. Respondents have to choose if they’ve heard of a particular celebrity first before rating them on a scale indicating their favorability or lack thereof.

Oh yeah more please! So a Q score is basically what your favorability rating among casting directors is. It is basically what separates a Chris Pratt, or Melissa McCarthy or a Samuel L. Jackson from say, a Randy Quaid or Amber Heard or Kevin Sorbo. To put things in perspective, Chris Pratt currently has one of the highest Q scores possible, which explains why he’s in every major franchise coming out this year and next year! But in case you’re wondering how the Q score is calculated, it’s basic elementary school algebra. But not only does the Q score measure what your popularity rating is, it also measures what your unpopularity rating is.

For those who may have forgotten junior-high math, a quotient is what you get when you divide one number with another, reminds Merriam-Webster. Beyond the pure mathematical definition, though, the word also now means "the magnitude of a specified characteristic or quality," as in "the celebrity's likability quotient is high."

According to The Conversation, high positive Q scores can lead to a lot of money for celebrities. Companies will pay a lot of money for a popular celebrity to endorse their products. On the other hand, a drop in Q score can spell financial trouble for a celebrity who has fallen from grace.

There are approximately 25,000 celebrities on the Q score list maintained by Marketing Evaluations, Inc., including deceased ones. Dead celebrities are a sure bet for advertising, The Conversation points out, because they stay popular, make money for their estates, and don't get into new scandals.

Yet the Q score does not just measure popularity; it measures unpopularity as well. According to Hollywood Reporter, there are such things as "negative Q scores" that measure celebrities' unpopularity. If spun correctly, these can be a good thing. Name recognition is name recognition, after all.

Read More: https://www.grunge.com/778969/what-is-a-q-score/?utm_campaign=clip

Now that’s the breakfast of champions right there! Well think about it – Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio were classic drunks and they are some of the greatest baseball players of all time! Ok enough of that nonsense. You might be wondering why we’re talking about Q scores this week. Well it’s because of Will Smith. Yeah apparently assaulting someone on stage that the entire world saw isn’t exactly what one might call a “good look”. Shocker, I know. But that one little incident, which lasted a total of less than one minute, could have done some permanent damage to Mr. Smith’s career, that might take years or even decades to repair. And even then it still might not be enough.

But between Q Scores’ January survey, conducted before the Oscars, and its July polling, the first following the slap, Smith’s positive Q Score plummeted from a stellar 39 to 24, which Schafer characterized as “a very significant and precipitous decline.” (A positive Q Score of 24 means 24 percent of those surveyed who know of Smith count him as one of their favorite personalities.)

At the same time, Smith’s negative rating (those surveyed whose opinion of him was “fair” or “poor”) more than doubled, from less than 10 to 26. The average negative Q Score, according to Schafer, is about 16 or 17.

Nor was the fallout limited to one Smith: Jada Pinkett Smith, the actor’s wife, also saw significant damage to her public image in recent months. Her positive score, already low at 13, fell to 6, and her negative score jumped from 29 to 44.

In contrast, Rock saw no effect. Between January and July, his positive and negative scores remained at 20 and 14, respectively. However, his ranking on a separate Q Scores scale, one gauging a celebrity’s level of public awareness, leaped from 66 to 84.

Keep ‘em coming! But holy shit! Did you see that? Talk about a fall from grace. I mean one minute you literally win the Oscar for Best Picture, the next you’re the cleanup guy at the Dolby Theater after the Oscars. Well no one has had that kind of fall from the spotlight, except for maybe Kevin Spacey. But that said no one’s had quite the career free fall like Will Smith has. You know, normally someone winning the Best Actor Oscar after starring in huge blockbuster films like Men In Black and Independence Day would be enough to secure Mr. Smith some big name movies in the next few years. But nope, what happened did happen and you can’t take that back no matter how hard you try.

The popularity of the actor Will Smith saw a dramatic decline following his assault on Chris Rock earlier this year, a new survey suggests.

According to data provided to industry magazine Variety by Q Scores – a widely recognised quantifier of star power and appeal – Smith’s ratings were significantly impacted by his slapping Rock live on TV during the Oscars ceremony earlier this year.

About an hour before he won the best actor award for his role in King Richard, Smith, 53, took offence to a joke made by presenter Rock, 57, about Smith’s wife’s short hair. It is still unknown whether Rock was unaware of Jada Pinkett Smith’s alopecia.

Q Scores compile their data by polling some 1,800 US consumers about their feelings about celebrities, twice a year. Smith had long enjoyed high rankings, consistently placing in the Top 10 positively rated actors, alongside the likes of Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington.

[div style="padding: 20px; background-color: #ffffff; border-radius: 10px; box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 1px #aaa;"][div style="font-family: arial, helvetica; font-weight: bold; border-bottom: 1px dotted #999; padding-bottom: 8px;"]
[font size="8"]World Tour 2022 Destination #5: The UK
[br] [/font]

Let’s give the wheel a good strong spin, shall we? And it lands on… wait for it… T-Shirt Cannon! That’s right – everyone in our audience tonight will get the new 2022 World Tour T-shirt, which for comedic purposes, will be distributed by a rapid fire gatling gun!

Let’s spin it again! And it lands on… oh it’s time for the World Tour 2022!

Part of our mission statement here at the Top 10 Conservative Idiots is that we view conservative idiocy not just as a uniquely American problem. No, it’s a global problem and conservatives are ruining everything they touch all around the world. Which is why we present to you:

Welcome back to the 2022 World Tour everybody! In the last couple of weeks we visited two very different sides of the United States both headed for disaster, while our neighbors in the Great White North are facing a new set of problems mostly related to social media trolls. This week we’re heading across the pond to see our friends in the UK! Now longtime viewers of this program will remember that we started our 2017 tour in the UK because of the impending disaster known as the Brexit scenario. And Brexit totally got fucked up. But the UK – United Kingdom, or Great Britain, or England, whatever you call it, is a country and they’ve got some problems. I wish I could say it was largely related to social media trolling, but you think our press is bad? The UK press is comically laughable and it’s almost kind of a joke compared to what we have to put up with here in the US. But things are so bad in the UK right now because of Brexit and Boris Johnson that #TurdReich was a thing on social media for a while. See, UK? That’s why you don’t listen to social media trolls. This is what you get. But things are so bad right now that even international rail routes are afraid to stop in the UK.

Margate, Maidstone and London: those are the most exotic destinations accessible from Ashford International station currently. And partly due to Brexit, there is no prospect of trains to Paris, Lille and Brussels being reestablished any time soon.

Eurostar, which runs passenger trains between London St Pancras International and Continental Europe, has revealed it will not re-open Ashford International, or its other Kent Station, Ebbsfleet International, in 2023 as had been hoped. The train operator added: “We cannot make any commitment for another two to three years.”

It follows that 2025 is the earliest that either station can expect to be on the international route network.

Both stations are on High Speed 1, the main line from London to the Channel Tunnel. Ebbsfleet, close to the M25 in north Kent, was specifically constructed as a “park and ride” location for travellers heading for the Continent.

Seriously, England! Take a page from us – right wing trolls are bad for you! They screw up everything they touch! Because it’s truly insane and it’s pretty easy to sort out. We often say that the right wing ruins everything that they touch, and the UK is clearly no exception to that rule. And come on, keep the far right rah rah patriotic shit confined to America, OK? We don’t need that nationalist crap spreading around the world. Which is what it seems to be doing. And in fact the right wing is doing such a poor job in the UK that even Britain’s beaches are being affected.

Water companies in the UK have been accused of failing to monitor the amount of sewage pumped into the sea at popular beaches across the country.

Sewage monitors installed by water companies didn’t work “90 per cent of the time” according to an analysis of data from the Environment Agency done by the Liberal Democrat party.

Last week, more than 40 pollution warnings were issued at swimming spots across England and Wales after heavy rain overwhelmed systems. This led to water companies releasing sewage into the environment to protect homes, schools and businesses from flooding.

But this new analysis reveals that people could be swimming amidst waste without even knowing it is there. Data from the Environment Agency showed that many monitors meant to measure the amount of sewage being pumped were broken or hadn’t even been installed in the first place.

Seriously – there’s no mystery here – the right wing sucks. I know it, you know it, and the rest of the world that doesn’t watch Fox or Sky knows it! And Boris Johnson was so shitty as a PM that there’s literally about 100 candidates vying to be Britain’s Next Top Prime Minister. And you think Congress is bad? I tell you Congress looks sane compared to the UK’s Downing Street. But again, people how many times do I have to tell you not to listen to right wing bullshit? It’s bad for you! So what does Boris Johnson plan for his swan song? Well he plans on burning a few bridges before he goes.

INSIDERS have told how Boris Johnson is presiding over a “zombie government” in his final days in post as Prime Minister as pictures emerged of him holidaying in Greece.

Sources have told the i newspaper that No. 10 has “completely checked out” and that the situation at the heart of power was “really bad”.

One official told the i: “Everything massively slowed down.

“No 10 started telling us we needed to get things signed off by new ministers – even when they had already signed them off in their previous role.”

Another source said: “The Johnson Government never did anything anyway until the very last moment. And now we have a total zombie administration.”

Oh come on! Zombie government? Please! We Americans have been living under zombie administrations since Reagan was in charge, and our conservative party is only further taking us backwards with every election. Hell I recently heard those TP USA wingnuts say that too many Americans are allowed to vote. Yes, so UK you can live up to what we’re going through right now with this mess! And also, American Trump MAGA fans – the UK laughs at your complaints about gas prices.
The Attalos gas tanker is set to arrive at the Isle of Grain terminal in Kent.

It is believed to be the first cargo of liquified natural gas (LNG) sent from Australia to Europe in six years.

It is welcome news for many, as analysts expect the energy price cap to rise to £3,554 in October.

But No 10 insisted there was no risk to UK supplies and called for consumers not to panic.

Some of the gas from the Attalos is likely to be used in the UK straight away, but much of it will probably flow to Europe through the pipelines that connect Britain to the continent.

Some of it could return to Britain this winter – but there are concerns that shortages on the continent could jeopardise the supply of gas back to the UK.

[font size="4"]Scorecard: [/font]

Tourism: A
Culture: A
Political Spectrum: C
Liberal Appeal: B-

Overall: C

Change from 2017: Right wing propaganda has taken over that country like a plague. C-

[font size="4"]Next Week: [/font]

We’re off next week but when we come back we’re heading to mainland Europe and the land of the Eiffel Tower, baguettes, and the Arc De Truimph – France!

[font size="4"]And Now This: [/font]
[font size="4"]Dance Gavin Dance[/font]

Ladies and gentlemen, my next guest has a great new album called “Jackpot Juicier”! You can see them on tour through September 15th. Playing their song “Pop Off!”, give it up for Dance Gavin Dance!

Thank you Austin! This was fun! We’re taking a short break next week, we’ll be back on 9/8 with a brand new edition live from San Diego with the great Elvis Costello joining us!

See you next week!


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