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Fri Aug 5, 2022, 06:54 PM

Oh, Indiana - I'm so disappointed

I've been in this state since late 2019, came here for a job and that's the reason I left my home state of Illinois back in the summer of 2017 for a job to begin with and the government of this state is making me want to leave, even though due to logistics I can't just get up and go today if I wanted to.

During the leaked draft and after Dobbs was handed down, proponents cited the 10th Amendment, they said people like us were against democracy, the people should decide, put it to a vote, etc.

Kansas did that this week, and Republicans obviously don't like. If they're going to cite the 10th, cite all of it, that powers not given to the federal government are reserved to the states *and their people*.

But Indiana Republicans voted against consulting the people, saying it's a representative government, they can be voted out, etc.

But what the Kansas vote tells me is people who are conservative on some issues aren't conservative on all. Economic conservatives aren't automatically pro-forced birth or against marriage equality. People in Illinois might remember Bruce Rauner, a Republican governor who was bad on unions, worker's rights, economic issues, but he was to the left of other Republican governors on social issues.

I called my local representatives office asking him to vote against SB 1. He not only voted in favor of it, he voted against the birth control measure and to remove rape and incest exceptions. For the record, the local senator from here, who is also a Republican, was one of the Republicans in the Senate to join the Democrats in voting against.

Then what did Republican members of the Indiana House of Representatives do? They made sure police escorted them out after voting for SB 1, after voting against putting abortion on the ballot.

I have a rather public job. I don't hold public office, but I deal with a lot of people, and I've dealt with complaints and fielded feedback from people not always happy with my decisions on things. Maybe I've made the right choices, maybe I haven't, but virtually everything I do I'm prepared to stand by my decision and explain why to somebody. And I can guarantee my job isn't nearly as consequential as theirs.

If you're going to subject people (you know, those who gave you such power to begin with) on something with such major implications, but you don't to answer to them, don't want to directly give them a say on the matter, then that tells me you're on the wrong side of the issue if you can't back it up and let them have a say. Maybe you shouldn't be in power to begin with. I know if I had some sort of political power (be it something a local municipal position all the way up to the presidency and in between) I'd be prepared to answer to constituents if they didn't like my position. Maybe I'd come around to what they'd have to say, maybe I'd stick to what I think.

I mean, I've said on this forum multiple times that I personally don't like abortion. But the alternative has shown us women dying, women bleeding, suffering, in the hospital, not being able to receive the care that they need from ectopic pregnancies. I really don't see what the benefit is to force a woman to birth a fetus not viable, that is stillborn, while she could have been attended to to save her life or prevent her from suffering.

Personally, I don't think any of these things should be for a vote. Abortion? That's for a woman and her doctor, as we've seen for the last half century. Marriage? That's for two consenting adults, and if multiple people want to perform sexual acts or birth control or in the privacy of their own home, as long as everybody is a consenting adult, why in the world should anybody else care?

But, since we are here, since it is on the ballot, I know I'd vote for choice, because even though I view abortion as an issue where there are no winners, it must be available for the safety of women. I'm also for birth control, sex education, social programs, things to actually help babies when they're born and not just abandon them like the other side does. This is simply cruelty and inhumane. It's also not saving lives, it's just shifting death onto others.

If you're in Indiana, go vote these people out. If you're in another state and you have abortion on the ballot, you know what to do.

Being inept to COVID cost them the White House in 2020 in a year they could've won. They could've had 1994 and 2010 all over again had Roe been upheld. Now, we're showing that we can hold tight.

Don't believe any Republican who's trying to make some concessions on this issue. You can either vote for the party who *says* they will do something (because they're so trustworthy, right?) Or you can vote for the party who actually *will* do something.

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