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LIV will mar US golf sanctity forever. It will no longer have the prestige it once had. (Original Post) Samrob Jul 2022 OP
Fuck golf. Period. RockRaven Jul 2022 #1
Yes. I agree -- fuck golf. Sky Jewels Jul 2022 #2
I still remember the virulent racism of Country Clubs. gordianot Jul 2022 #3
I hate golf Ruby Zee Jul 2022 #4
And that's exactly the point. Initech Jul 2022 #5
Golfers can't even tolerate noise when they swing! USALiberal Jul 2022 #6
The Bone Saw tour zipplewrath Jul 2022 #7
What George Carlin said about watching Golf.... ProudMNDemocrat Jul 2022 #8
he had a lot of truths about golf plus its a huge waster of water nt msongs Jul 2022 #9


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1. Fuck golf. Period.
Thu Jul 28, 2022, 07:02 PM
Jul 2022

IMO golf is a moral abomination -- at least in CA or other places with similar water situations.


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3. I still remember the virulent racism of Country Clubs.
Thu Jul 28, 2022, 07:07 PM
Jul 2022

I must have known the wrong people but they were disgusting on the golf course, tennis ball courts, and swimming pools. I cannot stand golf.

Ruby Zee

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4. I hate golf
Thu Jul 28, 2022, 07:29 PM
Jul 2022

The monoculture ecology of golf courses is so bad for the environment, and then there is the country club privileged environments. I agree, fuck golf.


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5. And that's exactly the point.
Thu Jul 28, 2022, 07:35 PM
Jul 2022

Of course the MAGA shithead in chief loves it because he always takes the wrong side.


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7. The Bone Saw tour
Thu Jul 28, 2022, 07:45 PM
Jul 2022

For all its faults, the PGA Tour had a huge philanthropy side. They raised more money for various nonprofits than the other "big four" sports combined. And that didn't include the philanthropy of the individual players themselves. Admittedly, that was in a great part to "cover" for the huge use of "volunteers" to work the individual tournaments. Otherwise, they'd have to have been paid. (Pro sports do something similar in which they get nonprofits to man various kiosks for food/drink in return for a cut of the proceeds).

But the Bone Saw tour has done none of this (yet). I suspect they will begin to work that aspect, but it will be interesting since usually that is managed by the sponsoring organization of each tournament, not the Tour itself, and the Bone Saw tour doesn't have individual sponsors as of yet.

Truth be known, I suspect this tour won't last more than 3 - 5 years. It's not profitable and it was intended to "sports wash" the kingdom, but it has been so far exactly the opposite, merely drawing attention the kingdom's problems. Soon, I suspect the Saudis will decide the cost isn't generating the effect for which they are paying and will abandon the whole thing.


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8. What George Carlin said about watching Golf....
Thu Jul 28, 2022, 07:58 PM
Jul 2022

"GOLF, it's like watching flies fuck!"

Damn do I miss George Carlin!

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