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Wed Jun 22, 2022, 07:29 PM

Wingnuts like the idea of "owning" us "libs." They also liked owning slaves.

American democracy is hanging by a thread. If you don't know that, you really haven't been paying attention. Or you have been paying attention, love it, and are too unaware to realize that a Republican House, Senate, or both, is a clear and present danger to our freedoms. If they win/steal power this year, they are well positioned to win/steal the presidency in 2024. (They already own the Supreme Court.)

Most of us have been watching the J6 hearings and have become outraged at what we didn't know before. Most Republicans didn't know the specifics, (that many of them are now learning), but they don't give a shit. Their philosophy of what our country should be is our nightmare. Laws like second class "citizenship" for blacks, browns, Jews, orientals, and all non-conservative "Christians," will be just the start. They want God in the schools, the courts, and every Christian holy house on Sunday mornings, and these things must become the law of the land they want America to be. But these pricks have much worse in mind.

Those who don't believe what Republicans have in store for us, are fodder for their hate/control machine. (They've already bought everything being sold by the GOP propaganda machine.)

Seriously, how can anyone looking at what today's Republicans are for and against, not question if they'd be fully in favor of Jim Crow, if not full blown slavery. Only fools would underestimate what these swine are capable of, or the depths of evil to which they'd take us.

My point is that we cannot, CANNOT, let these beasts control all the levers of American Power.

(Notice that my headline says wingnuts, not Republicans. In the 1960s, Southern Democrats, who loved slavery, Jim Crow, inequality, racism, the KKK, lynchings, and so much more, switched to the Republican Party because of The Civil Rights Act, The Voting Rights Act, and so much more. So please, don't throw in any bullshit posts about how, "Lincoln and the Army of the Union were Republicans." Much of the meaning of the words "Republicans" and "Democrats" flipped in the 1960s.)

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