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Mon Jun 13, 2022, 01:47 PM Jun 2022

A couple of musings on today's hearings

The hearing make it seem nearly indisputably clear that Trump knew that the claims he was making were false. (I never doubted that for a moment) It is either that, or he is totally batshit crazy. (which I don't believe) Of course, without his recorded words, or a reliable witness to quote Trump admitting that it was all a lie about a lie. I don't know how his state of mind could be proved.

He encouraged his attorneys to file all of the BS law suits. Wouldn't you think that he would be personally financially responsible for costs of all of the investigations, court time etc. that he wasted in his fraudulent fund raising scheme? That might be real money even for Trump.

I wonder how long it will take for one of his people that he defrauded to decide to sue? How soon would that become a class action? (Makes me wish I had sent him a Benjamin.) Ambulance chasers all over the country will soon be contacting people who donated after the elections to "help fight the rigged election." And yet, he continues to tour with the same lies and the same kinds of fundraising. Apparently he can't smell the handwriting on the walls.

Like Capone, it may not be his biggest fraud that finally get him, but the fundraising fraud.

Watching the videos, I am waiting for the claims of right wingers that, "They cherry picked the depositions and only took the bad stuff." It is coming, wait for it.

It appears to me that Rudy needs to be losing a lot more than his law licenses...He already lost his mind now he needs to lose some freedom. One one of the politically important days in his legal career, he shows up tanked and delivered drunken advice that Trump embraced. I suspect that if he is ever charged he will plea that he is incompetent to stand trial, and that that would be the closest that he has come to truth since 9-11.

I find that Barr, as much as I despise him, is driving the biggest stakes in Trumps (lack of) heart. I love it.

All of our esteemed Republicans in the House and Senate, who were certainly aware of the truth, decided to stand back, ignore the criminality, or either actively or passively support the big lie, even after the 6th. None of them are fit to be an elected dog catcher.

I am laying in pop corn and Ju-Jus for the next one. You have to believe that when the air the final one, it will, in fact, blow the roof off.

I believe, after watching Jarad, Ivanka, giving testimony, that if pushed hard, with their futures at stake that they would throw bid daddy under the bus in a heartbeat. Barbie looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

The Justice dept. has access to all of this information, and probably a hell of a lot more. It is time for them to "LOCK HIM UP"
Or admit that they don't intend to, in spite of the evidence. Then the next thing to do is address the "pardons" as being part of the criminal conspiracy and therefore invalid.

All of the information about all of the debunked fake claims has been documented so well that I do not see how they could be attacked by Trump's defense team any better in the future than in the past.

Trump just may have simply overplayed his hand!


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1. The focus may be on Trump and his inner circle.
Mon Jun 13, 2022, 01:57 PM
Jun 2022

Members of congress may get a pass.

Time will tell how this unfolds.


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4. barr, may be the most clever, of the suspects
Mon Jun 13, 2022, 02:04 PM
Jun 2022

[Somehow, he got by trump's hiring process, despite not being a major bonehead].

Kid Berwyn

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5. Barr volunteered to help.
Mon Jun 13, 2022, 02:13 PM
Jun 2022

He wrote a multi-page memo after Dimdonnie the Demented Despot fired Jefferson Beauregard Sessions for recusing himself from Russia probe.



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3. He knew, or should've known (the concept of willful...
Mon Jun 13, 2022, 02:01 PM
Jun 2022

blindness) won't work this time as Barr and Septien and others have testified under oath that they told trump over and over that he lost yet he continued with the big lie, even going on to raise 250M with the (Election Defense fund).

He'll be toast by the time the hearings are over. Let's see him launch a 2024 election campaign after all this damning evidence comes out.


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6. It's more than clear he knew it all was a lie ...
Mon Jun 13, 2022, 02:18 PM
Jun 2022

... and he not only stole money built on the line, I'm pretty sure he conspired to disrupt the vote-counting (sedition).

But this:

"...address the "pardons" as being part of the criminal conspiracy and therefore invalid."

I wish this is true (if he did issue them), but I'm afraid presidential pardons are pretty damned absolute.


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7. Trump being a liar and bat shit crazy are not mutually exclusive.
Mon Jun 13, 2022, 02:22 PM
Jun 2022

However, my opinion is trump is stupid and Putin is the brains behind this coup.


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9. Instead of the "Evil Genius" Trump is the "Evil Idiot."
Mon Jun 13, 2022, 02:48 PM
Jun 2022

Although, as of today he is still "winning." He is free, and living a life of luxury, and still campaigning on the big lie.

The Republican Party are his henchmen. Every damn one of them share responsibility for making war on the nation. I know that Putin interferes in the country to the full extent of his powers, but the blame is on the Republican Party who had the ability to put him to bed twice and failed in their duty. The whole damn party chose party unity over country, in violation of their oaths of office.

We need to send all of the Republican lawmakers to Gitmo to get the truth out of them, for they are incapable of telling the truth without a little waterboarding. If we found one that was not guilty, we could apologize we could send him or her home with our thoughts and prayers to comfort them.


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14. But of course, Trump as a hotelier would understand that better than anyone.
Mon Jun 13, 2022, 03:29 PM
Jun 2022

I would even charge them for the water.


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11. As of today, it is still the "Trump" party.
Mon Jun 13, 2022, 02:53 PM
Jun 2022

It should come back to bite them all in the ass.

But, what should be and what is likely is two different things. Instead of sharing responsibility, at the polls, for the attempted destruction of Democracy, we will have the beginnings of a recession for the news to lead come election time...


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13. Lying is common, and often not criminal. Criminal lying is usually related to legal
Mon Jun 13, 2022, 03:26 PM
Jun 2022

circumstances such as lying to an official investigator, lying in court, lying on an affidavit that you've sworn to or presented as true, etc

The supreme court has apparently ruled that it's not criminal for law enforcement to lie and decieve people they are interrogating.

The BIG LIE in all its manifestations may not be criminal, but in narrow circumstances it may be. I do think it could criminal evidence if it can be shown to have been done with a purpose to mislead others into criminal behavior... such as rioting, or falsifying electoral college votes.

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