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Thu May 26, 2022, 01:11 PM

Yes, these massacres are caused by insanity

The insanity of the Republican Party.

They fear their billionaire donors who profit from everything that kills human beings and our planet.

They fear losing their power and absolutely nothing else matters to them.

They fear imbeciles whose votes they need to keep that power.

They fear people will see through their hypocritical "thoughts and prayers" for human beings who were murdered.

They fear that people will finally "get" that they don't care about the heart-breaking, monstrous murder of children.

Their is nothing sane about what they have done, what they do, and what they will continue to do.

Where will the next massacre take place? Chicago? Seattle? Salt Lake City? Denver? St. Louis? Key West? Who knows?

All we know is that it will happen again. And again. And again. And it will keep happening unless we stop it.

How many more must die? How do we stop it? Somehow, someway, sane leaders, and the sane among us, must get through to all voters, -- rural, urban, black, white, brown, Christian, Mormon, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Shinto, agnostic, atheist, rich, poor, and everyone else, -- that the Republican Party is a death cult. They will destroy everyone and everything that stands in the way of their own wealth, power and their desire for the total "ownership" of humanity.

In reality there aren't that many of them. They may be "big" in terms of political power, but they're small in numbers. (One of George Carlin's most famous lines is: "It's a 'big' club. And you ain't in it." That's a gem of truth you can take to the bank.)

The Republican Party is a threat and a danger to America, and to the world. Their insanity is right up front and out there for everyone to see. Many of them may not actually believe in the craziness being sold by their cult. But it's too late for them to escape and they've got to keep mouthing stupid shit. They're in a prison of their own making.

Notice that the word "love" doesn't appear among any of the terms used to describe Republicans. They are driven by fear, greed, and some would add, evil. But we must recognize that they are more than just domestic enemies. They are enemies of humanity. And they must be stopped from ever again holding power. There is only one predictable ending that would result from their insanity.

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Response to Cyrano (Original post)

Thu May 26, 2022, 01:14 PM

1. Republican obstruction against gun safety is the problem

They are choosing death over safety, and are twisted and sick.

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Response to dlk (Reply #1)

Thu May 26, 2022, 01:37 PM

2. It's more than just about guns. They are a death cult.

It seems to me that the only life on this planet the pretend to care about is "the fetus."

My hope has been that the deaths of so many children in Sandy Hook and Uvalde would make virtually everyone aware of just how beastly and inhumane the Republican Party is. But I'm probably hoping in vain.

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Response to Cyrano (Reply #2)

Thu May 26, 2022, 02:14 PM

4. The thing is, when people are polled, they do support Democrats and their agenda

The problem is gerrymandering and insane amounts of money buying republicans via Citizen's United.

The Rs know that they can rig politics and they're fully on board with being bought so they stay in positions of power. Once bought, they stay bought. They then write laws to keep them in power, voters be damned.

For the sake of this country we need to overturn Citizen's United, eliminate gerrymandered maps, and get rid of the electoral college. Imagine having the popular vote deciding elections. Imagine having a Senate that actually represents equal numbers of citizens, based on population. Dems would be in charge over the great majority of statehouses. We'd be a majority in Congress. And we'd probably never lose another presidential election in my lifetime.

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Response to Cyrano (Reply #2)

Thu May 26, 2022, 03:05 PM

5. Yes, they obsess about pregnancy and childbirth

They seem to have a wide streak of religious fanaticism that poisons their politics, along with a complete lack of conscience. Many are psychopaths.

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Response to Cyrano (Original post)

Thu May 26, 2022, 02:03 PM

3. Good post. Disagree with the premise.

Insanity has many connotations but typically means that actions are a result of a loss of contact with reality or illness to the point that the person cannot tell the difference between what is acceptable or not. I the legal sense, as a defense, it typically means that the person may have committed a crime, but was so out of touch with reality, that they could not understand the consequences of their actions.

Republicans are not insane. They know that what they are doing is harmful. They do not care because the power and wealth they crave, and that they want to protect, is more important to them than the people they hurt and kill. The sad reality is that this is a natural progression for the Conservative Mindset. When you believe that there is a hierarchy of people and that the natural structure of society is a pyramid, that allows you to bestow "lesser value" onto human life, which in turn allows you to directly do horrible things or at minimum, to allow horrible things to happen to people without caring. Calling them insane denotes a motive that they are not in control of. Someone who has schizophrenia and is actively psychotic (having hallucinations or active delusional thoughts) can do something horrible based on the responses to those symptoms. They may at a later time, when the symptoms have subsided, fully understand (and likely be horrified) by what they did. That is insanity (at least temporary).

Republicans/Conservatives have actively been working to make their idea of how society should be, the reality for everyone. Perhaps some are not pathologically motivated to cause harm, but they are certainly indifferent to what their policies and plans are creating for others. They are not insane, they simply choose to act in ways that are antisocial in order to maintain power and wealth.

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Response to Caliman73 (Reply #3)

Thu May 26, 2022, 03:09 PM

6. "A rose by any other name."

They can't or won't grasp where their lust for greed and power will take us. Call it insanity. Call it stupidity. Call it, ... whatever. The road onto which they want to force us all, leads to a dark place. Call it Armageddon, or call it hell. But today's Republican Party consists of people who can't grasp that everything they want will end in ashes.

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