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Wed May 4, 2022, 12:32 PM May 2022

authoritarian vs. dictator?

Repubs have no problem with calling Joe Biden a dictator. What do Dems use the word 'authoritarian', other than it is a higher educated word, is precise and might not offend Repubs because it is too obtuse?

Let's just say the word DICTATOR! although I would spell it dicktator.

Dicktator DeSantis

Dicktator Abbott

Dicktator Trump

Dicktator Putin (not oligarch and not authoritarian)

authoritarian vs. dictator? (Original Post) RicROC May 2022 OP
Because the MSM will call us out..... TheRealNorth May 2022 #1
MAybe we should dumb it down tot he 8th grade level Claire Oh Nette May 2022 #2
Those words are specific descriptors and all have contextual differences. Caliman73 May 2022 #3


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1. Because the MSM will call us out.....
Wed May 4, 2022, 12:59 PM
May 2022

Why are you being so divisive..... isn't calling them a dictator/traitor "extreme"... Yada Yada yada.

Claire Oh Nette

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2. MAybe we should dumb it down tot he 8th grade level
Wed May 4, 2022, 04:54 PM
May 2022


30% will always crave an authoritarian to run their lives and relieve them of any responsibility. It' swhy they cling to religion. They pray, and God does the good, and God's will is the bad, and they are never truly responsible for their own choices.

They're radicalized in their churches. They conflate their muyths with the nations myths. They're divorced form reality.

Focus on the 110,000,000 non-voters.

Right to privacy affects everyone.


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3. Those words are specific descriptors and all have contextual differences.
Wed May 4, 2022, 05:08 PM
May 2022

A dictator is authoritarian, but not all authoritarian forms of government are specifically dictatorships. Authoritrian governments can be groups or single leaders.

Abbott is not a dictator, he is a governor. He likely wants to be a dictator but he does not have the power to be one.

DeSantais = same. Certainly trying to be a dictator, but if Florida's assembly or Senate were in Democratic hands, he would be way more limited in what he could be doing.

Trump = same thing. He did a lot of bad and stupid shit as president, but not a dictator.

Putin is the closest thing to a dictator on the list. He, has a rubber stamp Duma (like Texas and Florida's legislative branches) but he has actually had the Constitution of Russia re-written to allow him to remain in power. While Texas has not term limits, I think this will be Abbott's final term. DeSantis will be term limited out.

Putin is in fact both an Oligarch and an Authoritarian. Putin has amassed a fortune using his power in government. That is within the definition of an Oligarch.

also, and this is just my opinion, spelling it "dicktator" takes credibility away from the argument.

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