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Sun Apr 3, 2022, 10:54 AM Apr 2022

Russian History Repeating Itself?

Google this -- Soviet War Crimes -- and read the article on Wikipedia.

It details in vast, shocking detail what Russian forces did all over Eastern Europe -- from the Baltic states to conquered Germany to Ukraine and beyond -- from mid-WWII to present. Rapes, gang-rapes, deportation to forced labor camps, torture ... AND ON AN INDUSTRIAL SCALE ... by the thousands, hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions.

People of the time said that the Russians were WORSE than the Nazis.

Joseph Stalin reportedly stated that he should "understand it if a soldier who has crossed thousands of kilometres through blood and fire and death has fun with a woman or takes some trifle."

For utterly jaw-dropping, Ukraine-specific info, look at these, under bolded headers: Massacre of Grishchino and Massacre of Feodosia. Note: I'd cite that text here, but it's so very brutal, people should read it prepared and by choice, not just come upon it unsuspecting here.

At the end, there is a whole section on War Crimes Trials and Prosecutions for the Russian perpetrators, continuing to the present: On 27 March 2019, Lithuania convicted 67 former Soviet military and KGB officials.

The Russians whitewashed all of this and never came to a public reckoning about their crimes.

"Today, the Russian government engages in historical negationism. Russian media refers to the war crimes as a "Western myth," in Russian history textbooks, the atrocities are either altered to portray the Soviets positively or omitted entirely." - Wikipedia

Russian History Repeating Itself? (Original Post) Desert_Leslie Apr 2022 OP
Absolutely true. tavernier Apr 2022 #1
Kick dalton99a Apr 2022 #2
The early 1900s they did the pogroms in Jewish villages. That's why many fled to the USA as refugees mucifer Apr 2022 #3


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1. Absolutely true.
Sun Apr 3, 2022, 11:04 AM
Apr 2022

But you have to understand how the Russian children were raised by the communists. They were put in schools when they were just old enough to walk and taught by government officials. Mother Russia was the only important thing, and they were taught to spy and tell on their parents and other adults. My aunt in Latvia sent me copies of school books that the Russians had printed for the little ones to read and it was horrendous thinking of how these people were being raised. You knew darn well that when they became adults they would be like machines with little regard for humanity.


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2. Kick
Sun Apr 3, 2022, 11:16 AM
Apr 2022

This is the first page of Beria's memo to Josef Stalin proposing the murder of 22,000 Polish officers, gendarmes, police, military settlers, and others. It was accepted by the Politburo on March 5, 1940, and bears the scrawled signatures of "I.V. Stalin, K. Voroshilov, A. Mikoyan, V. Molotov."

To Comrade Stalin

In the USSR NKVD prisoner-of-war camps of the western regions of Ukraine and Belorussia [that is, occupied eastern Poland], there are at present a large number of former officers of the Polish Army, former workers in the Polish Police and intelligence organs, members of Polish nationalist c-r [counter-revolutionary] parties, participants in exposed c-r insurgent organizations, refugees, and others. They are all sworn enemies of Soviet power, filled with hatred for the Soviet system of government. ...

Among them are:
generals, colonels and lieutenant colonels 295
majors and captains 2,080
lieutenants, 2nd lieutenants, and ensigns 6,049
police officers, junior officers, border guards, and gendarmerie 1,030
rank-and-file police, gendarmes, prison guards, and intelligence agents 5,138
officials, landowners, priests, and settlers 144

In the prisons of the western oblasts of Ukraine and Belarussia a total of 18,632 arrested people (including 10,685 Poles) are held, including:
former officers 1,207
former police, intelligence agents, and gendarme 5141
spies and saboteurs 347
former land owners, factory owners, and officials 465
members of various c-5 and insurgent organisations and of various c-r elements 5,345
refugees 6127

Based on the fact that they are all hardened, irremediable enemies of Soviet power, the NKVD USSR believes it is essential:

I. To direct the USSR NKVD to:

1) examine the cases of the 14,700 former Polish officers, officials, landowners, police, intelligence agents, gendarmes, settlers, and prison guards who are now in the prisoner-of-war camps

2) and also examine the cases of those who have been arrested and are in the prisons of western oblasts of Ukraine and Belorussia, numbering 11,000, members of various c-r espionage and sabotage organizations, former landowners, manufacturers, former Polish officers, officials, and refugees, [and] using the special procedure, apply to them the supreme punishment, [execution by] shooting.



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3. The early 1900s they did the pogroms in Jewish villages. That's why many fled to the USA as refugees
Sun Apr 3, 2022, 12:00 PM
Apr 2022

just one snippet of their history.

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