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Ukraine's Twitter account responds to Putin's claim no Russian conscripts are in Ukraine (Original Post) highplainsdem Mar 2022 OP
Rt TY Cha Mar 2022 #1
Thanks, Cha! highplainsdem Mar 2022 #3
You're Welcome, hpd.. Cha Mar 2022 #4
Cлава україні! Slava ukrayini! highplainsdem Mar 2022 #13
Yes!🐱‍🏍💕🐱‍🏍 Cha Mar 2022 #14
Putin and Trump louslobbs Mar 2022 #2
True. highplainsdem Mar 2022 #5
Little Ukraine beats down biggest nation on Earth in a messaging war -- with truth bombs. ancianita Mar 2022 #6
Not just truth, but brilliantly presented truth. highplainsdem Mar 2022 #15
They're only tourists and their transport broke down... Ford_Prefect Mar 2022 #7
Kicking for visibility SheltieLover Mar 2022 #8
Damn those Ukrainians are talented! James48 Mar 2022 #9
Sure, they are not conscripts, just non voluntary "advisors". Ligyron Mar 2022 #10
What, Putin lied?!? BigmanPigman Mar 2022 #11
K & R BobTheSubgenius Mar 2022 #12
Of course there aren't dickthegrouch Mar 2022 #16
Demented hilarity? Brainfodder Mar 2022 #17


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9. Damn those Ukrainians are talented!
Tue Mar 15, 2022, 08:27 PM
Mar 2022

I sure as heck would never want to tick them off. They have absolutely the best effective propaganda out there. Hits where it hurts. Fuck Putin!


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16. Of course there aren't
Wed Mar 16, 2022, 03:36 PM
Mar 2022

The Russian narrative is that Ukraine no longer exists and those conscripts are, in fact, in Russia.

I don't believe that narrative any more than the Ukrainians I know. But it's tricky to navigate these falsehood as truth issues.

Get definitions down, then we can have a truthful and accurate conversation.

Somehow Putin has to be caught on tape calling it The Ukraine, still, and then bombard him with questions as to where the borders are, and who has crossed them.

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