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Mon Sep 27, 2021, 03:25 PM

Our legal system, at least as it applies to those in the federal government, is analogous to

a slice of Swiss cheese: there are more places than are apparent at first glance where there just "isn't any there there". The actual cheese may be quite satisfactory but, those holes? Well, they are also part of the slice on our sandwich and it just would not be the same without them.

The former guy and his acolytes have shown us that "norms" and "customs" and "traditions" can be considered holes in our legal system through which shameless and immoral monsters like him can drive virtual dump trucks of outrageous and self-serving behavior and "policies". And, it is not merely the fact that these customs are not actual laws that permits and even encourages the transparent indecency, dishonesty and even criminality.

We do that.

A million or more of us did not shut down DC when Mitch dissed President Obama with his unprecedented refusal to even consider Mr. Garland for the empty POTUS seat that was rightfully his to fill.

We permitted---and continue to permit---those Republicans who refused to impeach and convict Trump to show their faces in public without loudly naming them the selfish cowardly thugs that they are.

We continue to allow without objection those promoting the the former guy's desperate and silly "Big Lie" to be treated with respect by talking heads oblivious to their complicity in the deceit.

Too many of us cannot recall the last time we contacted our Senators or Representatives---either to thank and support them or to peel long bloody strips of red meat off their asses if they deserve it.

Democracy is not a spectator sport. We are all in the game. If you're sitting on the bench, it's THEIR bench your butt is warming.

When the former guy and his cultists violate our laws, prosecutors should punish them. When they violate and dishonor our customs, our traditions and our norms, WE need to punish them, whether they are Congressmen in an airport or a neighbor at the supermarket. It is not enough to merely be pissed off. That righteous indignation must motivate us to OPENLY condemn and oppose the malignancy termed "Trumpism".

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