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Tue Sep 14, 2021, 12:37 AM

Democracy is in the ICU in much of America

You don't need a PHD to recognize that we are under attack by the forces of Fascism. Whether the issue is voting rights, abortion rights, civil rights, or so many of the other rights we take for granted, the Republican Party has revealed itself as a dangerous fascist stronghold, dedicated to ruling us rather than governing us.

No one should be surprised. They've dropped the mask of who they have pretended to be and shown us the ugliness of who they really are. Anyone who's been paying attention for the past couple of decades "gets it." Unfortunately, far too many people don't pay much attention to politics and don't recognize the threat to our freedoms, our Constitution, and our lives.

So here we are, waiting for the next two elections with anticipation, wondering if those elections will be stolen from us through a variety of nefarious tactics, and worried that our democracy may not survive.

There is little I can add to that. Today's Republican Party does not stand for democracy. They are a minority of powerful people who are leading a combination of voters who are racists, along with voters that they've conned in various ways. They want to own the country and then do anything and everything they want to do. And you don't need a crystal ball to see what those things are. All you need is a history book.

We, as individuals can do little to stop this insanity. It is up to our elected Democratic officials to stop them. Can they do so? I really don't know. But the alternative is a well traveled path known as "The road to Hell." And it's a road that's presently owned by a band of corrupt, criminal fascists known as The Republican Party.

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