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Sat Aug 21, 2021, 06:42 PM Aug 2021

Lack of mask mandates and lack of people voluntarily participating has been good for Amazon

They are building a new distribution center 45 miles from me. That means I will get my stuff a day quicker than the already fast service! I am not a fan of mega-business, but they are providing a lifeline for me today.

Poor policies must be producing lousy results for local businesses. I am not eating out, not shopping locally for anything that I can buy online (which is most everything). My driving has been cut by probably 80%, so the reduced mileage will be reflected in less repairs and things like tires, gasoline purchases, etc., so the loss gets spread wide. I wouldn't consider going to a play or movie, much less a sporting event.

Sensible policies, more vaccinations, and wearing mask are the only thing that gets me back to mom and pop shopping, and it ain't happening here in Florida. Sometimes, I think the businesses that drive the politics are too damn shortsighted for their own good, for once you get in the habit of almost exclusive online shopping it may be a habit that is hard to break. Another issue that will work against the locals is that I have noticed which businesses behaved right and which haven't and I will be remembering long after Covid is no longer a serious threat. Some local businesses have lost me as a customer for life, now I know that one lost customer doesn't bring down the store, but stores spend a lot of money advertising to bring in new customers, so it must be somewhat important to them, especially the locals that are surviving on slim margins while struggling to compete with the national giants.

Main street USA has been dying a slow death for decades; supporting bad decisions made during this health crisis is not going to help them a bit.

Lack of mask mandates and lack of people voluntarily participating has been good for Amazon (Original Post) Chainfire Aug 2021 OP
Sales of invermectin must through the roof dweller Aug 2021 #1
45 miles. Ours is three miles. It's huge!!!!!! jimfields33 Aug 2021 #2


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2. 45 miles. Ours is three miles. It's huge!!!!!!
Sat Aug 21, 2021, 08:15 PM
Aug 2021

We can get stuff in two hours now. I’m sure eventually even faster.

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