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Mon May 10, 2021, 09:56 AM

The GQP Agenda

Ever since Barack Obama became president and Republicans met immediately and vowed to obstruct everything that Democrats propose, this agenda has been on going. The GQP works 24/7 to solicit money to do whatever it takes to win the next election. That is the GQP's only goal, and it has been that way since Obama became president. They get away with this because the MSM helps them conceal this agenda with constant idiotic questions of why Democrats don't seek more bipartisanship? So then Democrats not wanting to look like they are the only party working to help the American people, hem and haw about working with Republicans.

At least Democrats have come up with an alternative answer, that they are creating bills that are bipartisan with Republican voters. Alleluia! I mean McConnell even admits his goal is 100% to prevent any Democratic bills from passing. So then we have a Democratic Senator defending McConnell's statement.

Just do it Democrats. Explain to the American people what your bill will do for them and then push it, publicize it, campaign for it for a month if need be and then bring the bill to the floor for a vote. If Democratic Senators vote the bill down, bring up a second bill and do the same thing. Keep pushing these bills and making Senators vote against good bills, eventually those Senators' constituents will get pissed off. This also allows Democrats to control the narrative with the MSM. What is happening now is what the GQP wants, delay, delay, delay, until the next election and then Republicans can run for office as the working class people because Democrats did nothing to help them.

I apologize for this rambling post, but I hope someone gets what I am trying to say.

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