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Fri Mar 12, 2021, 03:55 PM Mar 2021

"Fox News is dead." (As news, that is.)

"Fox News isn’t slated news. It’s not even fake news. It’s simply not news. It is a Trump-flavored circus show that chased NewsMax down the rabbit hole and, unfortunately, caught it.

"On a casual inspection, that would seem to be working out fine for Fox News. After all, it has averaged around 1.3 million viewers since Biden moved in, compared to 1.1 million at MSNBC, and 0.9 million at America’s home for inconsistency, CNN. But that’s not really the comparison Fox News deserves. After all, over 10 million people watched each episode of Bull last year, and at least that show tells you what you’re getting, right there in the title"

The article centers on Faux running a box with Talker Snarson commenteng on President Biden's speech. Needless to say, I didn't watch it. But it sounds like a new low.


"Fox News is dead." (As news, that is.) (Original Post) Oldem Mar 2021 OP
How old is that headline? Clash City Rocker Mar 2021 #1
Not sure it was ever news just a christofascist propaganda outlet to own the libs Thomas Hurt Mar 2021 #2
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