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Wed Jan 13, 2021, 01:03 PM

Kos: U.S. Capitol Police in shambles after attack, undermined from within


-- snip

The U.S. Capitol Police were critically understaffed last Wednesday, a reality which no one will accept responsibility for and which will have to be thoroughly investigated in the coming days and weeks. But it wasn't just a lack of force that helped an insurrectionist mob lay siege to the People's House, it was in some cases support for the insurrectionists. That's led to several U.S. Capitol Police officers being suspended and more than a dozen others being investigated.

Just to be clear, the officers whose duty is to protect the capitol and the lawmakers and staff within it are under investigation for "suspected involvement with or inappropriate support for the demonstration last week that turned into a deadly riot." There are currently eight separate investigations now in process by Congress, according to an aide who spoke with The Washington Post. That includes investigations into messages of support for the Trump protests that proceeded the attack posted by Capitol Police officers, "including touting President Trumpís baseless contention that the election had been stolen through voter fraud." Another investigation revealed that an officer posted "inappropriate" images of President-elect Biden on a social media account.

-- snip

Nothing that we don't already know (or suspect). I do think "The Media" needs to be more aggressive in its headlines. Undermined from within. Seems a little mealy-mouthed. Undermined can be chalked up to mismanagement, human failure, etc. How about infiltrated by the terrorists. Or terrorists among the ranks. Or something like that.

Well, we can't say we weren't warned. How many years ago did Homeland Security write a report that law enforcement has white supremacists and white nationalists within its ranks? Ten years? More? We are well beyond the "political differences" mode. When I was in the federal government in the 1980s and 1990s. We carried out the directives we received from our headquarters in furtherance of policy objectives. We might have agreed, or not, but we did our jobs. And I had no fucking idea what the political beliefs were of my colleagues. And my assumptions didn't matter because we all did our jobs. Now, however, we're in a different place. It does matter that those who don't agree with you politically might very well kill you for your opposing beliefs. You can't even discuss policies because your colleagues on the right are working in a different reality.

So. . . infiltrate, traitors, terrorists, etc.

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