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Sun Jan 10, 2021, 08:55 PM

"Words Matter" written by Kate Carroll

Words matter. They can be helpful, peaceful, kind, and unifying, or they can be dangerous, harmful, hateful, and divisive.
This week we saw just how much words matter. For four years now, we have had the president of our country fill the air waves with hateful and divisive rhetoric, outrageous conspiracy theories, and dangerous lies. All being repeated over and over again by other elected leaders, radio and tv networks, pundits, and “news” outlets all over the nation. Only to be spread further in our communities and in our homes.
On January 6th, the President of the United States spoke to a riled up mob and instructed them to go to the Capitol to prevent the Electoral College votes from being certified and interfere with a peaceful demonstration of democracy, inciting an insurrection. His words led to the violent and deadly storming of the Capitol.
We’ve all seen the disturbing videos and photos.
We saw the symbols of hatred being carried and worn: the Confederate flag aka the flag of traitors and racists, angry men wearing shirts that said “Camp Auschwitz” and “6MWE,” which means the killing of 6 million Jews by the Nazis wasn’t enough. Read that again. Those shirts are worn by members of the Proud Boys, the ones that Trump told to “stand back and stand by.”
We saw the looting, the destruction, the theft, the violence. We heard the chant, “Hang Mike Pence.” We heard people say they wanted to put a bullet in Nancy Pelosi’s head.
We saw the men carrying zip ties, ready for taking hostages we can assume. We saw them carrying guns and who knows what other weapons.
We saw the reports of the two bombs that were found and the 12 Molotov cocktails. We saw the destruction of windows, monuments, and the savage destruction of offices in this historical building.
We saw that laptops were stolen containing sensitive National security information.
We saw the reports that five people were killed. One of the victims was a police officer who had his head smashed repeatedly with a fire extinguisher.
We saw at least 60 other police officers hurt, 15 hospitalized, and several had their heads beaten with lead pipes.
We saw the vile anger and violence of these self-proclaimed white nationalists, Trump supporters, and domestic terrorists.
We saw them take down the American flag, throw it on the ground, and replace it with a Trump flag. That’s not patriotism, that’s Trumpism.
We saw what words can create. A violent, dangerous, out of control insurrection.
We then saw the president call these people “special” and say that he “loves them.”
And yet, I see some people more outraged that Trump was banned from social media. Really? Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are privately owned companies that have rules against incitement of violence and spreading wildly outrageous conspiracy theories. Those rules were broken and, appropriately so, those people were banned, as is stated in their user policies. We have rules for a reason. Words matter. Please refer to the above stated for evidence.
I find it very troubling that anyone still supports Trump. (Personally, I find it troubling that anyone supported him after he made fun of a disabled man and admitted to sexual assault on tape. That should have been the end.)
I find it very troubling that anyone can support or justify the actions of the mob this week. What happened to Blue Lives Matter? What would you be saying if those people were part of Black Lives Matter or Muslim? If your answer is different, then you have much bigger problems than Twitter banning Donald Trump.
The events of this week are so discouraging and disturbing, but not surprising. We have all seen the past four years leading up to exactly this. All because of words. Words that mislead, words that divide, words that slowly brainwash and transform good people into people living in an alternate reality, and words that incite the violence we saw this week.
Please stop listening to those that created this. Please seek the truth. Here’s a tip: You are not going to find it on Fox News, Breitbart, the Daily Wire, and places of the like. They all have their own agenda and it’s not the truth. Let’s take Breitbart for example. The founder, Steve Bannon, is facing felony charges because he scammed his followers out of 25 million dollars for his phony “We Build the Wall” fund. They are scammers, liars, and it’s all a con. They are profiting from spreading lies. The further they divide this country, the more money they make. Please don’t buy into it.
I believe that this great divide has been caused by misinformation and miscommunication. I truly believe that most people are more on the same page than we think, with the exception of the Neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and racists of course. But people have been fed so many lies that everything is twisted and reality is skewed. I believe that there are many really good people who think they are on the right side of history because they have been so infused with an alternate reality, but it is all based on lies. And for those of us that can see that, it is very sad and scary. But it’s not too late to fix it. We can fix it by seeking the truth and stopping the lies. Those that are lying need to be held accountable and taken off of their podiums.
There will never be peace without the truth. Words matter.
Words can create conflict or create peace. They can ignite a war or heal a nation. Words matter.

* Kate Carroll is an author and the sister of my 1st cousins wife. Her children’s book “I Speak Peace” is so creative in explaining how to be kind, handle bullying and speaking peace, not hate. I highly recommend it for any young child. Sarah Ferguson was recently photographed reading “I Speak Peace” to a group of children in Great Britain. I’ve sent the book to friends in Australia. We have autographed books for each of my grandsons (they were amazed she was in our “family”) and have donated the book to both their daycares and elementary schools. She has a way with words because, as she says, “words matter”.

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