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Sat Oct 6, 2012, 02:00 PM

The Real Reason Conservatives Hate PBS (from Reddit)

While we get distracted with Elephant in the room and focusing on Big Bird, the one apparent common goal of the conservative agenda is this: Keep people uneducated and pregnant; then unable to educate those babies they keep cranking out because birth control, sex education, and abortion shouldn't happen.

It's an ancient mindset, and one that western "culture" perfected in the Dark Ages. The more ignorant the masses, the more easily the powers that be can control them. Once upon a time, it was a capital offense to translate the bible into the vernacular. Nowadays, among very hard-right conservatives, it would seem to be a capital offense to teach people that there are more than two religions in the world, more than two sexual orientations, more than two genders...

The problem is that conservatives are stuck in the "either/or" mindset, when the real world is full of "this, or that, or something else." And they seem to make their living by pissing on every "something else" option available.

So why do they think it's perfectly okay to spend billions on the military but a flagrant crime to spend a few million on public broadcasting? Why would they rather balance the budget by paying teachers starvation wages while protecting billionaires from having to pay a reasonable rate on investment (aka "sit on my ass and get welfare" income?

Simple: Conservatives are stuck in the fantasy world of Serfs and Lords, in which keeping the people stupid and starving and making babies keeps the Lords and Ladies in the castles.

Trouble is, this is not what America was founded on, and this is not how America works. We were founded on the idea that all men (and women and in-between) are created equal, that everyone has the freedom of, or from, the religion of their choice, and that we're all in it together, for the common good. The more we share, the better off we all are. The better off we all are, the more we can share. How hard is this concept to understand for mature adults?

Except... conservatives don't seem to be mature at all. They are spoiled first graders, who don't want to give because they're afraid that they won't have any left when they do. They also want to make sure that everyone else is forced to act and believe as they do, because allowing anything different to happen will just destroy their own weak self-esteem.

In short -- November's decision is about whether to move forward or backward. If you're a scared, insecure, greedy child, by all means vote for a Republican. If you're a mature, secure, generous adult -- well, you know what to do.


found via Facebook.com/StopMitt

If you're old enough, you're probably thinking: "William Buckley would be disgusted with the modern Rush Limbaugh/Fox News brand of conservatism." Buckley, a conservative icon, hosted a debate program on PBS called Firing Line from the '70s to '90s. They're probably jealous that PBS is better than Fox News or the wingnut media will ever be.

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