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Mon Dec 21, 2020, 12:29 PM

President ChickenShit. Let us count the ways.

Wannabe Hitler, Donald J Trump is once again proving himself to be, not just the biggest asshole in the world, not just the most demented person in politics, not just the most evil person in this country, but also the biggest COWARD in the universe.

1 - Trump KNOWS he lost, but he is so petrified about the possibility of facing jail time after he becomes Citizen Trump, that he will do anything, including all this bizarre desperate nonsense of trying to overturn the election in order to stay in his safe haven in the White House for another 4 years, thus keeping him out of prison. Only a crazed coward like Trump would go to such extremes.

2 - What about the vaccine? Why didn't he want to set a good example by being one of the first people to take the vaccine? It could very well be because he is scared shitless to take it. He is probably afraid because he thinks the vaccine might do some harm to him, so he wants to wait until enough people take it before him to make sure it's safe for him to also take it, coward that he is. There is also the distinct possibility that he worries that someone might substitute truth serum for the actual vaccine itself, or worse yet, in his delusional mind he worries that a veterinarian will sneak in there and administer it to him instead. He is that paranoid that he thinks something like that could happen.

3 - How about the manner in which he fired his cybersecurity chief, Chris Krebs. Trump didn't have the guts to fire Krebs in person. What other boss on the face of the earth would fire someone as important as Krebs by tweeting it? Only a pathetic coward of a boss fires someone by way of a tweet, rather than in person, face to face.

4 - Think about all the people he chose to hold the most important posts in his cabinet. Almost all of them were chosen because he figured they were just as crooked and as weak as he is. He deliberately chose crooks and weaklings because he knew he could push them around. A coward like Trump would never want honest people of strong character in the mix because he knows that he can't bully such individuals as that. Most likely, it's the same reason why he hates people such Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Hillary Clinton so much. Coward that he is, he fears them. He fears strong intelligent people like them who are completely out of his league. It's why he only caters to the weaklings that he puts in his cabinet and to the type of dummies who are foolish enough to still support him.

5 - Trump never ever apologizes. Why? It's because he's afraid to. He's afraid of what it might do to his phony reputation if he admits he is wrong. He is so much of an overstuffed weakling that he will never apologize for anything because of his cowardice.

6 - It's pretty easy to understand that one of the reasons why Trump lies continuously is because he is simply afraid of the truth. He fears the truth as much as he fears anything. He knows that he can't compete in any kind of truthful setting because he is just too dumb. You can tell just by the crazy words that come out of his filthy mouth that there are few things that scare a coward like him more than having to tell the truth. So he never does.

7 - Remember how Trump made fun of that reporter and how he mocked him on stage? Only a true coward would prey on disabled people and mock them in public to enhance their own insecure ego at the expense of someone with a disability. You can rest assured that Trump, being the monumental coward that he is, would never ever mock anyone his own size, face to face, mano a mano, because he knows he'd get the shit kicked out of him if he did. It takes a real coward to do what Trump tried to do to that reporter.

8 - Only a flagrant coward like Trump would ever belittle military heroes like John McCain and refer to the soldiers who died for this country as "losers" when Trump himself weaseled his way out of the draft with his cowardly bone spurs excuse. How fucking ridiculous is it that he can blame brave people like McCain and all our brave soldiers in such a lame attempt at covering up his own cowardice.

I'm sure people can come up with many other reasons why Trump is the most famous coward in this country, but those are just a few that popped into my head.

So, congratulations, Donald.

Not only are you the most evil RACIST scumbag this country has ever seen,
Not only are you the biggest flaming ASSHOLE this country has ever known,
Not only are you the most disgraceful LIAR, CON ARTIST, and CROOK the world has ever witnessed,
Not only are you the biggest BULLSHITTER to have ever roamed the planet,
Not only are you a world class CRYBABY,
Not only are you the most nefarious TRAITOR in the history of this country....
but you can now add one more item to that list: You are also the biggest whiny-ass COWARD on the face of the earth, by far.

I cannot wait unil this monumental piece of shit, this disgusting coward who goes by the name of Donald J Trump, is safely tucked away in prison where he belongs and out of our lives completely. Shame on Trump and shame on all of his gutless enablers, all pathetic cowards themselves.

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