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Wed Oct 3, 2012, 08:08 PM

a group of the 47% that have not been talked about. Yes, those Veterans and Those who deserve

their social security and medicare BUT what people aren't talking about and the people my wife have worked with and are working with now.

There are the mentally challenge individuals who are no longer in institutions but are trying to live in the community as normally as possible. The social security they get each month allows them to perhaps live in a group home or even on their own with some assistance from a companion that help them run errands prepare their meals who might encourage and allow them to maybe stock shelves for a couple hours a day 1 - 5 days a week so they have their money to do with as they want. To be able to walk through a mall and not be treated (for the most part but some still do) like freaks by and large. They are no longer hidden away so much.

My wife is now working with disable people who due to their are on Medicaid. For example in our area of PA we have some people who worked in coal mines and have breathing problems like COPD and other conditions BUT are still trying to keep their lives as normal as possible. These are people who are not milking the system. What about the person who because of chance like a drunk driver or bad road conditions a person was in an accident that now makes it impossible to work for a living. What should they do?

My brother in law was born with an extremely rare eye sight problem In fact only 47 known cases in the world and he and his brother are two of these cases because both parents carried the genes for that condition. Both men have families Both men try to do what they can to survive in this country. My brother in law is lucky and the job he has he does not need to depend on social security help because he and my sister in law can make enough to be middle class and are much better off at the moment than my wife and I. BUT my brother in law's brother hasn't been lucky like his brother. The tries to work but despite forward thinking laws he is limited is he a lazy for not being able to do certain jobs.

The 47% is a little more than just those that have been highlighted.

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