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Mon Nov 2, 2020, 10:27 PM Nov 2020

2016 Votes Trump won by in following states:

Votes Trump won by in following states:

By less than 1%
Michigan -- 10,704
Pennsylvania -- 44,292
Wisconsin -- 22,748

Less than 5%
Arizona -- 91,234
Florida -- 112,911
North Carolina -- 173,315

Less than 10%
Georgia -- 211,141
Iowa -- 147,314
Ohio -- 446,841
Texas -- 807,179

Some or all of these states could be won by Biden.

In 2016, Hillary could had won any of the above states if the vote difference was 50% +1. As an example. she did not need all 10,704 votes that went to Trump to go to her. She only needed 5,353 of those votes.

There will be many that voted Republican in 2016 that either not vote, vote for Biden, or someone else. For the no vote or other vote Trump will have a negative 1 vote difference. BUT for any that vote for Biden that is a 2 vote differential. As an example. Trump 10 Biden 10 --> Trump 9 Biden 11.

You know if Trump saw this he would say Biden is stealing the votes.

2016 Votes Trump won by in following states: (Original Post) LiberalFighter Nov 2020 OP
Those 1st 3 put him over the top in EVs. cilla4progress Nov 2020 #1
Yes. It was electoral theft. SoonerPride Nov 2020 #2
Thank you! cilla4progress Nov 2020 #3


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1. Those 1st 3 put him over the top in EVs.
Mon Nov 2, 2020, 10:30 PM
Nov 2020

That's how I know the vote was stolen.

What is the statistical probability?


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2. Yes. It was electoral theft.
Mon Nov 2, 2020, 10:32 PM
Nov 2020

The government knew it but refused to publish it for fear of what we would do

But he was not legitimately elected by razor thin margins in just the right states.

It was outright fraud.

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