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Thu Oct 15, 2020, 06:08 PM

In less than 3 weeks, we can END the past decade of GOP JACKASSERY.

The shit that President Obama had to put up with since 2010.

The constant baseless GOP-led investigations that produced nothing. Wasted untold amounts of taxpayer money with zero results. Wasted time, energy, money with nothing to show for it while diverting attention and resources away from doing their actual job of running our nation and addressing the real problems confronting us. The GOP has ignored our infrastructure, education, healthcare, roads, power grids, covid-19, the needs of the people.. I could go on all day.

2020 has been a brutal year. It caps a decade that I wish I could forget. As I look back through those dark ages, there was one ray of light.

President Obama. The 2010's would've been unbearable without him(and Joe by his side).

Enter the orange asshole, Trump.

We can end this fucking nightmare in 3 weeks.

We can end the past decade of GOP sewage by draining the sewer made by Trump.

Mitch FUCKING Mcturtle. May he lose or at least, let's make him the senate MINORITY leader.

In 3 weeks, WE can end the past decade of GOP authoritarianism and stone-walling every progressive idea.

I empathize for the year 2020. I feel pity for how history will treat 2020. It's been a brutal year without doubt. The loss of life, Covid-19.

But remember,
We have a chance to salvage 2020 by ending the GOP nightmare by electing Joe, Kamala, and Dems federal, state and locally.

Fellow DU'ers,
Be proud of who you are. Get excited. In 3 weeks we can change this nightmare into a new start. Biden will be like a breath of fresh air.

Get out and vote! Take your friends, family etc. Do early voting or mail-in. I have already sent in my mail-in ballot. All Dems of course.

If we do everything that we can to increase turnout, Joe will win.

Give 2020 a reprieve. Lets close out this painful year with some good news.

Turn-out, vote. With friends and family.

Elect Biden, save 2020.

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