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Thu Oct 15, 2020, 11:20 AM

The GOP's "October Surprise" is just another lame reboot destined for failure

Ah, the classics. Who could forget such cinematic gems as:

Psycho, starring... Vince Vaughn?

Total Recall starring... Colin Farrell?

Point Break starring... whoever these two are?

Back in 2016 the Trump campaign's flood-the-zone approach was brand new in politics, and an overwhelmed media, desperately groping around for any "bothsiderisms" it could get its hands on, latched on to the DNC hacks and Hillary's email "scandal" and gave them life. Jim Comey's last-minute letter to Congress tipped the whole thing over the edge.

Four years later, this reboot starring Hunter Biden is tired and sad, and reeks of desperation. Like most reboots, the people in charge are trying to make a quick buck out of nostalgia for an old IP. And like most reboots, the response from the public will likely be an underwhelming "meh."

But dear media, if you ARE going to talk about this, maybe you should make sure that people know the REAL story here:

The entire Republican Party -- which has spent the last four years shrugging off the idea that Putin is interfering in our elections -- is now working hand-in-hand with Russian military intelligence to push an obviously bullshit scheme involving the hacking of Burisma, a sketchy laptop with "Biden Foundation" stickers on it conveniently turning up in a sketchy laptop repair shop, and a bunch of obviously forged documents -- all so they can smear the SON of one of the presidential candidates.

Now THAT sounds like the kind of despicable, un-American ploy that people might want to know about.

US intelligence analysts feared Russia would dump hacked and forged Burisma emails targeting Biden as an 'October surprise,' report says

What happens when old men try computer crime

Alleged Hunter Biden Email From Giuliani Appears Forged

Experts dismiss "garbage fire" Hunter Biden expos in NY Post: "Seems like a complete fabrication"

LOL! House GOP Judiciary Committee linked to NY Post story from their site, got Twitter warning

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