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2. Not just against him. By that (warped, unconstitutional) standard...
Fri Sep 18, 2020, 08:50 AM
Sep 2020

...he'd be eligible for another eight years. Or more.


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7. It's just another lie.
Fri Sep 18, 2020, 09:16 AM
Sep 2020

He knows better and is just saying it to get a rise out of people. And it works every time.

It should be mocked for the pipe dream that it is.


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9. My thread was meant as humor of the ironic variety
Fri Sep 18, 2020, 10:31 AM
Sep 2020

But, since it is being taken a bit more seriously, I will elaborate on what I think. Four years ago, I would have thought that the following would sound like the rant of a nut. Perhaps it is (I hope so):

We are in uncharted waters with the madman in the Oval Office. I wonder how many people here would place a limit on what could be expected of Trump and the Justice Department if Trump was feeling cornered. Do you think that there is any road that trump would not travel to stay in power? Aren't we listening to the hints?

* The election is already being called rigged, that certainly will not change if Trump is the apparent loser.
(Trump is setting the stage for a right-wing coup if he loses)
* The AG has proven that he is openly supportive of Trump over the Constitution
* The Supreme court is unpredictable
* Suggestions that the election could go to the congress for resolution, nearly assuring a Trump wins (unless Biden takes 26 states)
* Warnings that anyone who protested the results would be dealt with harshly
* Deathly silence from Republican lawmakers indicates their willingness to back their party regardless of the law

You just have to think back to an election where the Supreme Court demanded that a vote recount stop when the desired party was ahead. The Court decided who the President would be, not the people.

In order to be confident of Biden being our next president we have to have, not just a win, but an overwhelming and uncontestable win. We need a knock-out blow, not a decision.


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11. He's reinforcing the entitled older white male vote who think they aren't treated "fairly"
Fri Sep 18, 2020, 10:59 AM
Sep 2020

He needs to turn out his core, and make sure none of them feel at all ashamed for voting for him, even though they know he's a lying con-artist they can't actually trust to look out for them when the chips are down. So he's looking for sympathy from them - saying he's just as hard-done by as they are, and they need to stick it to everyone they resent - liberals, Blacks, women, those who follow laws. It's a story, rather than a sincere attempt to say they'll change the constitution.


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12. To many Republicans,Making America Great Again means
Fri Sep 18, 2020, 05:10 PM
Sep 2020

returning to the days when straight Christian white men ruled supreme. I say, Never Again.

Ms. Toad

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14. It is a ludicrous idea that the person holding the office of the president
Fri Sep 18, 2020, 06:04 PM
Sep 2020

has some entitlement to being revered (and that he gets a do-over if we don't sufficient idolize him).

He is our servant. Period.

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