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Thu Sep 17, 2020, 08:48 AM

My 2 Cents For Republican Officials With Young Children

If you work in the Administration or are a Republican Representative/Senator.....and you have young children, my 2 cents is to.....Get.Out.Now!!

Those young children of yours will grow into teenagers and young adults and they could very well be angry as hell that you were an enabler and supporter to this piece of filth that we have sitting in The Oval Office!

You're probably thinking "No, that could never happen because we are raising our kids with our Republican values." All I have to say to that, is two words....Claudia Conway!

Claudia was raised by Kellyanne and George in their Republican-values home, but look what happened to their family!

When your children become teenagers and young adults, they will not continue to parrot you....they will learn things from outside the household as they grow up. And as they grow up, they will form their own opinions

I am sure that many of you know deep down (maybe not even that deep down), that you are working for or supporting someone who is cruel, vindictive, unintelligent, a liar, a bigot, a racist, a misogynist, a bully, a con man, and a bumbling fool! Is it really worth it to you that enabling this piece of excrement could cause real damage in your relationship with your child/ren in the future??

If you're in the Administration, get out now! If you're a Republican Representative or Senator, just stop supporting him, and start speaking up against him!

Be the person that your future teenager/young adult will be proud of! Just imagine later in life, that even though there was a time you stood by Drumpf, they will be SO proud of you for waking up and making such a bold and brave decision to divorce yourself of him and that you put your conscience and integrity and country over everything else!

Think long and hard about it

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