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Mon Sep 24, 2012, 06:39 PM

"I don't understand journalism at all"

B) Removed a personal diary of a U.S. Ambassador that might have contained classified and/or top secret infomation (i.e. the names of individuals in Libya who are cooperating with the United States. That sort of information could get someone killed.

And didn't publish any of said classified info which, let's be honest, a professional probably wouldn't be putting in his personal diary en clair anyway; it'd be in some sort of code, precisely because of security concerns; however since CNN didn't publish any classified information which may harm US interests or intelligence assets, this is a non-point.

C) Read the diary of a deceased person before offering to return it to that person's next of kin. Regardless of the existence of A or B above, it was a total dick move.

We're not talking about "a deceased person", we're talking about a US ambassador murdered by an angry mob of violent extremists. His concerns regarding his personal safety and security arrangements are of public interest. Any journalist who had such a diary in his possession, and didn't read it, should quit his job and go to work selling insurance or something, because he's clearly not cut out to be a journalist. Public interest trumps anything like "family concern" in a case like this.

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