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progressive nobody

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Wed Aug 26, 2020, 04:25 PM Aug 2020

The federal Government has known that white supremacist have been infiltrating

local and state police for years. Nothing was done.

I am ashamed of my country. We all let these gangrene sickness of racism fester saying it's only a few Americans. We placed a Band-aide political correctness to keep us from have the ugly conversations. Shows like All in the Family and the patriot Archie Bucker-who learned how wrong his narrow-minded and racists attitude got a huge adjustment by the end of the episode-was wrong and couldn't be seen.

We continued to minimize the terrorism and recruitment by these "Militias" and racists.

We need to realize that the 35-40% that constantly give Trump his approval rating are racists some unfortunately do not realize they are truly racists because it was How they had been raised and we just socialize with those people. My mother almost 85 years old come from that history. who had to be talked into voting for President Obama. BUT the vast majority of these people are racists and should no longer be allowed to be accepted.

I AM NOT CALLING FOR VIOLENCE. Let me repeat- I am not calling for violence of any sort. I am calling for us to Say no more. To no longer. I don't want to see reporter bush off an unacceptable comment. I am tired of reports being seen in the back of a newspaper or websites that mainstream individuals.



I wear the Safety pin whenever I am out. I try to stand by my principals I am not perfect. yes, I have been afraid at times but no longer

The federal Government has known that white supremacist have been infiltrating (Original Post) progressive nobody Aug 2020 OP
+1. They should have locked up the Bundy Militia as a starter years ago. Hoyt Aug 2020 #1
+1 2naSalit Aug 2020 #2
they should have locked these militias when i was a boy 1960s AllaN01Bear Aug 2020 #3
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