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Thu Jul 30, 2020, 07:25 AM

A racist dog whistle of epic proportions...

Trump’s move to repeal the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule in an attempt to reintroduce segregation to suburbs is a racist dog whistle of epic proportions that, I suspect, in 2020 will not work the way he thinks it will. Trump and his sycophantic syphilitic nazi enablers live in white supremacist bubble that is nothing like the landscape of most peoples lived reality, and even if suburbia has never felt challenged on race relations in any real meaningful sense to effect change in the wider community, there is a big difference between that and actively wanting to live an all-white experience. To be fair heading back to Jim Crow will work with his basest of base, but most people, in the year of the murder of George Floyd and BLM have spent time exploring the relationship between POC and the state and the disproportionality of state violence against certain communities. (White) Suburban mum and dad are not deaf or blind to these discussions, though the racist prick in the white house obviously thinks they must be – in the same way he is. He wants them to be scared of the ‘big black bogey man’ that only he can save them from *rolls eyes*. He is measuring them against his standards of ethics and morality – as in assuming they have none but I think he may find that many in suburbia in 2020 understand the optics of this aggressively racist policy much better than he does…

Meanwhile back on planet normal the white, black and brown people of suburbia (cause in reality suburbia is not the exclusive white space that the racist in chief perceives it to be) see covid-19 infection rates continue to explode, death rates continue to climb, the republicans trying to reduce unemployment payments to the point that kids across the land will be living in food poverty, the economy is in the tank, job instability is very real and children are about to be sent to potential death camps when schools reopen next month, so yeah, lets see how Jim Crow works for him in November. Hazarding a guess that it will not make one single dent in his cratering polls.

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