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Fri Jul 10, 2020, 11:39 AM

Or as I like to call it, gaslighting away democracy

This is exactly what Trump has tried and failed, to date, to do. Of course, there are a couple of things which have stalled his king like status, firstly, they really are an incompetent bunch of wankers and showed their hand with things like troops on the streets, firing at peaceful protesters. Secondly, it seems like SCOTUS does still like the constitution and having been told by them he is not above the law has shown the emperor that he really does not have any clothes! Thankfully, he has not had the time to reinforce the endogroup sufficiently to turn his presidency into a dictatorship endoreality before November. We are witness to him trying to divide to conquer into the right wing devout and the left wing blasphemous, but this is having limited impact in the time of Covid-19 and BLM. At this point it is difficult to conceive that Trump will be re-elected in November, but if he does the negative endo-ideal (or as I like to call it, gaslighting away democracy) will be a very real thing indeed. Trump his backers and enablers will do everything in their power, legal, illegal, and treasonous to try and win the election, by foul means over fair. Voter suppression, delegitimising the result, divide and conquer, Russia, probably China and loads more will be used so Emperor Trump can continue to claim to the world that he actually does have clothes, all the while taking the opportunity to define democracy in the negative.

This is why he needs to be defeated by such a big number that the whole gaslighting of democracy gets nuked for many generations to come.

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