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Tue Sep 18, 2012, 11:33 AM

JFK had RFK go down to Atlanta to get MLK out of jail in 1960.

HBO documentary called 'Sing Your Song' about the life of Harry Belafonte.

It covers his life especially during the early Civil Rights movement.

I never knew this, but he goes onto saying in the documtary that in 1960, MLK was arrested in Atlanta for a traffic stop but they trumped up charges and were going to sentence him to work on the chain gang.

Belafonte and others in the movement went to the 2 running Presidential candidates and Nixon ignored them, while the Kennedys did something. JFK made RFK go down to Atlanta and got MLK out of jail.


Ben Stein has been another right wing propagandist who disingenuously pushes this MLK myth. During his regular segment on CBS Sunday Morning a few years ago Ben Stein made the claim that it was southern evangelicals that supported Martin Luther King Jr.

Of course what Mr Stein conveniently leaves out is that it was almost exclusively other southern black ministers that supported Mr King. The evangelical leaders of Ben Stein's ilk... Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson... et al., were very critical of MLK and opposed him at every turn.

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