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Sat Mar 21, 2020, 02:06 PM Mar 2020

The Wallet.

It's a tight squeeze trying to cash your paycheck in a half hour lunch break and riding with a co-worker who humps Trump's hinie all the way through heavy traffic.

We cashed our checks, rushed to the truck to get back in time to clock in but this co-worker stops me:

"Where's my effin wallet?"

We search the truck it's not there. He goes in the bank, it's not there either.

He is going nuclear with the loud expletives. He gets back to the truck and gets all racial about Mexicans, the parking lot full of migrant workers cashing their checks just like us.

I know they could hear him, beyond cringeworthy. I just sat there, used soft tones trying to get him to chill out when I saw a Mexican woman approaching my window:

"Is this your wallet?" He reaches out rudely, grabs it firmly, opened the wallet and his effen eleven hundred dollars intact. He didn't even thank her.

Stereotype SHATTERED!

No Donald Dump, they aren't all thieves and rapists.

The Wallet. (Original Post) nilesobek Mar 2020 OP
All that monster knows is projecting saidsimplesimon Mar 2020 #1


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1. All that monster knows is projecting
Sat Mar 21, 2020, 02:14 PM
Mar 2020

on others his own deepest, most disgusting traits. He is a proven thief, liar, racist and disrespectful womanizer, unworthy of the office the Russians stole for him and their mafia interests.

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