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Wed Mar 18, 2020, 08:04 AM

Covid19 & Rain, Vitamin C, Fels Naptha, Listerine, Cold Water

What does rain do to the corona virus 19?, wash it away, cleanse surfaces like cars, handrails, mailboxes, outside equipment, door handles? or make it worse as it spreads it about? Seems like the former to me, thus perhaps making sense to shop or go about outdoor business shortly after a rain or maybe during it.
Taking vitamin C supplements, to some of us, has been standard practice to ward off or inhibit the flu, and to help maintain or increase immuno efficiency. 250 mg daily, or a full 500 mg tablet. Juice will do it too, but has sugar while tablets do not.
Fels Naptha soap is a strong soap & I wonder if it would deactivate the virus better. Made by purel I thinks. Leave a residue on hands by rinsing only once or twice.
Listerine and other mouthwashes, 25% alcohol, kills mouth bacteria and would help maintain higher immuno efficiency. I read that a 60% alcohol solution is needed to prevent covid19. A 60% alcohol solution is 120 proof and enough to kill some humans in itself if taken in excess. Beer at 6% was taken in middle ages in lieu of water since beer was safer to drink due bacteria killing ability. Why is 25% alcohol mouthwash not recommended?
Does cold water wash work as well as warm water? Why not he asked. Both reduce surface tension with soap, and one wonders whether warm water enhances survival etc..

PS: and do away with lengthy drive in tests for covid19, they are asinine imo. On tv last night said hundreds of cars waiting hours to get a drive thru test swabbing. Idling cars use 1/2 gallon gas per hour, all those cars creeping bumper to bumper for hours creates noxious exhaust fumes which people breathe, add pollution to global warming. Replace with parking lots and walk ins - give incoming cars and people a 'ticket' with a number on it and move up to a room or tent as the number comes up and is flashed on a large screen.

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