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Wed Mar 11, 2020, 09:39 AM

If you look at Wikipedia's "Recent Deaths" page frequently, there's 7 instances of COVID-19 on it

...and it's only March 11:


Yevgeny Barilovich, 87, Russian naval officer, Hero of the Soviet Union.[1] (death announced on this date)
Sir Rob Fenwick, 68, New Zealand environmentalist and businessman, cancer.[2]

Alessandro Criscuolo, 82, Italian jurist, President of the Constitutional Court (2014–2016).[3]
Hyun Kil-un, 80, South Korean writer, cancer.[4]
Bintou Malloum, 73, Chadian diplomat.[5]
Marcelo Peralta, 59, Argentine saxophonist, COVID-19.[6]
Beba Selimović, 80, Bosnian sevdalinka singer.[7]
Jeff Taylor, 60, American basketball player (Houston Rockets, Detroit Pistons, Norrköping Dolphins).[8] (death announced on this date)

Abdel-Razak al-Yehiyeh, 90, Palestinian politician.[9]
John Bathersby, 83, Australian Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Brisbane (1991–2011), Bishop of Cairns (1986–1991).[10]
Allen Bellman, 95, American comic book artist (Captain America).[11]
Anton Coppola, 102, American orchestra conductor and composer.[12]
Italo De Zan, 94, Italian racing cyclist, COVID-19.[13]
Suleiman Dori, 42, Kenyan politician, MP (since 2013), cancer.[14]
Barney Eastwood, 87, Irish boxing promoter and bookmaker.[15]
Richard K. Guy, 103, British mathematician (Winning Ways for your Mathematical Plays, Strong Law of Small Numbers).[16]
José Jiménez Lozano, 89, Spanish writer, Miguel de Cervantes Prize winner (2002).[17]
Keith Olsen, 74–75, American record producer, sound engineer and musician (The Music Machine).[18]
Mohammad-Reza Rahchamani, 67, Iranian physician and politician, MP (1984–2000), COVID-19.[19]
John Schneebichler, 61, Australian footballer (South Adelaide, Glenelg, South Australia), cancer.[20]
Eric Taylor, 70, American folk singer-songwriter.[21]

H. R. Bhardwaj, 82, Indian politician, Minister of Law and Justice (2004–2009), Governor of Karnataka (2009–2014) and Kerala (2012–2013), cardiac arrest.[22]
Wayne Bridges, 83, British professional wrestler (ASW).[23]
Eremein, 18, Australian thoroughbred.[24]
Jan-Henrik Fredriksen, 63, Norwegian politician, MP (2005–2017).[25]
Coco Hotahota, 78–79, French Polynesian dancer and choreographer.[26]
Salleh Ibrahim, 72, Malaysian footballer (Kelantan, Singapore FA, national team), liver disease.[27]
Yukimitsu Kano, 87, Japanese judoka, President of the All Japan Judo Federation (1980–2009).[28]
Challace McMillin, 77, American college football coach (James Madison Dukes).[29]
Vijayan Pillai, 65, Indian politician, MLA (since 2016).[30]
Luis Racionero, 80, Spanish writer, Director of National Library (2001–2004).[31]
David Rogers, 64, American racing driver, Winston Racing Series champion (1994), complications from lymphoma.[32]
Max von Sydow, 90, Swedish-born French actor (The Seventh Seal, The Exorcist, Pelle the Conqueror).[33]
Johnny Yune, 83, South Korean-American actor (They Call Me Bruce?, Nothing in Common, They Still Call Me Bruce) and comedian, cerebral hemorrhage.[34]

K. Anbazhagan, 97, Indian politician, MP (1962–1967) and MLA (1957–1962, 1971–1991, 1996–2011).[35]
Mart Crowley, 84, American playwright (The Boys in the Band), complications from heart surgery.[36]
William Benner Enright, 94, American jurist, Judge of the U.S. District Court for Southern California (since 1972).[37]
Susan Hammer, 81, American politician, Mayor of San Jose (1991–1999).[38]
Nelson Leirner [pt], 88, Brazilian visual artist.[39]
John Manners, 105, English Royal Navy officer and cricketer (Hampshire, MCC).[40]
Jair Marinho, 83, Brazilian footballer (Fluminense, Corinthians, national team), World Cup winner (1962).[41]
Adamou Ndam Njoya, 77, Cameroonian author and politician, founder and president of the Cameroon Democratic Union (since 1991), mayor of Foumban (1996–2020).[42]
Arnaldo de Oliveira Sales, 100, Hong Kong community leader, chairman of the Urban Council (1973–1981).[43]
Jim Owen, 78, American country singer-songwriter.[44]
Kanakorn Pianchana, 50, Thai judge, suicide by gunshot.[45]
Earl Pomerantz, 75, Canadian-born American television writer and producer (Major Dad), aneurysm.[46]
Fatemeh Rahbar, 56, Iranian politician, MP (2004–2016), COVID-19.[47]
David Rainford, 51, British quiz contestant (Eggheads).[48]
Laura Smith, 67, Canadian folk singer-songwriter, cancer.[49]
Matthew Watkins, 41, Welsh rugby union player (Newport, Scarlets, national team), pelvic cancer.[50]
Houshang Zarif, 81, Iranian tar player, heart failure.[51]

Amanullah, 70, Pakistani actor (Khabarnaak, One Two Ka One, Na Maloom Afraad) and comedian, lung and kidney failure.[52]
Charlie Baty, 66, American blues guitarist (Little Charlie & the Nightcats).[53]
Anne-Marie Berglund, 68, Finnish-born Swedish writer.[54]
Stanislav Bogdanovich, 27, Ukrainian chess grandmaster, nitrous oxide overdose.[55]
Jack Buechner, 79, American politician, member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1987–1991).[56]
Bélgica Castro, 99, Chilean actress (Little White Dove, Old Cats, La Recta Provincia).[57]
Norm Fieldgate, 88, Canadian Hall of Fame football player (Regina Rams, BC Lions) and executive.[58]
Ed Ingles, 87, American sportscaster (WCBS, Hofstra Pride, New York Jets).[59]
Magdaleno Mercado, 75, Mexican footballer (Club Atlas, national team).[60]
David Paul, 62, American actor (The Barbarians, Double Trouble, Twin Sitters), television personality and bodybuilder .[61]
Ed Renwick, 81, American political scientist.[62]
Henri Richard, 84, Canadian Hall of Fame ice hockey player (Montreal Canadiens), 11-time Stanley Cup champion.[63]
Clif Richardson, 75, American politician, member of the Louisiana House of Representatives (2008–2013), heart attack.[64]
Elinor Ross, 93, American operatic soprano.[65]
Peter Smith, 76, English Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of East Anglia (1995–2001), Archbishop of Cardiff (2001–2010) and Southwark (2010–2019), cancer.[66]
Danny Tidwell, 35, American dancer and reality television contestant (So You Think You Can Dance), traffic collision.[67]
Tom Turnipseed, 83, American politician, member of the South Carolina Senate (1976–1980).[68]
McCoy Tyner, 81, American jazz pianist (Inception, The Real McCoy, Song for My Lady).[69]
Géza Ütő, 90, Hungarian Olympic rower (1956).[70]
Patrick Wright, Baron Wright of Richmond, 88, British diplomat and life peer.[71]

Katcho Achadjian, 68, American politician, member of the California State Assembly (2010–2016).[72]
Solomon Berewa, 81, Sierra Leonean politician, Vice-President (2002–2007).[73]
Emilio Caprile, 91, Italian footballer (Genoa, Juventus, national team).[74]
Lambros Comitas, 92, American anthropologist.[75]
Troy Collings, 33, New Zealand travel executive, heart attack.[76] (death announced on this date)
Jeanette Fitzsimons, 75, New Zealand politician and environmentalist, co-leader of the Green Party (1995–2009) and MP (1996–2010), stroke.[77]
Gray Kunz, 53, Singaporean-born Swiss restaurateur, stroke.[78]
Wanderley Machado, 81, Brazilian footballer (Levante, Málaga, Hércules).[79]
Marnie, 18, American Shih Tzu dog and social media celebrity.[80]
Jimmy McDowell, 93, American sports journalist (The Commercial Appeal, The Times (Trenton)) and executive, director of the National Football Foundation.[81]
Levan Moseshvili, 79, Georgian basketball player, Olympic silver medalist (1964).[82]
Antonio Nardini, 98, Italian historian and author.[83]
Rip Oliver, 67, American professional wrestler (PNW), heart failure.[84]
Don Pavletich, 81, American baseball player (Cincinnati Reds).[85]
Antonio Permunian, 89, Swiss footballer (Bellinzona, Luzern, national team).[86]
Potturi Venkateswara Rao, 86, Indian Telugu journalist (Eenadu).[87]
Jean-Luc Seigle, 64, French dramatist and screenwriter (The Carriers Are Waiting), cardiac arrest.[88]
Hossein Sheikholeslam, 67, Iranian politician, MP (2004–2008) and Ambassador to Syria (1998–2003), COVID-19.[89]
Alejandro Sieveking, 85, Chilean playwright and theatre director.[90]
Michael Anthony Telesca, 90, American jurist, Judge of the U.S. District Court for Western New York (since 1982).[91]
Ranka Velimirović, 79, Serbian film producer.[92]

Hesham Ashmawy, 41–42, Egyptian convicted terrorist, execution by hanging.[93]
David Bentley, 84, British Anglican prelate, Bishop of Gloucester (1993–2003).[94]
Adelaide Chiozzo, 88, Brazilian actress and accordionist.[95]
Helen Courtney, 67, New Zealand cartoonist and illustrator.[96]
Serge Desličres, 72, Canadian politician.[97]
Stratis Haviaras, 84, Greek-American writer and poet.[98]
Amo Houghton, 93, American glass executive (Corning Inc.) and politician, member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1987–2005).[99]
Ivan Lee, 63–64, Australian Anglican bishop, Bishop of the Western Region (2003–2019).[100]
Jacques Leibowitch, 77, French medical researcher.[101]
Kerry Marshall, 81, New Zealand politician, mayor of Richmond (1986–1989), Tasman (1989–1998), and Nelson (2007–2010).[102]
Barbara Martin, 76, American singer (The Supremes).[103]
Frank McLaughlin, 84, American comics artist (Judomaster, Gil Thorp).[104]
Úna O'Connor, 83, Irish camogie player (Dublin, Celtic).[105]
Jean Payne, 80, Canadian politician, MP (1993–1997).[106]
Javier Pérez de Cuéllar, 100, Peruvian diplomat and politician, Secretary-General of the United Nations (1982–1991), Prime Minister (2000–2001).[107]
Robert Shavlakadze, 86, Georgian high jumper, Olympic champion (1960).[108]
Alexey Sorokin, 97, Russian military officer and politician, Admiral of the Fleet (1988–1992) and Deputy (1989–1991).[109]
Rosalind P. Walter, 95, American riveter and philanthropist, namesake of Rosie the Riveter.[110]
Bill Young, 88, Australian footballer (St Kilda).[111]

Mohammad Haj Abolghasemi, 71, Iranian military commander (Basij), COVID-19.[112]
Božidar Alić, 65, Croatian actor (Operation Stadium, The Third Key, Long Dark Night).[113]
Bobbie Battista, 67, American journalist (CNN), cervical cancer.[114]
Réginald Bélair, 70, Canadian politician, MP (1988–2004).[115]
Alain Bertrand, 69, French politician, Senator (2011, since 2012) and mayor of Mende, Lozčre (2008–2016).[116]
Minoru Betsuyaku, 82, Japanese writer, pneumonia.[117]
Roscoe Born, 69, American actor (One Life to Live, Santa Barbara, The Young and the Restless).[118]
CC, 18, American tabby cat, first cloned pet, kidney failure.[119]
Alf Cranner, 83, Norwegian folk singer.[120]
Michel Cullin, 75, French diplomat and writer.[121]
Freimut Duve, 83, German politician and author, MP (1980–1998).[122]
Mother Tekla Famiglietti, 83, Italian nun, Abbess General of the Bridgettines (1981–2016).[123]
Georges Fontčs, 96, French politician, MP (1986) and mayor of Béziers (1983–1989).[124]
Wendell Goler, 71, American journalist (Fox News), kidney failure.[125]
Stanisław Kania, 92, Polish politician, First Secretary of the Polish United Workers' Party (1980–1981), pneumonia and heart failure.[126]
Suddhananda Mahathero, 87, Bangladeshi Buddhist monk and social worker.[127]
Günther Müller, 95, German conductor.[128]
Nicolas Portal, 40, French racing cyclist, sporting director of Team Sky (since 2013), heart attack.[129]
Nicholas Tucci, 38, American actor (You're Next).[130]
Charles J. Urstadt, 91, American real estate executive and investor.[131]
David Wise, 65, American television writer (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Transformers, Defenders of the Earth), lung cancer.[132]

Elizabeth Nelson Adams, 79, American artist and poet.[133]
Bahamian Bounty, 26, British racehorse and sire.[134] (death announced on this date)
Tabea Blumenschein, 67, German actress (Die Tödliche Doris) and painter.[135]
Rafael Cancel Miranda, 89, Puerto Rican independence leader and convicted attempted murderer (1954 United States Capitol shooting incident).[136]
Henry N. Cobb, 93, American architect (Pei Cobb Freed & Partners).[137]
René Coicou, 84, Haitian-born Canadian politician, mayor of Gagnon (1973–1985).[138]
Viktor Josef Dammertz, 90, German Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Augsburg (1992–2004).[139]
Charles E. Freeman, 86, American attorney, Chief Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court (1997–2000).[140]
William Johnson, 88, Canadian journalist and author, president of Alliance Quebec (1998–2000).[141]
Yannis Katsafados [el], 84, Greek lawyer and politician, MP (1974–1981) and MEP (1981).[142]
Edward Kwabi, Ghanaian journalist (TV3 Ghana).[143]
James Lipton, 93, American television host (Inside the Actors Studio), actor (Arrested Development) and writer (Guiding Light), bladder cancer.[144]
Farrell McElgunn, 88, Irish politician, Senator (1969–1973), MEP (1973).[145]
Mohammad Mirmohammadi, 70, Iranian politician, member of the Expediency Discernment Council (since 2012), COVID-19.[146]
Barbara Neely, 78, American author (Blanche on the Lam).[147]
Vera Pless, 88, American mathematician.[148]
David Schurmann, 76, British-born Canadian actor (The Best Man Holiday).[149]
Vladimir Shuralyov, 84, Russian military officer, Deputy Minister of Defence (1990–1991), traffic collision.[150]
Tim Skelly, 69, American video game designer and programmer (Warrior, Rip-Off, Reactor).[151]
Chuck Trimble, 84, American journalist and Oglala Lakota activist, executive director of the National Congress of American Indians.[152]
Ulay, 76, German performance artist, cancer.[153]
Susan Weinert, 54, German guitarist.[154]
Suat Yalaz, 88, Turkish comic book artist (Karaoğlan).[155]

István Balsai, 72, Hungarian jurist and politician, Minister of Justice (1990–1994), MP (1990–2011).[156]
Clara D. Bloomfield, 77, American physician and cancer researcher.[157]
Carsten Bresch, 98, German physicist and geneticist.[158]
Laura Caldwell, 52, American novelist and lawyer, breast cancer.[159]
Ernesto Cardenal, 95, Nicaraguan Roman Catholic priest and poet (The Gospel in Solentiname).[160]
John Currier, 68, American vice admiral, Vice Commandant of the United States Coast Guard (2012–2014).[161]
Sven Ivar Dysthe, 88, Norwegian furniture designer.[162]
Richard Gamez, 66, American jockey, fall from horse.[163]
Pa Kasumu, 66, Nigerian actor.[164]
Jacques Lesourne, 91, French economist, director of Le Monde (1991–1994).[165]
Stefan Lindqvist, 52, Swedish footballer (Halmstad, IFK Göteborg, national team), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.[166]
Timothy Moynihan, 78, American politician, member of the Connecticut House of Representatives (1975–1986).[167]
Siamand Rahman, 31, Iranian powerlifter, Paralympic champion (2012, 2016), heart attack.[168]
Jan Vyčítal, 77, Czech caricaturist and country music singer-songwriter.[169]
Jack Welch, 84, American business executive and chemical engineer, CEO of General Electric (1981–2001), kidney failure.[170]
Peter Wieland, 89, German singer and entertainer.[171]

That's just famous and semi-famous people...

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Dennis Donovan Mar 2020 OP
unc70 Mar 2020 #1
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Response to Dennis Donovan (Original post)

Wed Mar 11, 2020, 09:51 AM

1. Lots of iranian political leaders

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Response to unc70 (Reply #1)

Wed Mar 11, 2020, 05:53 PM

2. Their VP has it now.

The virus might succeed where the anti-IRGC protesters failed.

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