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Wed Jan 22, 2020, 04:23 PM

How Americans can force Republican senators to dump Trump - stop ignoring talk radio

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It's the ONLY unique advantage they have.

Dem managers just need to throw in a 'limbaugh' once in a while.

"Well, that's what Limbaugh keeps saying" equals "You are a lying sack of shit."

Most Republicans know Limbaugh and 200 parrots and 1500 talk radio stations is where all this shit started and why Trump beat establishment candidates like Bush, Rubio, Cruz. Whether they believe the lies or not all Republican politicians know Trump's defenses are based largely on the oft-repeated regurgitations from Lmbaugh's bowels.

And unless Dr Fiona Hill is an idiot, it is clear, possibly to some Republicans, that Russians have been using talk radio.

The Republican messaging braintrust, the liar geniuses like Karl Rove, love it when Democrats blame Fox year after year and ignore the 1500 coordinated radio stations that follow Limbaugh's leadership. The ignorance of talk radio is even more dangerous and stupid the last decade, since the Kremlin figured out how to feed it with guys like Jerome Corsi and more recently John Solomon. "It's the radio, stupid" would have been more accurate than "It's the economy, stupid". The constant blaming of Fox by city-dwelling Democrats in media and politics today while ignoring talk radio is the biggest political mistake in history.

Republicans know:

---who the real senate enforcer is
---who controls the hard core Trump base
---that Mick Mulvaney and Stephen Miller are proud admitted dittoheads
---that's where House Republican Trumpers are coming from
---why Republicans still can't admit global warming is real
---that Trump channels Limbaugh
---Limbaugh works for Trump now, and maybe Putin
---Trump would be out without Limbaugh making excuses for him every day, attacking his critics, and blowing in his sails
---Fox is the cartoon Cliff Notes for talk radio
---the radio is where the unchallenged repetition used to create the big lies and alternate reality is done

Republican senators get the message when Trump praises Limbaugh, and why he paraded him at the golf course the day after the Mueller Report was released. And more recently the weekend before Christmas, when senators were headed home to think about impeachment and Trump allowed press to release a photo of him having lunch with his neighbor Limbaugh.

Limbaugh is Trump's political 2x4.

While bemoaning close elections and voter suppression most Democrats and the media and Democratic leadership seem to have no fucking clue why they keep getting their asses kicked.

Here's some simple math for those who complain about money in politics or suggest all we need to do is ramp up GOTV once again, but this time REALLY ramp it up. If Trump/Putin/McConnell would pay $1000/hr for radio infomercials, 1200 radio stations x 15hrs/day would be worth about $5BIL/year FREE to them, paid for by advertisers who need to be hearing shit everyday for what they support, until the only ones left are those that will tell their advertising agencies they love Trump.

Republican senators 'on the fence' are much more afraid of being named by Limbaugh than tweeted at by Trump. If they thought Democrats finally stopped ignoring talk radio they'd be a lot braver.

House prosecution managers only need to say "Limbaugh" a few times to pull the rug off the giant pile of shit in the middle of the Senate floor.

Americans need to boycott the crap out of every advertiser on every RW radio station anywhere. Stations need to be protested if they're in the right places.

Better yet, the 87 universities that broadcast sports on 260 Lmbaugh stations are good easy places to protest where success can effect multiple limbaugh stations, doing what activists at the University of Colorado just did in forcing the loudest radio station in Colorado to demote Limbaugh to a lesser station because they preferred to keep CU football games over Lmbaugh.

Below are 87 universities where protests will portend the end of the RW radio monopoly and the Limbaugh hold on the Republican party and greatly diminish Trump and McConnell. They will compound disaster for Republican senators who will not only need those stations to help them in reelections if they vote for Trump, they will be glad they won't be there to attack them in primaries.

Look at the value of just the Lmbaugh stations in states where pivotal senators are and how much it would be worth if they see those schools discussing this issue, with advertisers heading for the hills and the advertising industry having to ask all radio advertisers if they really support Trump.

WHAT IS REPUBLICON RADIO WORTH to GOP senators and what are those universities endorsing?
If the GOP would pay $1000 for a 1 hour infomercial:
x 15 hours/day = $15,000/station/day
x 5 days = $75,000/station/week

ALABAMA 8 Lmbaugh stations -$600,000 Auburn 3, Alabama 2, Southern Alabama 2, Troy 1
ARIZONA 1 $75,000 Arizona St. 1
ARKANSAS 3 $225,000 Arkansas 3
CALIFORNIA 5 $375,000 San Jose State 2, USC 2, Fresno St. 1
COLORADO 3 $225,000 Air Force 2, Colorado State 1
CONNECTICUT 1 $75,000 Connecticut 1
FLORIDA 20 $1,500,000 Florida 10, Florida St. 4 Miami 2, South Florida 2, Central Florida 2
GEORGIA 14 $1,050,000 Georgia 7, Georgia Tech 5, Georgia Southern 2
IDAHO 7 $525,000 Boise St. 4, Idaho 3
ILLINOIS 7 $525,000 Illinois 7
INDIANA 11 $825,000 Notre Dame 6, Purdue 4, Indiana 1
IOWA 5 $375,000 Iowa 4, Iowa St. 1
KANSAS 4 $300,000 Kansas St. 2, Kansas 1, Wichita St. 1
KENTUCKY 3 $225,000 Louisville 2, Kentucky 1
LOUSIANA 3 $225,000 LSU 2, La.-Monroe 1
MARYLAND 2 $150,000 Maryland 2
MASSACHUSETTS 1 $75,000 Boston College 1
MICHIGAN 19 $1,425,000 Michigan St. 11, Michigan 7, Western Michigan 1
MINNESOTA 4 $300,000 Minnesota 4
MISSISSIPPI 6 $450,000 Mississippi St. 3, Mississippi 2, Southern Miss 1
MISSOURI 6 $450,000 Missouri 6
NEBRASKA 6 $450,000 Nebraska 6
NEVADA 1 $75,000 Nevada 1
NEW JERSEY 2 $150,000 Rutgers 1, Seton Hall 1
NEW MEXICO 3 $225,000 New Mexico 2, New Mexico St. 1
NEW YORK 7 $525,000 Syracuse 6, Army 1
NORTH CAROLINA 16 $1,200,000 North Carolina 8, North Carolina State 3, Duke 3, East Carolina 2
OHIO 10 $750,000 Ohio St. 6, Toledo 1, Dayton 1, Bowling Green 1, Xavier 1
OKLAHOMA 5 $375,000 Oklahoma St. 3, Oklahoma 1, Oral Roberts 1
OREGON 12 $900,000 Oregon St. 7, Oregon 5
PENNSYLVANIA 14 $1,050,000 Penn St. 11, Pittsburgh 2, Temple 1
SOUTH CAROLINA 4 $300,000 South Carolina 2, Clemson 2
TENNESSEE 7 $525,000 Tennessee 4, Memphis 3
TEXAS 16 $1,200,000 Texas A&M 9, Texas Tech 4, Texas 1, Texas Christian 1, Baylor 1
UTAH 1 $75,000 Utah St. 1
VIRGINIA 6 $450,000 Virginia Tech 5, Virginia 1
WASHINGTON 6 $450,000 Washington 5, Washington St. 1
WEST VIRGINIA 2 $150,000 West Virginia 1, Marshall 1
WISCONSIN 3 $225,000 Wisconsin 3

If the GOP would pay $1000 for a 1 hour infomercial:

x 15 hours/day = $15,000/station/day
x 5 days = $75,000/station/week
x 52 weeks =$3.9MIL/station/year
x 1200 stations = $18MIL/DAY
x 5 days/week = $90MIL/WEEK
x 52 weeks = $4.68BIL/YEAR
paid for by national and local advertisers

And endorsed by those 87 universities that have no excuse for supporting radio stations that deny global warming, support Trump, and try to defund public education.

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