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Fri Jan 17, 2020, 10:34 AM

It's not a bug, it's the feature.

He knows exactly what hes doing, who his target audience is and where his vote bank is.

Bigotry, xenophobia and nativism wins you elections right now. It is a very strong political currency among a revitalised underbelly of dreadful, horrible, hate filled people.

They vote for him because they relish the chanting, the concentration camps, the rise in hate crimes, the roll back of rights for minority communities, the stealing of female agency, the breakdown of a nation of laws, the lies, the sexual assaults, the nazi chants, killing of brown people, stealing, lying, nepotism and the all-round deep hole of ethics free conduct. They vote not in spite of this but because of it. This level of awful feeds their last century delusions of supremacy.

For the rest of us this is a problem (Soph says in the understatement of the century). His daily gaslighting of the world, to keep his bollocks base of badness on side, the torrent of lies, vile bile and spurious whataboutery is in danger of leading to a level of desensitisation where hate becomes the new normal. He knows that keeping needed levels of outrage alive in the face of a literal daily onslaught of horror, is exhausting, particularly as his horrid raises the bar on appalling every single day he is in office.

He has no limits. That is why the founding fathers placed limits, to save the constitution from people exactly like him. However as republicans now define themselves by Trump, sad fuckers that they are, they will not bring him to task for his illegal conduct and when there is no accountability for people like Trump it gives them explicit permission to continue with impunity, that is his strategy. His nationalism, white supremacy, disregard for the rule of law and all-round hideousness is being normalised before our very eyes, and this filters down to local communities putting us all at risk.

America faces very real challenges. The climate crisis, inequality, stagnant wages, student debt - the list goes on. Rather than address these serious problems, Trump uses hate-filled rhetoric to divide America by race, religion, and ancestry.
Tom Steyer

If they continue to vote for him, they are him. That is what he is relying on.

This time in history we are living through sucks.

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Reply It's not a bug, it's the feature. (Original post)
Soph0571 Jan 2020 OP
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Response to Soph0571 (Original post)

Fri Jan 17, 2020, 10:43 AM

1. He tells them/demands they ignore things they don't like or understand

They can tell those "libtards" to get out of their face because "their pResident" agrees with them and FREEDOM!

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Response to Soph0571 (Original post)

Fri Jan 17, 2020, 12:02 PM

2. Excellent!

Thank you for sharing your insights and I share some of them. You have obviously been paying close attention to the big picture.

In order to come to grips with our current fiasco, it may be helpful to remember that there are cyclic occurrences of what we might call, times that really suck. It would be rather idealistic or utopian to ignore that.

The dynamics of life itself reveal that Taoist image of the Yin-Yang fish. They are at once simultaneous in the symbol and also chasing each other in revolutions while also containing the seed of each in the other. When we are overly idealistic, there can be an imbalance in our own interpretations and thinking if we don't intuit the reciprocal process, where it is at, and what our part is in the revolutions at any particular time. In that case, we can see, in our lives and culture the polarization that occurs, the relationship, and the dynamic tension that naturally builds up during an increasing exaggeration of the apparent separation, (and relationship) of polar opposites. Like the proverbial coin, there are two sides that are seemingly very different, but interdependent, nonetheless.

As difficult as that may be to acknowledge in the shell of our own, polarized biases, I think recognition of that dynamic and relationship is a powerful key to any strategy that might emerge in the process and to a resolution of conflict and disharmony, (which is essential in any case and regardless of the agenda); a return to homeostasis, if you will. I think we who are liberally-minded and who value knowledge, understanding and tolerance are very capable of playing that role in this crucial conflict that we are now collectively embroiled in. It may even be our duty and destiny to divine that and embody it as we proceed.

That said, we can certainly come to grips with this in a "superior" fashion regardless of how worthy or unworthy our opponent is in the struggle. Certain value judgements that we observe as stubbornly ingrained on the "other side" remind us of how biases can be a disadvantage that blurs our vision and obscures our peripheral vision like a horse wearing blinders. The more expansive and inclusive our individual views are, the more powerful and appropriate our actions and responses will be. You can count on that.

Trump has technically thrown down a gauntlet and has made references to that effect. He has provided us all with one of the greatest challenges this country has faced, in that case. Many of us are able to put aside our reactions and loathing, (even if they seem justified) enough to realize that this person is the epitome of confidence men and is highly skilled at manipulation. That is when we begin to ask ourselves if we are also being manipulated in a way that is not, at first, obvious. We would like to think that we are not at all prone to being fooled by this pompous actor and that is where the danger lies. In cults, they have methods that utilize a person's reason, intelligence and even their resistances in order to captivate and convert them; it is that subtle and insidious. To be aware of that and know you are not immune or bullet-proof in regards to how expert manipulation actually works is the first and most important shield and defense, instead of denial of that.

We are being played. Of course. This is now a reality TV show of the thought-sphere and our politics and media are The Spectacle and far more like a Simulation than an actuality. We know that Trump has had hands-on practice with that. We break the influence and grip of his enchanting illusion by seeing how his two-edge sword of influence cuts both ways. We wake up to the tactics designed to sway us, illicit emotional reactions over thoughtful responses and then, the cognitive dissonance that he injects into our reality--filled with the venom of a narcissistic, power-hungry scorpion--resolves. We have our anti-venom and the delusions that Trump has spun start to turn to mist. Our political clarity returns and our view is 20/20.

The call to arms is to bolster our resilience and bring support to each other. We can shift from the induced shock and the habitual complaints to a calmer understanding that our democracy will not stand on its own and it will be challenged, perhaps again and again, well into the future. It is us or it is not anything at all because it is always the common will of the people with the aim of the common good and not some mere ideological phantom or a familiar buzzword we are fond of. It is the reality of everyday life and has always been We the People. To have democracy and preserve it, we have always had the formula and that is vigilance and being well informed. The rest ensues from that foundational prescription and it provides the basis for what we need in order to fend off the tyrant who writes and drools at our gates right now, clawing away and pounding on the doors of democracy, ready to impose a long reign of darkness on all who fall under his rotund, obese shadow of manipulation and corruption.

We are not going to allow that, nor will we comply with it at any point. This has to be made very clear. We can't comply with anything that threatens democracy or ignore that threat because democracy is us and we are it. It may be a fragile and growing flower of truth, justice, tolerance, fairness, (and a host of many other elevated benefits) but we are the roots and the stems and the petals and the seeds and we must flourish and continue at all costs--it represents the flowering and unfolding of humanity itself and it is precious and illuminates our lives. That is how I know we can prevail in these tumultuous times and I join you all in that knowledge. It is the knowledge that brings confidence, clarity and that provides us with the kind of strength and purpose that has proven itself to be unstoppable and a bane for tyrants who try to tread upon it.

Be Well!

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