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Thu Dec 19, 2019, 09:37 AM Dec 2019

BTRTN: GOP Impeachment Mantra -"What Does the President Want, and How Quickly Can I Get It For Him?"

Born To Run The Numbers reacts to yesterday's House "debate" leading up to the ratification of Articles of Impeachment, compiling the full list of Republican reasons to defend Trump without reservation:


Excerpts: "Each side claimed it was a sad day, but both sides willfully misrepresented why it was sad for them. Democrats said it was sad because impeachment is a monumental step and no one wants to see it used. That is true in the abstract, but not in this instance. Almost all Democrats want Trump to be impeached, and were delighted that, after the fog of the Mueller investigation, Trump handed them the smoking gun that the American public, and even Republicans, could understand and act on.
"But what was truly sad (and worse) for the Democrats was that their Republican colleagues failed to concede anything at all, not even that there was something wrong in the Ukraine fiasco. Instead they lined up and denigrated the senior Trump administration officials who dared to tell the truth..."
"Republicans, on the other hand, said it was sad because the impeachment process was a 'sham' with 'no evidence' to support it. But that’s not why it was actually a sad day for the GOP. It was a sad day for the GOP because almost every member of the party knows that there was something horribly amiss with UkraineGate, but, in the face of their own political cowardice, they were powerless to do anything about it. Some might have expected to be able to adopt a defense that made clear that Trump’s actions were indefensible, though not impeachable. But Trump would not accept this; he made it clear that unconditional support for his “perfect” call was the only acceptable defense. And he got it. And that is sad, and they all know it.
"Here are the (10) reasons the Republicans gave for voting against the articles of impeachment..."

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