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Mon Dec 9, 2019, 08:15 AM

Huckabee, private beaches and smearing the man fighting his land grab

Florida has its share of invasive species that are parasites upon God-given treasures of our state. The Burmese python. The Cuban tree frog. The soft-bellied Arkansan snake-oil-salesman — more commonly known as Mike Huckabee.
Now dear readers, y’all know the small, incestuous realm of Panhandle Republican politics is a wild and weird world that neither scientists nor psychoanalysts have yet to fully understand.

And despite the Redneck Riviera’s itty-bitty population and absence of economic power, at times it appears as if the turning and turning of the widening gyre of American political chaos could be swirling down to a central flush hole right here in the Florida Panhandle.
And speaking of flush holes, here’s the latest from Mike Huckabee that connects the sandy beaches in Northwest Florida to shady leadership in our nation's capital to the dirty-deed-doers of international politics. Oh boy!

For those not from these parts, about a decade ago, the former Arkansas governor and “Christian minister” packed up his carpet bags and moved into a $6 million beach house roughly 60 miles east of Pensacola. You know, because a $6 million dollar beach house is exactly where Jesus would have chosen to chill with his posse had he been featured on an episode of “MTV Cribs.”

In recent years, the Huckster has revealed his true identity as a closeted big-government elitist by placing himself at the center of a legal scheme to use the power of government to ban citizens from the once-public beaches in front of his house. That's not something any human should advocate for, let alone a conservative. Yet Huckabee and a small gaggle of other rich beachfront homeowners claim the God-created Gulf shores are now their personal “private property.”
Forget Christ’s Beatitudes. Mikey boy has replaced them with the Huckabeeatitudes: “Blessed are the millionaire mansion owners, for they shall inherit the beach.


<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">And in this photo, he's TWO people away from, Lev. <a href="https://t.co/EQ8DwD3MeY">pic.twitter.com/EQ8DwD3MeY</a></p>— Chip Hinkleman (@ChipHinkleman) <a href="
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