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Wed Sep 5, 2012, 10:16 AM

The CIA and Washington Post - 2001 interview with Deborah Davis

Lisa Pease's piece on Woodward is very good. Thanks for that, Octafish. I've always considered Bernstein's Rolling Stone piece (CIA and the Media) as a mea culpa for some of the narrative that he helped Woodward sell in the Watergate story.

Here's the best description I've read about the Watergate coverage...
Watergate was not, as the stereotypical myth and breathless legends go, a great moment for democracy in which a corrupt president was brought down, and a great "investigation" reformed Washington. It was an inside coup d'état, and a limited hangout, that saved Nixon and his cabal from true exposure and jail time, and helped preserve—not reform—the system that made his crimes possible.

Watergate gave the naïve public a false sense of security—the fallacy that "they" (Washington) were "cleaning up"—and ushered in a new era of corruption. Gerald Ford, J. Edgar Hoover's right hand man on the Warren Commission, became president. Ford pardoned Nixon, and selected Nelson Rockefeller as his vice president. The CIA learned how to do a better job covering up their activities and controlling information. America's corporate media, long infiltrated and controlled by government operatives, would be increasingly corrupted and corporatized, and made into the voices of the White House. The Washington Post, never a paragon of investigative reporting, became even worse with time. Bob Woodward became a buddy stenographer for the Bush presidents...


John Simkin, on 21 February 2012 - 05:50 AM, said:
Tom Fairlie wrote:
Just read Deborah Davis's book Katharine the Great: Katharine Graham and The Washington Post.

A great book. I tried to get her to participate on the forum but unfortunately, the writing of this book has frightened her off talking about the CIA.


Silent Coup by Len Colodny & Robert Gettlin, and Secret Agenda by Jim Hougan, were a couple of very good books on Watergate coverage too.

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