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Fri Nov 8, 2019, 01:02 PM

dear anonymous,

i think i have a plan to trigger 25a, in a full medical panic, that interestingly enough contains a nugget of evidence for a separate, but extremely enlightening to the m.o. of the cheato mob impeachable offence-

30 years ago i had a tia.
it was about a 20-30 minute episode. rt side of my face tingled, as did rt arm.
my language disappeared. i was speaking, but could not be understood. in the er, i looked at the signage, and i knew there were letters, but i had no clue what they meant.

and that was pretty much it. by the time i got to the er, it was almost over.
the usual emergency measures werent taken because i was pg, but i got plenty of tests, even 30 years ago.

i think it would not be hard to convince this menace that he had had a mini-stroke, and needed to go to walter reed.
a little pepper spray in his spray tan, and enough confederates to insist that they have no idea what he is saying, and he is strapped to a gurney, and it's all over.

since there is reason to suspect that you are cia, i am sure a little novacaine, maybe some other goodies, and he would go into full meltdown, we cart him off, and we are done.
all the weasels have their life raft.

the sweet thing here is that this opens up, at least to professionals, is dr ronnie feelgood's bogus physical.
he lied from the whitehouse podium, and we all know it.
and he got a reward that he was clearly not fit for.

and then we can throw in defrauding the public w his dr weirdo letter.

we can go ahead and impeach and indict and make him pay for his crimes if he can still be deemed competent for trial after his mri. honestly, that particular out would suit me just fine. only president removed from office for mental incapacity would be a most fitting place in history.
and we can impeach pence, barr, et al at our leisure.

convince me i'm wrong.

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