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Tue Oct 29, 2019, 12:33 PM

Republicans arguing re: impeachment process ignore fact that Trump's call violated standard process

Virtually everything that the Trump does or says is imbued with unmatched irony. Trump trying to find something corrupt about Biden's son while his children use the White House to line their pockets with sweetheart deals, and so on.

An so too with the latest Republican outrage about the Democratic leadership process of preparing for the impeachment;

Trump violated all of the normal national security and diplomatic processes in trying to bribe Ukraine for dirt on his political opponents, namely;

He fired a top performing diplomat without cause
He developed an outside the government avenue to negotiate with a civilian who had no State Department coordination.
He used the ambassador to the EU to try and contain and do an end run with the actual ambassador (while the EU was facing its most challenging period in its history).
He terminated his national security adviser who was blocking his "drug deal"

The Democrats process for investigating a crime has been done by the textbook

The whistleblower is equivalent to a 911 caller in a normal crime. As such the 911 caller has no evidentiary value - unless it was made by the perp. He is basically saying "I saw a body at the corner of 3rd and Maple please send cops".

The closed door hearings are equivalent to detectives talking to witnesses. Those conversations are done in private and the accused doesn't get to send his attorney into disrupt the investigation.

The hearings in the House are really equivalent to getting an indictment and not a conviction and in that sense are more like a grand jury for a normal crime but in this case the defendant will be able to question witnesses and offer a defense.

Its the Republicans who don't respect the process, and that is what allowed the crime to occur.

The Dems have continued to follow the process in a transparent and professional manner. The only material difference between the Clinton and Nixon impeachment process was that in those cases the DOJ appointed a special prosecutor who did the deposition work in private.

While he pursues terrible policies virtually all of Trump's crimes are related to his daily assault on good order and trying to go around standard process.

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